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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

~ Small Stitches ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
and Tuesday it is once again.

... a little cooler this morning,
 so hoping it will begin to stay that way.

I've been stitching on this little owl and moon embroidery 
in-between larger projects for upcoming shows and events;

I'm working with Gentle Art Simply Wool threads and love them!

they have just the right amount of coarseness to them {for me}.
not too 'hairy' but you can tell it's wool justthesame.

satin stitches become feathers and leaves,
french knots become tiny berries ~
even smaller cross stitches become a smattering of stars...
straight stitch branches and a chain stitch scroll underneath it all...

{no, you do not see any bullion stitch in there do you}.
'nuff said about them!

can you see the slight blush on Mr. Moon's cheek?
that is from using the variegated wool thread from the Gentle Art...
{I have the color written down in my book, if anyone wants to know exactly what is it}

I'm using a scrap of nubby linen to stitch on, 
and my hoop is only 4" in diameter...
so this is a small piece ~ my favorite!

I'm pleased with it, 
and I think Miss Roxy approves as well ~


Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori

Monday, July 24, 2017

~ Getting my WITCHY on ~

Good Monday Morning
Friends & Folk ~

I woke this morning to the sound 
of our air-conditioners and fans and their mechanical whirring in my head...

I want so badly to just fling open the windows, 
let some fresh cool crisp air into this old farmhouse 
~ and enjoy the sounds of Mother Nature while I sleep!

ah yes...soon, soon.

In the meanwhile,
 I headed straight to my desk with 'other' thoughts now in my foggy little brain.
Those thoughts that are never far under the surface of my rippling creativity ~
yes friends, thoughts of Witches.
{ok, pumpkins, black cats, moons, ......you get it.}

I like to look back on my previous works and revisit past creations.
This always helps inspire my work for new ideas,
... ways to change and keep my folk art 'fresh' but familiar
*wink wink*

So, here are a few of my past Witches & Other Friends:
punched & embroidered

sketchbook #8

sketchbook #15

dancing witch paper cutting {scherenshnitte}




always watching



oh those tiny little loops!


snippets in time ~
We shall see where all of these little reminders will lead me....
~ who knows?

Have a happy & Creative Monday my sweet Friends ~
Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori

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