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April 19, 2014

A Day Early ~

Wishing you all a Blessed Easter Holiday ~
I will be spending the day with family and happily cooking and baking tomorrow, 
hence the early wishes to you!

Hopefully I can get in a little hooking too, 
( between courses of ham, sweet potato casserole and ricotta pie :)

I have been visiting the beautiful rug hook-ings of Annie Hayes
and thought these were appropriate for today's post ~
so I'm sharing them with you to admire…

her rugs just sing to me ~ 
her seemingly-unplanned colorways and talented use of scrap wools is evident in her subjects…
and of course, my favorite subjects of hers are her dear little animals ~

"Cape Cod Rabbit"

her subjects take on the importance in her rugs ~
using tweeds, textures and as-is wools to bring them to life.

"Red Leaf Rabbit"

simple backgrounds
nothing' fancy…


tiny details are made almost accidentally,
almost missed but look closely and you won't miss a thing :)

"Rabbit in the Grass"

...bright colors, naive designs
perfect to me ~

"Scarlet Tanager"

mis-proportions, and fun accents bring her rugs a child-like quality
that I admire greatly…

"Rabbit with Floating Flowers"

I could look at them for hours…..
(and do!)

"September Rabbit"

I hope you all get a chance to visit her website and be tickled by her
 heARTwork ~

wishing you all a creative & peaceful weekend my Friends~

* Blessed be *

April 17, 2014

Rise & Shine

wake up !
it's a beautiful day ~ 
...time to hit the ground running…lots to do!


 while fetching eggs this sunny but cold morning,
we found her…

h e l l o

 ...setting on a small clutch of eggs ~

turn off that light!

 in one of the 'apartments' in the coop…


 so now we're expecting chicks in 21 days ~ 
...near or around May 8th 

cluck cluck

 our boys are not interested in this news at all ~
they just like to hang out together now even more so since Buddy became ill…
he is feeling pretty good now and I will remove his stitches today ~

sweet faithful friends

 it was only in the 30's this morn ~
ice had formed in the water buckets in the barn & coops…
 ~ the farmhouse was chilly,
so Peter lit a fire in the old wood stove (again)

thought we might be done with it as we were in the 80's here last sunday!

... but I guess Mother Nature has other plans for us ~
I WILL NOT do any spring-cleaning 
until the stove has been totally cleaned out and out-of-service for the year….
so please forgive the dust & such.

i need to wash those floors….ick!

I will be taking Charlie shopping today ~
he loves to shop…at every discount & bargain store in the area.
He might be 83 yrs old, but when he is pushing a shopping cart ~

have a beautiful day my friends ~ share it with those that love you most ~

* Blessed be *

April 15, 2014

Rain, Rain…...

Happy Rainy Tuesday folks ~

Good day to stay in and hook, punch, stitch, read….eat ;)

I was watching this fellow all morning from my sewing room window -
he has been stealing dog kibbles from Lazy's dish
(since Lazy doesn't 'do' rain, he's been sleeping in the barn, letting his food get all wet)
all-the-better for Mr. Corvid, no?

click here to learn more about him…

love his little legs :<

 I'm finishing up a punched design for the Winter issue of 
can't show you too much...

little more to go ~

and I've been drooling over these in between projects ~
these books make me want to hook EVERYTHING in them.

look for them on Amazon

I have to get my tush in gear and finish ALL of the things I want to offer at our 
Spring Open House on May 3rd
(I simply cannot believe it is April 15th and I have just over 2 weeks to get ready)

I'm working on all-kinds of things,
little book necklaces, tiny pincushion boxes, punched pins….
some folky dolls, a couple of hooked items and of course, some more

I'll keep you posted, you betcha.

I wanted to Thank the members of the Facebook Group: Prim Stitchers Society
for joining my Little Stitches Handwork Club!!

Thanks to Nan Lewis 
….for the shout-out on there :)

Have a most beautiful, albeit soggy evening…

* Blessed be *