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April 24, 2014

My out-door studio ~ part II

I finished my paintings, and while waiting for them to dry
I took a little more advantage of the beautiful day we had here yesterday…
I donned my shorts, tank top & flip flops,
grabbed by hook, wool, scissors and frame and set up for a little hook-y plain'!

i need a new chair ~ but hey, it works...

 behind where i was sitting you can see our barn & coops…below -
they were called the chicken coops at one time, 
 ~ but they have housed everything in between ~
from ducks, to peacocks, to chickens…
...then baby opossums and now 

my little spot of heaven

...for me, simple is best, so I just pile wools in a basket…
then I pick from there what to hook with ~ nothing is ever really 'planned'
and somehow things always seem to come out ok ~


 the grass has gotten SO green ~ 
and I love how it looks against this purple wool:

beautiful colors

...while working out here in my 'studio'
lot of visitors and neighbors come by for a spell ~
(or two!)

our roosters usually come to investigate my wool-worms dropped to the ground while hooking…
but never out-stay their visit.


 I usually get a shout-out from Pinocchio from across the way ~
he lets me know of his approval or disapproval of my color choices...

hello big boy!
 and if Nocchi is volunteering criticisms, 
...then Daisy chimes-in too ~

sweet Daisy
 Of course, I am EASILY distracted by our new family of fur-buckets…
who now reside in the opossum-hut 
(a.k.a. one of the chicken coops)

this coop is SNAKE-proof.
so I know they are safe and sound while they grow, play and enjoy the outdoors ~

here they are:

"Boogie Sugar-Britches" (a.k.a. 'Shug')
 Shug is SOOOOooooo tiny ~ 
she weighs an ounce I swear and is mostly fluff…

and here are my handsome boyfriends ~

"Mickey" (l) and "Tiggy" (r)

 their innocent eyes have cleared up and are turning colors now ~ 
...I'm hoping they will all have Minew's color ~
a haunting gold/green…

'Shug' beating up her big brother 'Mickey'

~ Minew still favors little 'Tiggy'
and he really milks it! (pun intended)
these two are inseparable.

Speaking of milking it, they are almost weaned now,
but they ambush Momma whenever they get a chance ~ 
...Minew is just over a year old too, so she's a small kitty-girl
with a delicate frame ~ but don't get me wrong, she is a certified snake killer!!

she killed a 4 foot black snake when we first spotted her here on our property ~
you GO girl!

head-butting is a favorite past time

they have all wriggled their way into our hearts ~
ESPECIALLY Peter's huge heart ~ the end of a long day of work, you will find him in there with them,
each one getting his or her share of his love ~
((wonderful medicine for the blood-pressure))


and I almost missed this photo (below) while going through them all:
thought you'd get a chuckle from it!


Hoping you all have a wonderful day my friends,
...get outside and enjoy the weather & nature…
oh, and hug a kitten if you can :)

* Blessed be * 

April 23, 2014

In my "STUDIO"

it is a BEAUTIFUL day here today at the farm ~
so I am working outside in my 'studio'
(a.k.a. picnic table under a black walnut tree)

I have set up my paints and brushes, 
canvases are primed and ready to go ~

paint something

 Peter bought the wire paint rack for me 
...and at first I hated it but now I love it...
(of course)

he also made the wood block to hold my brushes.
very handy indeed.

ready, set….paint!

 here is my view ~
I get to see the kittens playing, the chickens scratching 
and the donkeys grazing from my vantage point…

make-do studio


I have a bunch of them finished now…
ready for the open house here on the 3rd ~

my folk art

... under the table,
at my feet…
a sleeping giant lies ~

good boy

 maybe I'll paint a couple more and include him?

off to work

Have a beautiful day my friends~

* Blessed be *

April 22, 2014

New friends, Old Friends & Hooking...

a box arrived by post yesterday ~
(the box I've been waiting for…)

inside were two new little friends,
(from a dear old friend…)

I thought I heard singing from inside the box -
small, faint voices ~ singing something about far-away places and forests…

I hurriedly opened the box and out scurried these two:

'Natty Rat'
'Tilda Shrew'

Natty with her water-gourd

 being the bigger of the two,
Natty hopped out first,
even though Tilda was packaged carefully on top of her ~

Natty bounced onto the scrubbed-top table and gave me a wide smile :)
then she reached into the box to help out her little fiend…

sweet little girl ~

"Tilda Shrew"

Tilda with her tiny nest & egg

 Tilda climbed onto the table and stretched, 
 ~ being in the box was probably cramped and tight
fresh air and sunshine was what they both needed :)

hello Tilda
 These little friends will live happily here now at Notforgotten Farm ~
we are thrilled to have them be a part of the farmhouse 
~ and so very thankful for the talented hands & imagination of Miss Stacey Mead 

in other news, I think I have pulled a muscle in my chest.
seriously! from HOOKING!
I recently purchased some new BURLAP LINEN for the shop, and have been trying it out ~ it hooks like butter, and as you know I've been working on 'things' for the open house `

here are two pockets that I'll be finishing today ~
Tulip & Scissors

Tulip pocket                           Scissors pocket

~ the wool used for the tulip pocket is all as-si from Rebecca Erb,
the wool for the scissors pocket is hand dyed from Mary Henck…

need to choose the backing, lining & strap fabrics now

maybe I'll recycle some old denim jeans…
Hmmm….or an old quilt?

love these colors...

I'll show the finishes to you later on this evening or tomorrow ~

love tulips, have I mentioned that before? LOL

ALMOST finished with that Winter punch needle project for Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine ~ 
May 1st deadline is coming up FAST!

Have a wonderful day my friends! enjoy this weather before the rains come :)

* Blessed be *