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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'm Dyeing {Naturally}

Howdy Friends & Folk ~

look at this loverly little marigold…
how happy she is!

how happy am I that bunches of them are in full bloom in my gardens?
very happy :)

Taking the time and care to dead-head them helps them bush out 
and become more & more full…

I keep the dried heads for future gardens, but
I like to use them to dye my wools ~

I'll show you how I do it, easy-peasy casserole dyeing!

first ~ gather your supplies:
glass baking dish
aluminum foil
and light colored or natural wools

Then then put the kettle on ~
 make sure to have enough water in it to have a cup of tea too!

while the kettle boils,
place one end of your wool in the baking dish…
then sprinkle a handful of marigold heads on the wool….

then shake some salt on top of that…

then fold the wool back over on itself…

… and repeat the process of layering the marigold heads
 & salt with the wool.

like this!

oh I hear that kettle whistling!
now pour that hot water over your layered wools/flowers/salt….
just enough to cover the wool ~

I like to smoosh {technical term} 
my wools down with a wooden spoon a bit…

now cover the baking dish with the aluminum foil.
{the vinegar will be used in the next step}

place your covered dish in a hot oven set to 350*
for about an hour….
I use a timer cause i tend to get distracted ;)

after the hour is up,
carefully take out the dish and remove the tin foil ~ 

now pour some of that white vinegar onto the still-hot wool casserole..
and let it set on the counter to cool off slowly.


once cooled, now pour the liquid into a strainer in your sink to catch the marigolds….

then you can rinse the wool in warm NOT HOT or COLD water….

I squeeze the liquid out a little then hang it outside to dry on the line ~

and LOOK!
there's the before wool on the right, a natural check/texture
and my naturally died wool on the left….

not sure what I'll use it for ~ if I'll hook with it or use it for appliqué?
we'll see…

I have tons of black walnuts that I need to gather too, so I'll show you how to dye with those in an upcoming post….

Have fun today my friends ~ try something new and be creative!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Early Work Mercantile Offering is ready ~

Good morning friends & folk ~
please stop over at

to see all of the fine offerings from all of the most talented artisans!

here is my offering ~

"October 31st Applique Sampler "

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ Lori

Monday, August 31, 2015

Humming Right Along ~

~ Happy Monday Friends & Folk ~

just a few glimpses of my finished project 
… that I've been working on for tomorrow's

I will be updating my page there on the morning of the first,
somewhere between 8 & 9:00 am Eastern Time

and here is what I'll be offering...

I'm happy to be a part of EWM once again ~ 
… I have missed creating one of a kinds for my supportive customers!
Please come by the website to visit all of the Artisans' work!!

and here is a little hummer…
~ I caught him mid-sip this morning!

a bit rainy & dark today…a tad humid & sticky, but still feels like Fall to me.
I will don my boots and head out for a walk in my woods for a little lung-cleansing and inspiration.

Don't forget that our Summers' End Sale in our Etsy shop is
tonight at 12:00 midnight eastern standard time…

Hoping your all have a beautiful day!
~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

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