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Monday, December 28, 2009

{ Punch, hook...stitch }

i cleaned up my sewing room...
what a mess.

tiny bits of cloth, shreds of threads, snippets of wool~
after the frenzy of the holidays, I find it quite soothing to root about in that room,
rearranging this, simplifying that, tidying everything...
As you all well know me, I tend to float about between mediums, but my favorite by far are
cross stitching, needle punching and rug hooking.
{as you can tell by my banner above, too...}

this time of year, as the old year fades and thoughts of the new come into mind,
I bring out unfinished projects that were put on the 'back burner'
and see if i really want to finish them, or just re-design them...
as I do this, my mind is also uncluttered of old thoughts,
and new ones always seem to come sliding in...
a perfect opportunity to make room in my home & heart for new beginnings...
I'll be working on the new punch needle designs this week...
the one that's on the frame right now is called
"The Bunny Trail"

{think: primsical, folksy, fun!...and yes, ' primsical' is a wonderful word
to describe my designs...primitive & whimsical...all in one!}
I want to release the new designs in mid-January, so you can all have them for early Spring...
Hoping that you all have an uncluttered day, with thoughts of wonderful things to come!
Peace & Plenty to you,


Jackie said...

I generally organize a lot of my home after the holidays. There is just something about the new year that makes we want things in order. I think it is the new beginnings like you mentioned!

whimseycreations said...

Lori, I love love love your banner! So colorful and gorgeous.

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