Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

Our Needlework Shop & Studio
is located here at our farm:
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, Virginia 24521
ph. 434-263-6508
email ~

Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

Our ETSY Shop is Always Open!
visit our Etsy Shop by clicking on any one of the thumbnail photos below or going to

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

{ feeling chippy-er }

ain't she purdy??

and she's a tall gal, too!

Felicia just gifted me with this FABulous cupboard...
it's chippy-peely paint just gets my li'l heart pumpin' !!!!

it's about 6" tall
missing a drawer (who cares?)
and has about a billion coats of paint on her,
but is predominantly country green... still my heart.

me thinks it will look splendin in the old farmhouse...
to be used to house our flat screen TV, and stash equipment below...
{ohhh I hope it fits...where IS my measuring tape?}

Yesterday was spent painting the 'den'...
which was once the dining room, off the kitchen,
but has become our new little nest
where the TV and 1 woodstove is...
I cook frequently on the woodstove,
so it made more sense to bring it closer to the kitchen..
I painted the lower half of the room in a pecan-colored paint (it was dark brown)
and it has truly lightened things up quite a bit!

now, with the addition of my new (old) chippy green cupboard,
our little room will look so farmhouse-y primitive!!

{one can never have too many}

Peace & Plenty to you all,

Monday, December 28, 2009

{ Punch, hook...stitch }

i cleaned up my sewing room...
what a mess.

tiny bits of cloth, shreds of threads, snippets of wool~
after the frenzy of the holidays, I find it quite soothing to root about in that room,
rearranging this, simplifying that, tidying everything...
As you all well know me, I tend to float about between mediums, but my favorite by far are
cross stitching, needle punching and rug hooking.
{as you can tell by my banner above, too...}

this time of year, as the old year fades and thoughts of the new come into mind,
I bring out unfinished projects that were put on the 'back burner'
and see if i really want to finish them, or just re-design them...
as I do this, my mind is also uncluttered of old thoughts,
and new ones always seem to come sliding in...
a perfect opportunity to make room in my home & heart for new beginnings...
I'll be working on the new punch needle designs this week...
the one that's on the frame right now is called
"The Bunny Trail"

{think: primsical, folksy, fun!...and yes, ' primsical' is a wonderful word
to describe my designs...primitive & whimsical...all in one!}
I want to release the new designs in mid-January, so you can all have them for early Spring...
Hoping that you all have an uncluttered day, with thoughts of wonderful things to come!
Peace & Plenty to you,

Saturday, December 26, 2009

{ Sunny & Bright }

finally, the sun came to visit us today...
it seems like all we've had as of late are clouds/rain/snow...
we did have a White Christmas, albeit a wet one too...

Christmas day was spent relaxing in the warm farmhouse, with Peter & Hannah.
I made Chicken Caesar Salad for supper, and of course we ate too many cookies & sweets...we watched "Home Alone", "Night at the Museum", "Nat'l. Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", and many Fa-la-la-la Lifetime movies!!!

The weather helped provide the 'motivation', have you, for a Doll-making day also...
here is my latest paperclay-over-cloth doll:

she's available for your bidding pleasure on ebay right now...
lots more pictures on there for you to see her better...
{link is to your left}

I'll be working on another today,
then I think I'll head out to one of my favorite haunts,
"Vintage on Main"
here in Amherst, VA...
Vickie, the owner,
has wonderful laces & bits of early cloth
just perfect for a new primitive doll!

I'm also working on new needlepunch & cross stitch patterns for Spring~
I'm thinking Tulips, Farmhouses, Lilacs, Lambs, Rabbits & more!

Hoping that your day will be filled
with thoughts of pleasant days to come in the New Year~

Blessed be!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

{ wish...}

...for you all ~

We'll be enjoying a pleasant Christmas Eve at our neighbors' house this evening...
but we'll return home in time for a couple rounds of card games and some snacks before retiring for the evening...Santa Claus comes tonight!
ever since I was little, my Mom always told me
that all Animals talk at midnight on Christmnas eve...
So, I always make sure that I'm home
in case there's something someone here might want to tell me!
{of course, having SO many animals here on the farm,
they will have to stand in line and take turns...
not so sure that Suzy my cat will allow that though...,
SHE is the most talkative one in the house anyway!}
Here's how I like to help my animal friends this time of year:
go to your local thrift shop or Goodwill store and purchase some old blankets that may be used as bedding for cats & kittens that may be strays living outside...
Leave some carrots for the riendeer,( ok...the donkeys) apples for the sheep,
or better yet, donate some food to your local animal hospital or pet-adoption agency...

Remember to fill your birdfeeders and birdbaths
{especially if you have snow like we do here!}
Check your dog's footpads in cold weather...
make sure they are not dry & cracked, which can cause severe pain & infection.
Leftover bacon-grease mixed in with some bird food makes a wonderful suet that gives our little feathered friends extra protien that they need to keep warm in frigid temps...put a dollop on an aluminum pan and set out near the birdbath, the feast begin!!

and lastly...
remember to tell them how very special they are to you, and that you love them...
They really do understand every word you say.
for the rest of us,
Peace on Earth & Goodwill toward Mankind...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

{ your new favorite Christmas Cookies...}

Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies

1 cup of water1
tsp baking soda
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp salt
1 cup of brown sugar
4 large eggs
1 cup nuts
2 cups of dried fruit
1 bottle Jose Cuervo Tequila

Sample the Cuervo to check quality.
Take a large bowl,
check the Cuervo again
pour one level cup and drink.
Turn on the electric mixer.
Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl.
Add one peastoon of sugar.
Beat again.
At this point it's best to make sure the Cuervo is still ok, try anothercup just in case.
Turn off the mixerer thingy.
Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit.
Pick the frigging fruit off the floor.
Mix on the turner.
If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaters just pry it loose with a drewscriver.
Sample the Cuervo to check for tonsisticity.
Next, sift two cups of salt, or something.
Who geevesa sheet.
Check the Jose Cuervo.
Now shift the lemon juice and strain your nuts..
Add one table.
Add a spoon of sugar, or somefink. Whatever you can find...
Greash the oven.
Turn the cake tin 360 degrees and try not to fallover.
Don't forget to beat off the turner.
Finally, throw the bowl through the window,
finish the Cose Juervo and make sure to put the stove in the wishdasher.

Cherry Mistmas !

Monday, December 21, 2009

{ 15 years ago }

our daughter Hannah turned 15 last evening...
(December 20th)
where has the time gone?
15 years ago,
Peter & I were Christmas shopping as I went into labor...
we called the Dr. and he said to continue our day,
as I wasn't ready we did...
we laughed everytime a cashier would ask us:
"how are you today?"
my reply:
"I'm in Labor"
Peter's response:
"...she's not kidding."
15 years ago,
I was magically transformed at 10:00 pm into a Mother...
and I watched my husband fall hopelessly
& forever in Love with his brand new baby girl.
15 years ago,
we brought her home,
dressed her in an elf outfit and placed her under our Christmas tree...
our gift to one another.

15 years ago,
I couldn't have imagined the joy that Hannah brings us everyday:
with her smile, her sense of humor, her clutz-y-ness, her talent for making friends,
and for how she continues to remind me how lucky I am to have her.
{even on the days when she's downright mean-as-a-snake!}
but hey, a teenager has to do what a teenager has to do...
...and she is by far her very own person.
last night I baked chocolate cupcakes
with chocolate frosting for her,
and gifted her with a pair of "footie Pajamas"
...yes, they do make them for adults
{Target stores}
she's adorable in them...
just like she was

15 years ago...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart,
Love forever,
Mom & Dad

Saturday, December 19, 2009

{ Snowbound }

it's the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man!
{ wait...sorry, that's my husband.}

... snug as a bug in a rug.

can you spot Buddy?
{hint: he's closer than you think}

you're not getting me to sit on that toilet seat in there way...i'll stick fast!

we have about 2 feet of snow...that's not counting the almost 4 foot drifts...
.....and they're telling us the 'heaviest' snowfall will begin today about 11:00....

we're all stocked up on cocoa and popcorn...
candles and kindling...
...wool and kitties.

tell me...
what more could one ask for on such a perfect day?
wishing you all Warm Woolies!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

{ a little flaky...}

I'm happily snugged in the farmhouse today...
awaiting the predicted snowfall this aft of anywhere from 6" ~ 24" !!!!!
not typical weather for this part of the country, but VA has had it's share of snowstorms...
the last "good one" we were blessed with was 6 years ago,
the first winter spent here in this old farmhouse....
At that time, we had not yet renovated, and the walls had no insulation.
nor did we have indoor plumbing, as the septic system went soon after moving in.
we were left with a humongous woodstove, and plenty of woods to peruse for fuel...

we entertained ourselves by keeping the fire lit, and collecting kindling
(on each pass outside to the portable potty that we had to rent until said septic was replaced)
it was a challenge, you could say, for a transplanted Yankee City-girl like me, but I loved it...
when that first snowfall came, and blanketed this old homeplace and it's fields and woods in a good foot of sparkling white snow,
I truly felt like I was 'home',
as it reminded me of my CT winters growing up...
Today, as i sit here typing this, I'm looking out my sewing room window, across the way to my little shop...we've come a long way in the 6 years we've lived here, thanks to the hard work Peter has put into making this our 'forever' home....
I see a barn where there once stood none, housing our animal & chicken friends...
I can see the steel grey sky just waiting to' poof ' that first little snowflake into exsistence..
and I can see our gardens, once lush & green just a few short months ago,
now settling coldly into the deep sleep that can only come from a long Winter's nap
...only to be reborn again, in another few...short months.
Hannah will be coming home early today, and will begin her Winter vacation...
as the snow will fall this aft into eve, we'll bake some cookies and watch some old movies...perhaps take the dogs for a walk in the woods..
...simple country pleasures.

wishing you all the peace that comes from a freshly fallen snow,
the warm hug only your own home can give you
and the companionship of those you love most dear~
Peace & Plenty be Yours today,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

{ in progress }

here's what I've been working on:

it's a rug that will be my 'sign' that will hang when I'm vending at shows...

I hooked up our farmhouse, then added a black walnut tree
and the words 'notforgotten farm'
and hooked a 'wavy' ground...the background will be blacks
(antique black-greens, brown-blacks, etc.)

it measures approx. 26" x 26" and I will mount it on an old breadboard that I have...
i think it will look pretty cool...

~ Also ~
I was commissioned to hook this chairpad for Connie:

I hooked a brown background with cream 'slip' lettering...
i have to bind it yet...
It is approx. 12" round...
I LOVE the colors...
...they're very early looking
I have to go to the post office today, so will try to get this finished & sent out,
along with gifts heading up to CT & down to TN....
Hoping your day is filled with warm cookies & coco, some furry friends and wool!
Blessed be~

Monday, December 14, 2009

{ Donkey Love }

Daisy & Pinnochio
Can you spoil donkey's?
{ me thinks you can...and terribly, too. }
Peter & I have succumbed to those big, brown eyes and soft muzzle-nuzzles...
their laughing guffaws and crazy antics performed while thinking no-one is watching.
How gentle the big Pinnochio is with Daisy,
but all at once reprimanding and reminding her that he is
The Boss...
Their leisurely days are filled with carrots, fresh air, sunshine and rain,
plenty of hay and molasses-laden oats and brushing...
oh, how they love to be brushed....
leaning heavily into you while you turn coarse fur into silk with each swipe.
Every morning,
when I set out to the barn to feed everyone,
there is the usual welcoming chorus of Baaa's, Bray's, Rooster Calls, Clucks & Quacks
(and whatever that noise is that Guinea Hens make)
greeting me with a round of
"Good Morning Mom!"

but by far, is the sweetest, excited little *squeak* that tiny Daisy makes
when she first sees me...

That, my friends,
is Love.
Hoping you all have someone to Love...
who Loves you back....
just for being You.
Peace & Plenty be Yours~

Thursday, December 10, 2009

{ forgot to mention }

I forgot to mention

....that the new issue of the Wool Street Journal is out...
and I have a free pattern in there for you all!!!
look for my 'sweet treats' on page 34!!
{blessed be!}

{ coming soon }

I have been trying all day to put an annoucement up oon my sidebar here on this blog.
for some reason, it won't let me...
I'm posting this here, in hopes that it will work somehow, too...
I will be posting
(on said sidebar...hrrrrumph!)
the Winter/Spring 2010 Shop Class Schedule

I've been getting emails & calls from some of you
who would like to take some of the aforementioned classes,
but I don't have the particulars worked out yet for dates/times...
SO until I can't get the kinks worked out of my schedule AND this blog,
please accept this post as the announcement!
thank you.

I'm getting this shop arranged and (almost) ready for staurday...
the weather is suuposed to be sunny, but cold...heck, I'll take it!

I have to get my basket & long-jane's on
(yes, I wear long-jane's...I'm a girl...only boys wear long-john's!!)
and head out to my woods to gather some fresh pines & berries to decorate with.
I'll do that tomorrow, the fresher the greens, the better...
and bake cookies, and print out patterns, and, and, ....
oh yes, work on my rug when I get a moment!
(p.s. thanks for the emails regarding my chairpad on is pretty, isn't it!)
Okeedokee...going to click the 'publish post' buttoon and see if it will work this time...
wish me luck?


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

{ Woolen Tulip }

I finished my hooked chairpad last night,
but was too pooped to list it!!

So I will be listing it this afternoon on ebay.
it came out so old & early looking...I love the colors~
rusts, browns, robin's egg blue, sage greens, mustards & pumpkins.
making these chairpads are so much fun, although I hate to bind them...
I did bind this one with a soft cream colored twill tape, stitched on w/ black cotton string.
then I added a muslin tag to the back which reads:
"Folk Art Tulip
designed & hooked by
~ Lori Brechlin ~
December the 8th 2009
Peace & Plenty be yours...
Blessed be..."
I used a sepia colored pigma pen to write on the muslin,
then stitched it to the center of the back of the chairpad.
the finished chairpad measures approx. 12" round.
{I say "approx" because since it is hand-drawn onto the linen,
the shape is not completely's a bit wonky, like me!}
Anyhoo, it was fun to make & I'm already hooking on another rug...
I'll share pics later!
I'm off to a local church for a Christmas concert, where our daughter Hannah will be playing a Flute solo for the Senior Citizens there...
{I'll take pics of that, too!}
Have a wonderful day, create something dear to your Heart~
Peace & Plenty be Yours,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

{Christmas Tyme}

Please visit my Picturetrail ~

for a virtual Holiday Tour of our humble farmhouse & shop decorated for
Christmas Tyme
While you're visiting my picturetrail, please sign my guestbook and/or leave a comment for me on a photo!!

we ALSO invite you to visit our shop on Saturday, December 12th
from 10:00 ~ 3:00
for our 4th annual
Holiday Open House
we are located at :
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, VA 24521

come see our selection of hand-dyed wools, new hooking frames & stands,
patterns for cross stitch & needle punch, fabrics, quilting needfuls,
hand dyed wool roving and a great grouping of primitive santa's & snowmen!!
while you visit, help yourself to a serving of hot cider & fresh baked cookies...
{we will be open regardless of the weather!!!}
Come warm up by the woodstove,
and be sure to bring show 'n tell for us all to drool over!
I will be posting our Winter 2010 class schedule soon,
{please look for that on the side bar to your left...}
classes are held on Saturday's, taught by me and include:
Primitive Rug Hooking
Primitive Needle Punch
Old Style Cross Stitch & Sampler Making
Needle Felting
Primitive Doll Making
Primitive Painting & Finishing
Wool Rug Braiding
if there is something that you would like to learn,
but don't see it on the list above, or have a suggestion on a class,
email me at
Well I'm off to the farmhouse...
I have 3 woodstoves going & need to check on them all...
We're expecting some nasty weather later today,
so I want the house cozy for Peter & Hannah when they come home...
I'll be cleaning the farmhouse & shop today, and will make a Pork Roast this aft~
{{I always use fresh rosemary from the garden to top the pork roast
...along with garlic...makes the house smell wonderful!}}
Then I'll head to my hooking chair & finish the chairpad I've been hooking...
hoping to have that up on ebay tonight!
Hoping your day is filled with creative energy & happiness!
*Stay Warm*
please remember to fill up your bird-feeders...
those little sweet-things need our help this time of year!
Peace & Plenty be Yours,

Monday, December 7, 2009

{ Home again... }

{chairpad above is in private collection~ hooked by me in 2006}

Hi Folks!

well I'm home from my marathon weekend of travelling up to CT for Jo's memorial...
it was really nice
(if you can say that)...
I re-connected with some long-lost family members and friends,
and there was a wonderful show of support by all those that came to celebrate Jo's life...

Hannah & I left early friday morning, got in to CT about 6:00 that eve.
went to the service at 11:30 saturday morn,
and that ended at 3:00...
we left for the drive home sunday morn about 8:30
and returned home last night about 6:00.

{almost 18 hrs of driving in a 48 hr. period}

I'm pooped, but happy to be home.

I did find about 4 skirts, and have washed them up
and now will over dye them tomorrow ...not sure what colors yet, but I'm leaning towards a nice mustard, then a pine green...then we'll see what I end up with!

That's the fun of the dye-pot!!!


I'll be taking pictures of the farmhouse & shop decorated for Christmas,
so I should have them up on here and on my PT soon....

I've been virtually visiting all of your homes out there in blogland...
I wished we all lived in the same neighborhood!!! what a cookie exchange THAt would be!!!

Well friends, I'm heading back into the house...I'm working on a chairpad for ebay.
Stay warm, Stay happy & Blessed be!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

{ Hooking a Rug }

.... oh YES I am!!!
here's PROOF:


and it feeeeels GOOD! LOL :)

I started this rug a while's one of those
[ Un Finished Objects]
that we all seem to collect...

This one is about 32w x 17h
hand drawn by me on linen, my own wonky design...

........two crows, an upside-down basket,
two stars, a couple of half-round flags, and a heart with a key in it.

the unfinished top and bottom borders have the words:
(top) "Plain & Simple"
(bottom) "Prim & Proper"
the words will be hooked in brown on a mustard tweed background,
so they will blend nicely with the muted colors of the rug...
I didn't want to have the wording overpower the motifs,
as the motifs are so askewed and busy themselves...
I'm using mostly scrap wools from my bottom-less scrap basket,
so it will truly be a OOAK when I'm finished....

I'm enjoying the process of pulling those soft strips of wool through a coarse backing.
sitting quietly with the fire in the woodstove, a pot of homemade-something brewing on top.

even the cat is happy I'm hooking again ~
she's gotten herself all snugged in my wool basket!!

Where is your favorite place to hook?
Do you have a specific room devoted to hooking?
I would love to see pictures of your wool/hooking rooms...
email me at
I'll be leaving tomorrow morning, with Hannah, to head up to CT for Jo's memorial.
I'll be back on Sunday.
Have a *Warm & Wooly* weekend!
Peace & Plenty be Yours,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

{ Merrie December to You ~ }

(two Jolly old fellow's made from my Belsnickle Santa pattern)
Getting the old Farmhouse all decorated in it's primitive Yuletide attire...
I'll be posting pictures this evening, perhaps...

hopefully before I head up to Connecticut for Jo's memorial
{ leaving here on Friday the 4th }

Working on drawing up that hooked rug that's in my head...
not sure still what it will be,
but it will be extremely primitive & early looking...
I'm leaning towards a farm scene, with some animals...but who knows~
What are you working on?
off to the PO then the Bank...then the Office supply store...
then back to the hook & frame.
Happy December to you!

Monday, November 30, 2009

{ Folk Art }

As many of you know,
I tend to flit between mediums...

One day I'm stitching,
(well, I'm ALWAYS stitching)
the next day, I'm punching, hooking or drawing.

These past few days have been spent lost in my watercolors again...
I love the subtle shades and earthy tones I can achieve with them.
So old looking. so folky...

So, for your amusement,
I've listed one fraktur and one painting on my ebay auction page:
{ }
both are contained under glass in my beautiful, early-looking hand-painted frames and
both are listed with reasonable reserves deserving of the work involved in creating them.
( I can divulge the reserve if you're interested ~ email me at
{{I think it's my PA German roots that compel me over-and-over to create these frakturs and paintings..I can imagine my ancestors setting quietly on a cold night, under candle-light~ with quill and brush in hand~ creating colorful,
naive drawings on their bookplates and bible covers!}}
hope you enjoy them!
(p.s. these will not be offered as prints)
Peace & Plenty be yours!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

{ turkey hangover }

soup, fajitas, sandwiches, pot-pie, cassarole...
how many ways are there to use left-over turkey?

I had the pleasure of having my husband's side of the family here for Thanksgiving dinner....
along with them they brought thee biggest gobbler I have ever seen.,..25 + pounds.
(my father-in-law carted it into the house with a lie)

it was a boisterous dinner, with loud German/Italian conversation throughout.
If you've never experienced the dinner table, when all of the family members are present,
each one talking so loudly that your ears ring, chattering non-stop between bites of lasagna & green bean casserole, well then my Friends, you just haven't lived.
we are blessed with a large family, - both sides...
and we really do love it when they come for a might get crazy, there may even be arguing and tears...but hey ~ it's FAMILY...what can ya do?
at least we had the chance to be together again...
some of the family members will be leaving today, others on tuesday...
I'll be able to find some time to work on my things for the Open House here on the 12th of December....

I will be carrying alot more supplies for rug hooking and needlepunch in the shop, some more designer's patterns, and will post the Winter 2009/10 class schedule soon....
I'm hoping to list that fraktur tonight on ebay too.

Hoping your bellies aren't too full,
and that your time spent with your families was special~

Blessed be, my friends,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

{ a heartfelt thanks }

...for Friends near & far,
cabbage soup,
daily laughter,
calloused hands,
tender words,
woodland walks,
muddy boots,
heavy sighs,
kitten love,
needle and thread,
fresh hay,
salty tears,
old books,
wrinkled sheets,
aching knees,
graying hair,
visiting neighbors,
fresh air,
a daughter's love,
25 thanksgivings together,
peanut butter fudge,
old calico,
a warm home,
dirty dishes,
a smile from a stranger...
...Be Always Thankful.
Wishing you a Beautiful Thanksgiving,
from our yours.
Blessed be, Sweet Friends~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

{ In the Meadow... }

Here it is as promised...
my new little punch needle pattern for the snow-y days ahead...
"In the Meadow..."

I can remember, when I was younger,
never wanting to come inside during the winter months...

If we had a snow day (& we had ALOT in Connecticut!!),
I would get out of bed, don my boots & woolies and out the door I went...
spending the entire day out in the cold.
(well,...maybe coming in occasionally to warm up
by sticking my frozen toes on the steam radiator~)
and my favorite time of day was dusk...
as the daylight faded, the snow would sparkle....
ah...Childhood Memories...
If you would like to purchase "In the Meadow..."
please email me at
(paper pattern, color/floss guide, staining technique, color photos)
$8.00 per pattern
(finished project measures approx. 8.75" x 6")
I chose to stitch mine onto a simple bag
that I made from prairie cloth...
and stuffed it with greens:

~or~ yours could be framed, or made into a pillow...
it will be available also on ebay, but not till tomorrow,
nor will the fraktur that I thought I would finish by this eve...
my carpal tunnel is acting up & I need to give my poor hands a break!

Thanks my Friends~
Blessed be!

{ soggy Sunday }

Hi folks~
well here it is raining again...
my stars, if this was all snow, we'd be living in an igloo I'm afraid!
instead, we're still bailing water from the basement from last weekend's downpour...
and this certainly isn't helping one little bit!!

So, what better way to spend the day, than preparing my Thanksgiving menu.
yes, traditional it will be...
my hubby's side of the family grew up with an Italian mother, so alongside the Turkey
there is always lasagna, rice or wheat pies, and a huge antipasta (salad)
am so looking forward to all the good food!
{ although I have been trying to lose the spare tire around my middle,...
I've been walking on the treadmill and "trying" to watch what I eat...
oh I watch it alright, ...i watch it go right into my mouth! }

and, when I'm done jotting down my grocery list,
then I'll finish the background of my new needlepunch pattern~
"In The Meadow"
so I can get it listed onto ebay for you today.
I'll post pics later this aft...

Also, i will be listing a Christmas/Winter Fraktur in one of my hand-painted frames...
this one will not be madeinto a print, it is a OOAK....
So off I go, to find my pencil, needle and watercolors...
What are your plans for your Thanksgiving?
keep my friend Sherry Kristoff in your thoughts and prayers
as she is having some major health issues....

Peace & Plenty be yours,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

{ cozy-time }

I haven't been feeling well...
almost 2 days now...
...sinus & just yucky.

So I've been mentally preparing the farmhouse
for it's Christmas/Winter decorating...
and where better to turn for inspiration,
than the "Bible of Primitive Decorating",
my Seasons of Seven Gates Farm book....
Perusing the Christmas pages of this beloved book fills my heart & mind
with long ago frosty mornings, snow-caked mittens & ice cold toes... radiators with pans of cinnamon scented water upon them...
...kittens curled up into miniscule little furballs sleeping in wooden bowls....

I want to really keep things simple & fresh this year,
...using greens and simple white twinkle-lights.

my color pallette will consist of red, blue, brown & white
...not just white, but all shades of white:
Ironstone, Bone, Cream, Snow, Birch...
and twigs, and woolen mittens...bird's nests and old silver ornaments~
a quilt will warm the base of a live tree for my kitchen, where I'll decorate it with my old tin cookie large tree will hold all of our family's memories on it's branches...along with treasures shared from my primitive friends...
and the mantle...
it will hold swags of greenery,
blue calico coverd boxes
and assorted candle holders in tin, pewter and tarnished silver....
a simple farmhouse christmas to be shared with family & friends.
How Very Cozy!!!

I'm off to the house to make some cocoa and unbox my memories...
Hoping your day is filled with inspiration!!!
May Peace & Plenty be Yours!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

{ good intentions }

Hi Folks & Friends~
i have a couple of things to tell you...
remember a couple of weeks back, when I told you I was going to retire all of my
older booklets to make room for some new ones?

...and that I said when they're gone, they're gone...?
I have been UNdecorating the Hallowe'en stuff in the shop,
trying to get some Christmas/Winter things out for
this weekend....
and in the midst of sorting through boxes, I came upon a BUNCH
of my already printed booklets!

I know how many of you have been asking for them,...and I will be selling them,
little-by-little...until they are truly gone...
with that said,
I have for sale, 10 of my extremely primitive,
Wynter Tyme
they are $10.00 each
and contain 8 of my folky little drawings for
rug hooking, needle punch, stitchery, applique or painting....
IF you're interested, just email me at ~
first come, first serve!
I've decided that on Saturday, December 12th ~ I will hold an intimate
Christmas OPEN HOUSE here at the shop...
from 10:00 ~ 3:00
no crazy bells & whistles, no flashing neon signs...
just an open-door, kind of day so that you can come visit with me, and perhaps
find a 'primitive something' that will make your heart sing....
{I will be serving cookies and cocoa, and I would LOVE to see what you've been working on,
so PLEASE bring in your show 'n tell!)
please don't forget, that I'll be closed on Nov. 28th & 29th,
{to spend some time with my in-laws)
and will re-open on December 12th.
of course, you can always contact me to see if I'm available during the week, too...just email me

So, in my last post I said I was going to start up hooking again...
well, I did...but I also designed a new punch needle pattern called
"In the Meadow",
{can you guess it's 'theme'?} LOL
and I want to work on that so I can get it finished & out for you... hook is in the basket, with the to my lap frame, that has linen on it...
that I drew on....with a big black sharpie....
{I'll share picsof it soon!}
ALL of the patterns, & picturetrail update orders are in the mail!!!
my thanks again....from my heart~
Wishing you quiet moments spent with needle in hand!
Blessed be,

Monday, November 16, 2009

{ a wonderful day }

Hi Folks!
well it is a beautiful, sunny day here in Virginia~
I've been out raking the leaves in the front yard, hanging laundry,
cleaning up the farmhouse and studio....

and now I have a little 'free time'...

{oh what to do...what to do....}

welll...i know what I want to do...there's no use in trying to hide it.
I want to make something for myself...
{for once !}

I think I'll hook a rug (what's that you say Queen Sherry?)
nope, ...I haven't hooked a rug in about 2 years!

I think I'll peruse my ever-growing book collection for inspiration...
it must be primitive, folky...and whimsical.
that sounds easy, no?
oh, and not toooo big, maybe 16" or so by 20" or so....

(she says tapping her fingers on the desktop,
grinning with that crooked little smile she gets
when she's up to no good whatsoever...)

that's that then....
I'll gather my hook and frame.
dive into my piles of wool, grab my big black sharpie and linen and start away at it...
of course, I'll post pictures of my progress in the meantime....

{So, what are you all working on?}

Hoping your day is filled with busy hands,
a creative mind and a gentle heart~
oh & plenty of wool!

May Peace & Plenty be Yours,


Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am humbled...

just want to thank you all for your support of my first ever Holiday Update on my picturetrail..
I can't believe the amount of emails and sales that i've received this evening...
I couldn't have imagined...and am happy to say, now that this one is under my belt,
be assured that I will be holding many more!!!
oh gosh...have to go...have to answer more emails!
Blessed beri

Saturday, November 14, 2009

{ Let the Countdown Begin }

For weeks now, I have been designing ~
stitching & sewing, painting, punching, felting
and literally wearing my poor hands out....
but all for a Good Cause ~
my Picturetrail Holiday Update tomorrow!

There's something different about the holidays this year...

My heart aches for something old fashioned...
something slower and simpler and happier and wholesome...
perhaps it's because of the loss of my sister,
or the knowing that her girls will spend
their first Christmas ever without her...

even with that on my mind,
I will fill my heart with thanks and joy and concern
for those that don't have and try to do something about it.
I will hold Christmas in my Heart....

So what if the studio is a mess?...
there's mohair scraps, floss snippets, cotton batting~
cinnamon, ribbon, thread and fabric everywhere....
that won't stop me from walking in the woods
with Hannah & Peter to collect pine & holly & mistletoe...

The radio already is ringing out Christmas songs,
and I've been captivated once again
by my favorite old Christmas movies...
"Holiday Inn", "White Christmas",
"A Christmas Story", "Christmas in Connecticut"
"It's a Wonderful Life"
Playing them on my DVD player over & over & over... kitchen has already been warmed by the baking of sweet potato pies
and cinnamon raisin cookies and even though it's not quite
Thanksgiving yet, I am ready for Christmas in my heart this year.
{ no, no snow in sight, on the contrary, it's been raining buckets}
this year,
I have a feeling of hominess...true comfort & joy.
jingle bells and gingerbread and brown paper packages...

Hoping you can all join me tomorrow eveing at 6:00
for my picturetrail
Holiday Update...
I'm so looking forward to sharing my Heart with you ~

Hoping that your weekend will be filled
with thoughts of Good Cheer & Thankfulness~

May Peace & Plenty be Yours,

Friday, November 13, 2009

{ a bit of a change in plans....}

{December Sheep (C) Notforgotten Farm}

Hi Folks...
I was talking with my Mom last night,
and we were discussing a memorial service for my sister Jo...

she wanted to be cremated, so we abided by her wishes...
she didn't want a funeral, so we again, went along with her wishes...

but, we feel that we should hold a memorial service for her, and invite friends and family.
not a sad event, mind you, but a time to remember Jo
when she was a healthy young woman, full of life and celebrate her life.

with her passing on October 30th,
and now the holidays rolling closer and closer,
time is of the essence....
as we don't feel we should wait any longer to have this memorial.

we tried to think of a good date,
and really couldn't come up with anything
other than December 5th,
as we surely didn't want to have it coincide
with people's plans for the holidays, and perhaps travels....

but there's one small detail...
December 5th was the date that I was going to hold our annual
Holiday Open House
here in the shop....

So I've chosen to sacrifice the date, close the shop,
cancel the open house and instead,
head up to Connecticut to
remember my sister with our family & friends.

I'm hoping that you will all understand,
and please know that the shop will be decorated & open for you
every friday and saturday in December, starting on December 12th ~
...and remember, this sunday, November 16th at 6:00pm (est)
I will have my picturetrail Holiday Update for finished goodes,
so you can still "virtually" visit with me!

Thanks, all~
for being so sweet & kind with your words and sympathy cards...
My Glory is I have such Friends.

Peace & Plenty be Yours...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

{ a perfect day }

old movie
twinkle lights

all add up to make a perfect day for me!

yesterday, we were blasted with the remnants of that hurricane...
(what's the name?)
and it soaked us terribly with pounding rain
& whipped us around with 50 mph winds.

our cellar is flooded, and peter & I have been taking turns
running the pump to banish the collected water
to the backyard where it belongs.

our creek in the back is so swollen,...
it sounds like rapids from behind the farmhouse.

even as the weather furied around me, I was content,
...cozy & warm in my little nest...
stitching the day away.

today it is raining still,
& I think it will be an encore performance of yesterday...

Above is a 'sneak peek' of the painting that will be available on my Christmas page on
launched this evening at midnight,
it was painted by me onto an early breadboard...
please visit the artists of STJ !!!!
Hoping your day is perfect, just the way you like it...
Peace & Plenty be Yours,

Sunday, November 8, 2009


(C) L. Brechlin 2009
In appreciation of your Friendship, Kindness & Thoughtfulness...
not to mention always being supportive of my folk art,
here is a little doodle that I drew up for you to hook, punch or stitch....
once you print it out, you can adjust it to the size you'd like...
{It does print out a bit light, but you can retrace over it with a black marker, to make it easier for you to trace onto your fabric....}

I would so LOVE to see your finished projects!, so please email your pictures to me at
& I'll post the pics here on the blog for all to see...
be creative, colorful or drab, you decide!
I hope he makes you smile, as much as you all have for me...
and yes, you do have my permission to make & sell projects from this design...
{ you all fill my heart so much, it's the least I could do! }
Peace & Plenty be Yours,

Saturday, November 7, 2009

{ WOW...Thanks!!!! }

I'm am THRILLED at how many of you like the little stocking/banner pattern!
Thanks so much for your purchases & emails!!!!!!!!
I'll get your purchases all printed and packaged out tomorrow,
and send them on their way monday morning for you to do!
I am selling a limited quantity, and have put some up in my etsy shop until they're gone...

Thanks again & Blessed be!!!

{Merry Stockings pattern released!! }

Merry Stockings...
Punch Needle Pattern~
$10.00 + 1.50 shipping
includes 3 patterns, color pictures, floss colors,
staining techniques...
Limited Quantities!!
email me at
to place your order...

I accept Paypal to or ck/mo
I love these little stockings...
make your own wreath, too form cuttings from your yard or woods....
such a primitive look!
Hope you like!
Blessed be,

{ New Rug Hooking Patterns and other stuff ! }

Hi Folks!
I received an email from Kris at,
she will be putting my two new Christmas prints,
onto linen for your primitive rug hooking pleasure!
you can go check out her sight (link above) to see when they will be released,
and her email address is on there too....

My Thanks to all of you who inquired about the designs
being adapted for rug hooking...
Kris does a SUPER job at adapting my designs for me,
and it is a pleasure to work with her...

my *NEW* punch needle pattern will be listed this afternoon...
it is called
"Merry Stockings"
and will include a banner for you to punch and decorate a twig wreath,
along with a couple other patterns for my super folk-y stockings, that you can turn into ornaments and decorate the very same wreath, OR make them into little 'pockets' to
hold fresh greenery, cinnamon sticks or even a special little present....
I will also post it here this aft, as soon as I have the pattern packets ready to be printed.

Other than that,
my day will be filled with UNdecorating this shop for Hallow's Eve,
and getting the tables & cupboards ready
to be laden with all kinds of primitive Yuletide Goodies....

I will not be decorating the shop until late November,
and we'll be closed on November 27th and 28th in preperation for our
Open House here in the shop on December 5th...

Don't forget too, that on Friday, November 13th,
will have their holiday update
and you can find a really cool folk art painting
that I'll be offering on my christmas page there...
...the artists on STJ are spectaular, & I'm humbled to be among them!!!

lastly, as we begin to ready the house & pantry for Thanksgiving,
remember that it is the little, simple things that count...
a kiss from a child, someone who offers to help with the dishes,
a rub from our favorite fur-friend....
and of course, the kindness of our Friends
~ these are the things to be Thankful for.

Blessed be,

Friday, November 6, 2009

{ a sign...}

when my father passed, about 20 or so years ago,
I began finding feathers everywhere i went...

not so strange, I guess, unless you lived in the city like I did,
and found feathers everywhere from inside my coat pockets
to under the dishes in my cabinets...
and this was waaayy before I lived on a farm,
where I now have a beautiful abundance of duck, chicken & guinea hen feathers...
I believe that these 'gifts' are sent from above...maybe shed from angel's wings...
and that my father placed them where I could find them
and enjoy their simple beauty and perhaps let me know he was ok....
Last week...a week ago this morning,
I bent down and kissed my sister Jo's forehead for the last time...
through my tears, I asked her to send me a sign that she was ok,
when she got to her destination....
I felt that she 'heard' me.
This morning, I came into the shop to start the day,
and usually when it's this cold, start the woodstove first thing....
as I knelt down to open the door,
I had the strangest feeling~
like I should open it verrrry slowly.
so I did.
and to my suprise and joy,
was the little bird that you see in my hand, above...

I haven't been here in the shop since wednesday,
so I don't know how long he was in the stove....
I do know that he wasn't frightened,
he just sort of looked at me like "well, finally...."
and let me take him into my hand.

I brought him outside, and after taking the pictures,
thanked him for visiting me
...and let him fly out above the pasture....
then realized that this was the sign from my sister.
...leave it to her to not just gift me with feathers, but a whole bird!
I hope you're all smiling at this post, yes it is sentimental, but a happy one, no?
i know I am...
and I'm positive Jo is smiling too...
Thank You....Sister.
Blessed be, all of you~
p.s. I will be listing my two santa paintings on ebay in just a little bit...
{{{ after I check the woodstove before I light it. }}}

Thursday, November 5, 2009

{ sorry }

I truly meant to list my santa paintings last night...

but, i will today!

I'll be in the studio all day....

I'll pop a movie
(Cold Mountain? Dances with Wolves?)

into this laptop and work away the day....

hung a whole line of white clothes out this morning...they were steaming in the cold air!
I love that....

Oh, & before i forget, I'll be offering a new Punch Needle Pattern this evening, too...

this one's a little different, primitive still ~ i think you'll like it!

it's a couple of Christmas/Winter patterns in one...

here's a hint...
it hangs on your door!

okeedokee...back to work,...
now....where's that movie?

hoping your day is a *sparkling* one!!

peace and plenty be yours....


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

{ new stuff }

I just finished doodling up two new prints for the Holidays...

Yuletide 1809 (above)
Midnight Clear (below)
both are available in my etsy shop
I am painting a little santa painting and I should have it ready & on ebay this evening...
although anything is possible,
heck...I may even have two!!!
it's cold here today, but I love it....
...nothing better for this old Yankee girl
than to have a crisp, cold day to get my creative juices flowing!!
while my Mom was here, she taught me (again) how to knit.
{{{{ oh no....not another needlecraft>? }}}}
and this time, Mommy, I think I may have finally conquered it!
yep! didn't even have to cut the yarn off the needles this time!
(yes, that really did happen when I was little...go ahead, ask her.)
ok, so what if...
there are holes and dropped stitches,
and I do it backwards and can't seem to hold the needles like everyone else????
...but I'm getting the hang of it!

How many of you out there are primitive Knitters?

ooooh boy...
I can see gobs of wonky looking socks
being gifted to family & friends this year...
I'll post pics of my progress later in the week...
off to the farmhouse...have to bank the woodstove & get supper cooking.
Hope you're all enjoying your cozy warm homes
with those you love best!
Wishing you Peace & Plenty,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

{ Needle & Thread }

my needle and thread have been soothing me these past few days...

I've dulled yet another punch needle and have lost (again) my needle threader!!!

{the picture above shows some of the needle punched tinies I've done today...waiting to be stufed full of spices & made into little pinkeeps for my picturetrail update on November 15th~}

...creating with thread keeps my mind focused,
yet helps me to wander my thoughts into another place & time
...the future!
ahhhh yes, I am in full-throttle Christmas mode! some of you are just beginning to undecorate for the All Hallow's Eve past,
I am already thinking of gathering fragrant greens from my woods, drawing up new holiday cards, designing a few new patterns
and making ornaments from wool scraps...

How soon do you all start to ready your homes for the Yuletide Season?
I will have family here over the Thanksgiving Holiday,
and I always want to have the farmhouse decorated in some way...
not toooo Christmas-y,
but nodding a hint towards the Holiday just the same....

so I'll hang just a couple of crazy quilt stockings on the mantle in the keeping room,
and perhaps bring in a small balled fir tree & place it in a pot near the dining table....
one single strand of twinkle-lights, a couple of wool mittens on it...

~ Simple Farmhouse Christmas ~

I don't ignore Thanksgiving, I just try not to commercialize it.
it is a day to gather family & friends...
reminisce, remember and keep alive the good cheer from past days
while creating new memories for the future.

Hoping that you're all doing well, getting your warm cozy homes ready
and enjoying a simple life ~

That's the best blessing of all.

Peace & Plenty be Yours,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

In Memory....

of my sister,

Jo-ene Lee Berke

who left us on
Friday, October 3oth 2009
between 3:00 & 4:00 am ~
...forever remembered, forever missed.
until the very end of her battle with cancer...
as we stood around her bedside remembering her life,
Jo continued to make us laugh...
Jo was a daughter, sister and mother.
she lived a very full life that seemed at times to be a struggle for her...
all the while raising twobeautiful daughters by herself, working and keeping a home....
She became a registered Nurse in her 40's, and went on to
do the hardest job anyone could do...
she decided to become a Hospice Nurse.
Being a hospice nurse battling cancer is hard enough, but when a person such as Jo, someone who had to be in total control of every situation and aspect of her own life, it was extremely hard for her to let go and let others care for her...
having hospice visit her everyday for the past months, was something that I know she was thankful for...i will tell you how very thankful we, as her family are, for the loving support and gentle strength of the dedicated nurses who have befriended our family.
Multitudes of emails have been sent to me, and i thank you all, again, for your faith, friendship and thoughts of healing for our family...
May we all continue to care for, and respect each other as we should...
we are sisters, mothers and daughters ourselves...
May you all be blessed.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I received a call this afternoon from Tennessee...
from my niece, asking that we come down to say our goodbye's to Jo ~
will get my Mom from Connecticut and then drive back down south...
So, I will not be available to take any orders or emails from 10/28 till I come back home,
not quite sure how long that will be...but most likely by November 1st.
All of the orders that have been previously placed,
and paid for via paypal will be shipped out
tomorrow (tuesday)...
those that have ordered and haven't paid via paypal, and are paying by check,
please forgive and be patient with me,
as I'll have to process your orders when I return home.
All distrubutors/wholesale/shop orders will also be shipped out tomorrow (tues.)
my humblest thanks to you all...
Be well, my Friends...
we'll talk upon my return.

{ Hi Folks }

thought I'd pop in here while I have a moment to update everyone...
My sister's condition hasn't changed one way or the other in the last few days,
and we expect to hear from her family soon
as to what is happening
and when I'll be heading south with my Mom...
meanwhile, I'm stitching and sewing, punching and felting.
I hope to have a couple new needle punch patterns for Christmas finished up for you soon, so that you can get started making them for yourselves...
also, on November 13th, look for my listings on
where I'll be offering for the first time, my finished
Christmas Folk Art...
on November 15th,
you are all invited to visit
my soon-to-be-totally-revamped picturetrail,
for my first ever
Holiday Update...

I will be offering some of my unique, one-of-a-kind Folk Art
for the Christmas/Winter season~
such as:
Needle Felted snowmen ornaments
Mohair Teddy Bears dressed for the Holidays
Finished Needle Punch pinkeeps
Christmas Paintings on Wood
and perhaps
a Sampler or two....
all this of course, is contigent upon my family's needs,
and with our situation of my sister.
all of my heartfelt Thanks to you all.
May Peace & Plenty grace you ALL,
{*<->::~:: Lori ::~::<->*}

Friday, October 23, 2009

{ crazy time }

wanted to let you all know that my sister Jo,
will most likely be heading to hospice within the week in Tennessee...
which means that I will be heading to Tennessee with my Mom.
not sure when, will let you know.
in the meantime,
I will continue to work here, on my Christmas/Winter things,
trying to keep my mind and hands occupied...
want to THANK all of you for your friendship, support,
thoughts and prayers for me, and my family
throughout this entire journey...
Breast Cancer not only affects the person diagnosed with the disease,
it is an insidious, dark and evil thing that wraps itself around
that person's entire family and network of friends...
please have your yearly breast exams, self-check every night,
and if you do find something take care of it right away.
Wishing you all Peace & Wellness~
Blessed be,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

{ Sheeps Clothing }

I have loved working with wool ever since I first felt it's warm nap..
well....over 25 years ago I would guess...
I beagn my love affair with this textile when I started to hook rugs, scouring out the thrift stores and Goodwill for an occasional Pendleton shirt...or perhaps a horrid plaid skirt that I knew I could make primitively beautiful by overdyeing it...
Since moving here to VA, and raising our own sheep, it has become abundant for me, which is why I started to needle felt...
Needle felting is done by poking a barbed needle down into carded wool roving, to form a shape.
you can either felt it onto a flat piece of wool fabric, or felt it into a 3-dimensional shape.
Since my sheep are white, so then, is my raw wool.
(except for the stickers, hay & 'stuff' that gets caught in the wool...
I'm one of the best wool-pickers I know!)
So...I have, by trial and error, dyed my own wool roving.
I prefer using Natural materials as dyestuff, and Vinegar as a mordant.
I enjoy the process of walking through my woods and fields, basket in hand, foraging for what Mother Nature has to offer my dye-pot.
Here's a list of my favorite Naturals to dye with:
Acorns ~ tan
Barberry ~ yellow to deep green
Birch ~ shades of brown
Blackberry ~ purple to grey
Bracken ~ yellowish green
Chamomile ~ shades of gold
Coltsfoot ~ greenish yellow
Currants ~ lilac to dark purple
Dandelion ~ shades of yellow
Daylily ~ golds, to blueish grey
Elderberry ~ purple/blue
Goldenrod ~ lemon yellow to gold
Hickory ~ dark tan
Indigo ~ glorious shades of blue!
Grapes ~ brilliant reds to purple
Marigold ~ golden mustard
Stinging Nettle ~ yellows
Raspberries ~ pink
Sassafras ~ reds to almost black
Sumac ~ yellowish tan to grey/brown
Walnut ~ (my favorite to OVERdye with) dark brown to almost black
don't forget to wear gloves when foraging, and especially dyeing,
as most of these plants will stain your skin in their wild-state...
also, remember that color depths will vary, according to your steeping/dyeing time.
So, go for a walk and look at your surroundings in a new way!
what a colorful world we live in!!
Blessed be, Friends...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

{ Studio Fun }

Finally ~
I've had a little time to get into my studio & work...

on what do you ask?
...why the studio, of course!
I've been changing, rearranging, re-doing and un-doing...
{i thiiiiinnk i finally like it the way it is arranged now.}

I've moved my big work-table over to the window, so there's better light,
and more room,
as I had the table in the middle of the room
and was constantly bumping into the corners.

...and now that it is where it is, I've re grouped my supplies
using my primitive wooden trenchers and boxes
to hold my wool fabric, buttons and such:

and wool roving for needle felting:

for which I'll use to create these:

and these:

{ look for my FIRST EVER holiday update on my picturetrail
...coming on November 15th}
where you'll be able to purchase a limited number of my finished work
for Winter/Christmas !! *woohoo*

Well Folks....
heading back into the farmhouse
for a bite to eat before I have to get back to packing orders
this evening for tomorrow's jaunt to the post office...
{awesome response to my new christmas cross stitch patterns...thank ye all very kindly!!}

Blessed be, my sweet Friends~

Monday, October 19, 2009

{ Please...}

Please keep two special people in your thoughts for me today?
Jo-ene Berke (my sister)
Sherry Kristoff (my 'chosen' sister-friend)

Both are extremely ill and can use all the positive thoughts you can send their way...
Thank you most kindly.
Blessed be,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

{Christmas Cross Stitch Finishes}

Hello Friends!

It's a beautifully chilly October day here in Virginia...
the skies are cloudy & it's looking like it might get ready to snow!
I know some of you already have seen the 'white stuff' where you are
and being a Northerner myself, I'm hoping for a snowy Winter!!

I thought I'd share with you
what the new Christmas cross stitch designs look like all finished up...

Here's "Dirty Snowmen"

I thought that the shape of the design
would work great on a 7" round box lid
and it does!

I coverd the sides in a grey cotton with tiny little cream colored stars...

I tried to keep everything looking real simple and early...
but with a folky look to them too...
Here's "Hoe, Hoe, Hoe..."

I kept it simple and just backed it
with a beautiful piece of hand-dyed moss colored wool...
It's stuffed with clean rags to make it feel old.

(I love how the stitching looks so early on the Linen Aida cloth~
you don't even have to stain it when finished if you don't want to.)

and here's "Primitive Winter"

again, keeping it simple,
I made a pillow from it, backed it with a nice slice of nubby Linen
and loosely stuffed it with rags...
(I think this one is my favorite yet!)

I love how all three of these finished pieces look,
setting on my little chippy-red child's rocker on the porch...
I would love to get my hands on some Balsam to stuff a couple of these & give as gifts!

Hope you enjoyed my finished work!!

and I've listed my LAST Halloween 2009 offering on ebay...
a BEAUTIFUL, Primitive sampler!!!
listed at $1.00 opening bid with no reserve and is a 5-day only auction!!
so if you'd like to see it, or bid, please visit

Hoping your Saturday is comfy-cozy
and you're enjoying this Autumn weather!!

Blessed be!

Friday, October 16, 2009

HUGE NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after MUCH contemplation and brain-bending thought...
that's right Folks...
if you have any of my:

Just Plain Folk
Summertyme Stitcheries
Springtyme Stitcheries
A Garden Remembered
October Folk
Harvest Tyme Stitcheries
Wynter Tyme
Wytches Stytches
Halloween Stitches
Primitiev Needle Punch Primer
Christmas Tyme
Stitches in Tyme...
because I will no longer be offering them!!
(which means, if you're a shop, and you try to place a wholesale order for them from me or my distributors, your order won't be filled....however, my distributors MAY have back-stock, and you could try & see what they have left...but after they're gone, they're GONE for GOOD !!)
I do reserve the right however, since they are my copyright (C) designs, to bring them out of retirement in the future...

Since getting a new Laser Printer a couple of months ago, I have been plagued with stress over the fact that It will not print out my booklets like my old printer I have come to the conclusion that I will have to reformat any new booklets in the future, and what better way to purge out the old and help boost creativity for the new, than to start fresh?
Since thinking about this for a while, I have begun to really try to freshen up the look of my logo (the clasped hands above will be it....for a now LOL!)
and all of my new patterns will have this look/logo...
I'm focusing on True-Blue, Good Old Primitive Designs that will carry their way through the more fads & gimmicks, absolutely NO 'cutesy' stuff ...blech.
just Traditional, Early-looking designs to help you create wonderful new Needlework for your warm, primitive home....
in doing so, I will be able to gather my thoughts more...
with my mind being less-cluttered with things from the past.
{ AHHHhhh...I feel better already! }
so, let me know what you think folks...& please be nice? LOL
ALL of my patterns for Cross Stitch and Needle Punch

Blessed be,

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