Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

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Monday, July 6, 2020

~ a Little Witchy-Stitching in July ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!
it's Monday again....

hot, hazy & humid.
cicadas are scratching out their Summer songs from high-atop the treetops in our backwoods ~
lazy days are upon us, and we are in need of rain once more for the gardens.

I am staying put, indoors in the AC
as much as I dislike the windows closed and much-prefer fresh air,
this old body of mine cannot tolerate the humidity any longer...

so, what's a girl to do?
well, dream of my beloved October days ~ of course!
I know, 'don't rush it'...but I am an Autumn Girl,
a cold-weather loving soul.

my thoughts turn to pumpkins, crisp air and crunchy leaves...
woodsmoke and wool sweaters and steaming mugs of pine needle tea! 
SO, while holed-up in the blasting artificial cool air in this old farmhouse 
I will once again begin my needlework for the upcoming Autumn-time & All Hallow's Eve.
{it's never too early lol} 

If I didn't have Needlework in my life....I don't know what I would do.
EVERY stitch or loop holds my thoughts & prayers, hopes and dreams...
~ happiness and tears.
{especially with the issues happening in our Country right now...}

🌙 🎃 🌙 🎃 🌙 🎃 🌙 🎃 🌙

stitch ~ punch ~ repeat

Have you begun your Autumn/Hallowe'en
Needlework projects yet? 

Looking to enhance your Stash a little bit??

The THREE {3} collages below are showing just a small array of my punchneedle designs ~
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The FOUR {4} collages below 
are showing just a small array of my Cross Stitch/UNcounted Cross Stitch designs ~
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⤬⤬⤬ ⤬⤬⤬ ⤬⤬⤬ ⤬⤬⤬

Peter & I are SO THANKFUL 
for the valued Friendship  and Kind Support
that we continue to receive from our Needleworker Customers and Friends...

May your hands be busy,
may your heart be light ~
and may we all be blessed with Peace in our lives.

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


Sunday, June 28, 2020

~ Sunday Morning Musings ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
a very hot & humid Sunday, but hey, it's another new day isn't it?

remember to take time for yourself today ~
paint something, stitch something, work in your garden....
soothe your mind & soul.

a morning walk-about to check my wild gardens...
The black eyes susan's are escaping!

i love when they mix with the queen anne's lace....

 {{ for those who might not know the difference between queen anne's lace and wild white yarrow:}}
THIS is wild white yarrow:

and THIS is queen anne's lace

this is called 'rabbit's foot clover, or hare's foot clover...
i have recently found it growing ALL over the place {Nancy b.!!}

a sleeping lightening bug {firefly}

a common garden snail ~ snoozing

oh! hello.

yesterday i started and finished this tiny sampler...
stitched over one on some old linen I have {me thinks it to be 32ct?}
of course this will be framed under glass {by my resident woodworker/hubby}
and hung on the wall of my dollhouse {#Maryblacksdollhouse}

then last night, i started to needlepunch a 'rug' that will be hung above the mantle
 {also in the works by said woodworker/hubby} 
the design is of my beloved Suzy ~ 
{who Miss Mary Black loved as much as I}
I'll finish this today and perhaps begin on some curtains?

a peek inside...

as Mary loves the birds as much as I do, 
I hung a small birdhouse outside her bedroom
so she can enjoy their chittering and song ~

{notice the bed is gone? I am making a wire bedframe for the handmade ticking mattress I made}
 also added a small pincushion and a quartz crystal on top of her trunk...

and this photo below shows just where in our old farmhouse,
Miss Mary Black's dollhouse is...
right above my favorite spinning-wheelin our Keeping Room off the kitchen ~

I hope you will follow along on our journey
 of creating tiny-things 
for Mary ~ 
 we can't wait to show you what's next!
Keep Creating ~ It's the Joy of Life


Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori

Monday, June 22, 2020

~ A Hedgewitch's Garden ~

What is a Hedge Witch?

A Hedge Witch is a solitary practitioner of the herbal arts - both, medicinal and spiritual. 
 She is the person you call when you develop a rash or get a toothache, 
and the doctor or dentist is unavailable. 

She is the person you consult when strange things go bump in the night, 
or you are certain that someone just gave you the evil eye.

Her {many} cupboards contains the remedy for what ails you - both physical and spiritual.

A Hedge Witch does not belong to a coven. 
She does not follow the tenets of any sect or organized religion. 
 Her craft is her own - 
usually handed down to her by family and honed by her own experience and research.

You will not find two Hedge Witches that are alike. 
... Each follows her own path. 
 The common thread that puts us under the heading of Hedge Witch
~ is our herbal remedies and our solitary spiritual practices.

The name, Hedge Witch, 
comes from days of old when villages were separated by forests.
 The edge of a village where the forest began was called the hedge. 

In most villages there was an herbal practitioner, 
who lived in the forest or near the edge of the forest.
This was the person the villagers appealed to when there was no doctor, 
or the doctor couldn't cure them. 
The practitioner who lived by the hedge and practiced herbal arts was called a Hedge Witch.

a Hedge Witch may or may not live near the forest,
 but you likely will find her there at one time or another. 
Most Hedge Witches have a reverence for nature. 
They know the medicinal and spiritual properties of everything that grows, 
and they understand nature's balance. 

A wise Hedge Witch enlists nature to deal with natural problems. 
She harvests more weeds than she pulls. 
She invites wasps, spiders and other predators to kill unwanted bugs. 
She uses plants and animals to divert bunnies from the vegetable garden.

But the most definitive characteristic of a Hedge Witch 
is that she has a remedy for everything under the sun, 
...and much of it was prepared by the light of the moon.
 { an except from }

so we'll go on a little wander about my farmyard, fields and gardens... 
I am never alone, for my friends tag along wherever I roam:

her name is Frizzle, and she's as big as a minute. {breed: Silkie}
 my very dear & sweet friend Nancy is a Master Gardener 
~ and we turn to her for her knowledge of all things herb-y ~
{she is our very own little hedgewitch ~ LOVE You Nancy}

she has taught us so much about our own yards and the plants growing in them....
taught us to look at 'weeds' differently ~
here are a few that thrive here at Notforgotten Farm:

Mugwort ~ tea for sleep, aids in digestion

Hydrangea ~ urinary problems, kidney {stones} and liver

Mullein ~ taken as a tea, helps reduce mucus

my wild gardens & fire pit

Bee Balm ~ aids digestion, treats cold & flu

St. John's Wort ~ aids in depression, anxiety moods and meopause

Marsh Thistle ~ rheumatatic/rheumatoid arthritis {RA}

Apothecary Rosehip ~ High in vitamin C, metabolism, joint pain

Red Bud ~ cough suppressant, aids in Flu/fever

Lemon Balm ~ promotes sleep/improves appetite ~ tea/indesgestion

{can you see me?}

Orange Daylily ~ bowel/anti-nausea, promotes sleep

another part of one of my wild gardens ~ Chocolate mint {digestive/tea} and Egyptian Onion {tumors, earaches/congestion}

Rudbeckia {Black Eyed Susan ~ earaches} & Queen Anne's Lace {digestive/kidney/bladder}
while looking at the black eyed susans, I found this one:
a strange mutation, like a triple flowerhead on a thick, measuring-tape-like stem!

and then noticed that one of my flowering hosta's has the same mutation!?!

 wild, wonderful Nature...
always inspiring and educating ~
teaching us to slow down and look ~ listen.

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori