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Monday, February 20, 2017

~ Joan's House Tour - Part 4 ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
... are you ready for this? 

welcome to another edition of Joan & Art's Home Tour
 ~ The Laundry Room ~
 Part 4

if you're not a huge fan of doing laundry, 
you might just become one after seeing this:

Joan & Arthur's home is beautiful all year long, 
but it's in the Spring that we get to see some of their bulb plants blooming in the sunshine.
here's a small daffodil welcoming us inside...  

The Laundry Room is located on the basement-level in their home...
and to get there you must first come down this staircase 
to which Joan has added her magic touch ~
Joan has a talent for faux-painting ~ the block wall and stone are not real :)

Once we reach the bottom step....
 hello Laundry Room!

but it's not just a place where Joan does her wash...
it is yet another canvas that she has turned into something wonderful ~
filled with their collections and masterful artwork ~ as well as Art's craftsmanship in renovating!

the floors are not real brick ~ 
they have been transformed once again by Joan's hand, and the all-over stenciling adds such a folky-ness and warmth to an otherwise utilitarian room...

at every turn, you will see beloved treasures like the antique stove 
~ which is used to display vintage items...

tucked into a small cubby to the right of the stove
are just one {of many} things she collects
Drying Racks! 
she cannot leave one behind on her travels if she finds one {two, three, four...}

standing racks, folding racks, umbrella-type racks...
yep, she's got 'em..

Moving around the room to the left of the stove,  
Joan has set up an old tub washer...

and a beautiful green wringer washer!
 {with more drying racks of course}

Joan's love for detail and display are evident ~
as well as her talent for making things a little more beautiful,
 like the 'Pantry' door she painted on the fuse-box cover...
{and that stenciling!}

 Collections of antique wash-day toys are everywhere in this sweet room...
nodding towards the days when little girls were happy to play with things like toy washers, 
irons & ironing boards
 and miniature clothespin & line sets.

a collection of crocheted pot holders acts as a cheerful swagged valance  
for a ground-level window...
the window itself was hand-painted by Joan to brighten it up even more :)

there are water sprinklers everywhere, like the red rubber and the lady-shaped ones below:
{used to sprinkle water on your clothes to iron the wrinkles out} 

the shelf above holds boxes and containers from days-gone-by ~
soap flakes, starch & powders...as well as wash pails, sock and glove stretchers 
 ~ and a sweet 'mammy' clothespin bag

On the opposite side of the room, is her washer & dryer...
but I swear they seem to disappear due to all of the other lovelies around the room!
 above the washer/dryer is yet another shelf... with even more sprinklers!

 and old farmhouse sink, a painted cabinet....
just more goodness :)

more of Joan's handwork in the painted flowers 
on this cabinet above the sink ~ 

...and on a canvas floorcloth :

 a closer look at what is on the shelf above:
more toy washers, tiny red irons....

and of course, more sprinklers!
{{ the round red objects are portable/retractable clothes lines }}

It never ceases to amaze me,
the way my friend has with collecting and decorating ~
Joan brings so much happiness and fun to the world...
I'm blessed to have her in my life.

I hope you enjoyed this part of Joan & Art's Home Tour ~
as I have mentioned before, you ain't seen nothing yet!
 {we still have her kitchen, bathrooms, and the ever-elusive Sewing Room to share!}
Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori

Sunday, February 19, 2017

~ Frying Pan Dyeing Class ~

 ok, so I will tell you first off...
don't be fooled by these beautiful, smiling faces:
they are trouble.
with a capital T.

& I'll prove it further down in this posting....

l - r ~ Robin, Heather, Joan, Jonette and Nancy
 the class began with us heating up the frying pans...
do you remember these? 
I am fortunate to have had my mom & sisters be on the look out for them 
and they found three of them for me.

 so we added wool that we wanted to dye,
and each frying pan was to be for a different technique...

"No Dye" method of transferring color from one wool to another, with the wool being rolled up like a sushi-roll.

Dying with Cushing's Acid Dyes ~ using the "Scrunch & Sprinkle" method...
and ~

Dyeing our wools with Onion Skins.
 After the wool simmered and the vinegar mordant was poured in...
we set about hooking and stitching for a while...
and we made a video too: 
{view the video and you'll see what I have to put up with}

after the wool was finished soaking up the mordant, 
we hung it outside to dry...

everyone's wool looked so very different from what it started out being!

Nancy looking at her wool...

 see this face below?
yeah, she's a badass.
she's one tough cookie {eater} that you don't want to mess with.
uh huh.

I love a hooker with an attitude!
I wanted to get us all together in front of our wools for a picture ~
the weather was so pretty!
so here we are...

 and these are the 'out-takes' ~
look closely and you'll see the shenanigans going on behind me without my knowledge....

Class Clown Nancy

Trouble-maker Robin
 I'm figuring things out now, by the snickering around me...
Notice Joan, Jonette & Heather....
how very innocent {not!}

 oh well, 
that's what I love about them!

here is our beautiful wool...

so pretty, no?
 crazy things happen in the dye-pot
{and at a dyeing class }


Thank you girls,
for being the fun-loving friends you are...
lets do this again soon!

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori

Saturday, February 18, 2017

~ Dyeing Today ~


and happy Saturday day all ~

we are holding a pre-registered Frying Pan Dyeing class in the shop today...
and I'm looking forward to making a big beautiful mess with the girls!
and I'll share photos of our progress and outcome of our adventure tomorrow.

if you're in the neighborhood and need any supplies for your rug hooking,
punch needle or cross stitching we'll be open today from 10:00 - 4:00

it's gonna be a great day ~
Let's make it the best it can be ~ together!

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori

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