...Down a dirt road, past woods and fields sits a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof ~
it's here you'll find me pulling thread and wool through linen and chasing after my kittens…

I love my life and those I share it with….

Welcome to Notforgotten Farm ~

Our shop is located at
3530 Tye River Road
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Regular Shop Hours:
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Best to Call Ahead PLEASE!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Frames are available ~

Good Morning!

Peter has allowed me to offer another batch of frames in our Etsy shop:

to get em while they're here!!!

* Blessed be *

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NEVER say never…..

I have succumbed.
I have gone to the dark side…
I have thrown in the towel of persistence and given up/

I am going to try punching with Valdani threads.
(G A S P)

tiny balls of temptation 

...for years (years!) 
I have always waived-away any thought of using Valdani threads 
for my punch needle work…

cheap thrifty
i guess.

really? me???? nahhhh.

I enjoy reading posts from fellow bloggers such as 
Doreen (Vermont Harvest) 
and Rebecca (Simple Quiet)
and love what they do with this thread…
their palettes are beautiful and so inspiring :)

I was rooting around my sewing room last night, and came across a basket buried deep within a shelf..
in the bottom of the basket I found them.
8 small balls sitting there looking at me ~
they said quietly….
I ignored them.
one of the balls somehow fell to the floor and rolled over to my slippered-foot
as if to say:
"can we come out to play now?"

I actually felt sorry for it.

after many minutes of kicking the little thing around,
I picked it up.
I swear it giggled…

I grabbed my needle.
threaded it with the end of the little ball.
and punched a few loops….

why was I struggling so much with myself to use this?
I am such a non-conformist.
I  H A T E change.

I LIKE it!

the 'star' on my needle is there to remind me that it is a newer needle ;)

 I began punching ~ 
the threads began filling in with painterly colors on my project…
wow, I thought.

please excuse the farm-wife hands and hangnails…haven't been to the big city for a manicure lately ;)

I had one problem though…
that little ball kept rolling away fro me as I worked.
I grabbed an old jar from my work shelf and plunked it in.
it works for me!


Ok, to all of you who have heard me say the words:
I will NEVER use Valdani ~
…just scratch that will ya?

welcome to the dark side….

I will never again
say never to anything ~ before trying it first.
I will be ordering bucketfuls of Valdani from the company today 
...and enjoy being added as a Designer in their program.

and I'll show my finish soon :)

...so mote it be.

* Blessed be *

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Hallowe'en Farmhouse ~


...so glad you're here for a visit ~ 
do come inside and sit a spell with me, 
...won't you?

doll by
The Burlap Owl
 hangs on our front door wreath

wart-y spinner gourds growing along our fence line...

our front porch...

leave your brooms outside, please!

little witch greets you in the foyer
she sits atop an old time clock from a defunct factory…
doll made by Deena Warner

enter into our dining room ~
fabulous purse was stitched by
 Theresa Meloon

a gaggle of ladies sit on our deacon's bench ~
dolls by Tina Lewonski & Tammy Speicher

our bonnet-topped cupboard (from Jewel Henley) holds beloved items ~

my dry sink is where my Pumpkin Pete doll resides ~
doll by Becky Carney
hooked rugs on wall by Sherry Kristoff (turkey rug)
and Bonnie Stahl (witch cat)
doll in high chair by Tammy Speicher

another view of ding room

on to the kitchen…
would you like a steaming mug of pine needle tea and a scone??

our humble heart of our farmhouse ~
doll on cupboard by Old n Worn

bittersweet & dried herbs hang above our heads ~

early goat weathervane from dear friend Pricsilla ~
on shelf is a small collection of red ware and salt/pepper shakers...

turning the corner into our keeping room…
...follow along now dearie ~

cozy corner of the back keeping room
october hooked rug by Sherry Kristoff
basket hooked rug by Lori Rippey
a view of the front of the keeping room, from the back side ;)


our mantel and wood stove ~
had to learn to live with the TV on the wall
(until Peter builds the cupboard for it ~ )

a couple of friends enjoying their Hallowe'en tree ~

a few headstone castings made by Netty LaCroix
and a sculpted angel by Cindy Baker

another view of back/keeping room
Peaches, our parrot hangs in the far window…
Barbara, our parakeet hangs in the other wind to the right (blue speck above tree)

hooked rugs and flickering light ~
hanging black jack hooking by Sherry Kristoff

snap of my quilt rack ~

hooked rug by Sherry Kristoff

MOST-awesome stenciled Witch Hat
by Misi Axel

jack on a box sits on our mantel
made by Old Threads

mohair witch bunny & squirrel by Lori Ann Corelis
Jack of the Lantern box made by Stacy Nash

cross stitched pillows made by Old Threads

Fall hooked rug made by Sherry Kristoff

another view of the Keeping room

I hope you've enjoyed your visit!
come by again soon ~

"…a cup of tea, a cookie….and you-hoo!!"

* Blessed be * 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thimble Coffin Class ~

Yesterday's class was so very nice!
I love all of the girls that came out to enjoy the day with me ~

the weather was perfect and it was so good to see old friends again…

here we are at the beginning of class ~ 
preparing the box that the thimble coffin cross stitch project will be topped with:

clockwise ~ far end of table:
Carolyn, Robin, Heather, Sharon, Nancy, Kay & Carol

such determination on their pretty faces!

the glue was flying ~

"too much? too little?"
…just right.

the girls had their homework sent to them to stitch, 
...then at class we finished the 'coffin' part ~
they had their choice of fabrics, velvets and trims…

such busy little worker-bees ;)

I think my heart is happiest when we all gather together like this ~
I love what I do…

my sweet friends ~

 Miss Joan came out to help me too ~
here she is keeping a close eye on everyone's progress:
(actually she was keeping the closest eye on me, 
because I was demonstrating to the girls how to make our project, 
by creating one for Joan as the example…)

"am I doing ok Joan?"
(love you)

 While the hens (a.k.a. "us")
were in the henhouse, 
the roosters 
(a.k.a. the hubbies)
were outside enjoying man-chatter, coffee and the sawing of wood…
oh yeah, and a little woodsmoke too ;)

Howdy Fellas!

... back inside, we were almost finishing our projects ~
we had a nice lunch of
roasted chicken salad on croissants
(made by the Head Chef ~ "Pierre" ~ which is French for….Peter)
{delicious sandwiches my dear ~ thank you , love you}

our table was piled with scraps from previous classes/projects…
I never throw away a good scrap!
…made for a colorful centerpiece, no?

a beautiful mess :)

and here is Carol with the prettiest smile ~
showing off her finished project:

hello sweet girl!

here is a beautiful group shot of everyone proudly holding their finished projects ~

hello everyone!

a little closer look of their fabulous-ness…

great job!


 after class, there was shopping ~
and laughing…
oh we laughed so much…
{thank you all for putting up with me!}

Miss Kay is fondling the wools {again}
 love you!

 Miss Joan is cashing out Miss Carolyn ~
looks like she is having fun too :)

thank you Carolyn ~
Thank you my best girlfriend Joan

A wonderful day for me, 
hoping it was as wonderful for all of you who came out for the class ~
I so appreciate your friendship and support...

Thank You
 to the customers who came in to shop during the class ~
and braved our craziness while you shopped too!
{{So thankful that you didn't turn right around and run out the front door ;)}}

I'm in the process of putting together the 2015 (wow) 
Shop Class Schedule~
we will again offer classes in the new year for:

Rug Hooking~
(beginner class, wool dyeing, color planning, design-your-own rug)

Punch Needle
(beginner class)

Wool Applique
(beginner to advanced class)

Cross Stitch
(beginner, learn to cross stitch on linen and advanced)

I'll post the schedule in a few weeks on my sidebar ~

Today will be spent cleaning this old farmhouse 
and putting the final touches on my Hallowe'en decorating 
(hoping with fingers crossed to finish)

Have a *SPARKLING* October day my friends!!

* Blessed be *

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