...Down a dirt road, past woods and fields sits a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof ~
it's here you'll find me pulling thread and wool through linen and chasing after my kittens…

I love my life and those I share it with….

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Monday, September 15, 2014

FALLing into my work ~

just a little smattering 
of things that I've been working on for the show….
{well, not this pincushion…it is mine ~ but it looked 'sew' pretty in the early morning light}

constant companion

~ Witches Shoes ~

wearing silk ribbons and small calico pumpkins...

...ready to keep your pins & needles safe.

~ a Sampling of Samplers ~

almost finished now….

oh my!!

~ Pumpkin Jack Chairpad ~

hand hooked with velvet, wool & cotton fabric ~
black background punched with hand dyed wool yarn.
{Love my red chairs, have a set of 2}

 here is the same chair pad below
...just set upon a different chair.

I found this lonely black chair in the dumpster!
now it holds my bottom when I stitch at my treadle machine :)

 the colors on my painted chairs match perfectly in my Folk Art world ~
chrome yellows, salmon, federal blue…turquoise-greens, black & cinnamon red.

When I found this little treasure in the dumpster,
it had a broken stretcher ~ 
{{something that would have been easily repaired 
long ago in a society where nothing was disposable,
but valued & regarded as serviceable and useful.}}

I knew Peter could quickly fix & replace the stretcher for me,
so I climbed into the disgusting dumpster to rescue it and brought it home to show him.

and when we turned it over to fix it, we found this:
a penciled signature!

...perhaps of the owner?

Barton F???
 can you make it out??

 There is more writing on this chair bottom too ~
done is what looks like chalk or grease-pencil…

it reads:

"Jacob Stauffer
coller (color) black
design no 18."

clearly this chair-maker wanted his work to be known...
and I love him for that!

I LOVE the misspelling of the word 'color' ~ 

~ such pride was taken in the workmanship of days long ago ~
such a pity that it is not valued in today's world as much as it should be….
it is so much easier to throw-away & buy a new one these days, 
and I find that so very sad.

for the artisans & crafts-folk who continue the tradition of making
wonderful things that stand the test of time…

for the folks out there that mend & make-do
and appreciate things handmade.

Have you seen this new book yet?

They Made Do
from Jill Peterson
& Cheryl Jones

If you love primitive antiques, 
if you honor handmade things,
if your heart is resting in the past 
...and you long for simpler times…
this is a must-read.

I found myself happily lost in it's pages ~
digesting each written word 
and letting the feeling of this book 
absorb into my bones.

take time today to think about what you're throwing away…
can it be mended?
made into something else?
...are you creating something with your hands 
that will last generations to come and are pouring your heart into each stitch or loop?

~ remember to sign your work
 for those that will treasure you long after you're gone...

* Blessed be *

Friday, September 12, 2014

Preparing ~

can it really be September the 12th?
…am I dreaming?
have I fallen into a time-warp 
somewhere between then & now?

...me thinks so…
at any rate,
progress is being made ~

alien-looking, naked witch-folk waiting for their clothing….

 While I'm on the mend, 
and stitching my fingers to the bone ~
Peter & Chris
 have been busily readying the grounds for the show
which rumor has it in these parts that it is about a week away now.
(insert time-warp here)

they have been playing Tom Sawyer ~
{{except neither one is named Tom,
and they are using red paint.}}
doesn't my shop fence look MAH-velous??

a new look


the perfect shade of red to me ~
 it's close to DMC 918 for those 'in-the-know'

if this is how the fence looks all spruced-up,
then by golly I cannot wait to get the shop, barn & FARMHOUSE done!
{not all done before the show, unfortunately}
...but soon enough. 

fresh paint

 there are 'other' shenanigans constantly going on around here too ~
Roxy & Lazy are inseparable now, and although she is still super-rambunctious,
she does have her tender moments…

Roxy teasing Lazy ~ always wanting to play….

 Lazy has had ENOUGH!


 I think she got the hint….

there's my best-friends….

Today On Tap:
stringing corn/gourd garlands
finishing witch dolls
framing smaller samplers
painting a few canvases
stuffing a few more pumpkins
...hook, punch, stitch…

* Blessed be *

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