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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Across the Miles ~

Yesterday ~
in the POURING rain…
we were blessed with a visit from our new friends
Michele & Pierre Fradelle…. all the way from France!

just look at how cute they are!!!

Michele, Pierre & me!

we found that we had so much in common ~ both hubby's are named 'Peter'
{Pierre is French for Peter}

Michele, 'my Pierre' & me!

we learned that not only do Michele & I have a common love for needlework,
but our husbands are both Architectural Engineers :)

so that meant lots of talking, {and laughing} even though we don't speak enough French 
to even get lost in France ~
Michele spoke English as beautifully as she & Pierre spoke their beloved language!

Michele & I on the porch swing

Even though she is a 'quilteuse' {quilter} ~ Michele wanted to hook a rug, 
and asked if I had any patterns of a Black Lab, which I did!
 so I helped her color plan & choose her wools ~ 
she wrote down every little detail in a beautiful scripted handwriting, in French of course…
and we laughed a little more, at my pitiful attempts at counting and naming colors in French.

She then gifted me with two antique French Lyon Wool thread cards ~
PERFECT colors for me!

and if that was not enough kindness bestowed upon me,
she pulled this beauty from her sack:

a vintage embroidered French dresser scarf done in beautiful blue ~
I immediately told her I will make it into a curtain for the shop's front door, 
and that way I will think of her every time I'm in the shop :)

Michele then went back to her satchel, and pulled out this:
a vintage punched-rug of a Buck with glass eye!

~AND this! ~

beautifully punched kitten floral pillowcase done on black satin ~
he {she} has glass eyes too!

We traded the Black Lab pattern & some wool for her rug, 
for these two items ~ a fair trade indeed!

**SEE? ~ 
if WOMEN only ruled the entire world, there would be no war, 
only lots of complaining and lots of trading going on!

Merci Michele Pierre & ~ de votre visite, vos dons et votre amitié …
nouns allons vous revoir!!

~ AND ~

Today marks the 10th day in the
Martha Stewart American Made Contest.
Please vote for Notforgotten Farm everyday, six times a day!
{all at once or throughout the day}
until the 19th of October…

Click HERE to vote!

 Being a finalist in this contest has meant the world to our family ~
it means that our hard work and loooong hours have made you happy
which in turn is why we continue to do what we love to do…
~ create from our hearts, hands 
and our very own land.

Yes, this contest is a close one and it is hard for me to 'compete' with friends…
but with your continued support & votes, you will help to make our American Dream come true!

oh! and the SUN is shining this morning!!!
it's always a good day ~ isn't it?

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Little More Hooking & Other News ~

~ Good Morning Friends & Folk ~

yep, working on another chair pad…told you so.
this one is a geometric-ish one with a kind of pinwheel or hex-sign look to it.

I chose the red & green wools for the 'petals' 
and a combination of many different black wools for the outlining…now I'll work on the background.
I think I'll make that hit or miss... or not. 
we'll see...

do you like my hook?

it is a steel shank/hook that is short & fat 
and pulls up my wonky hand cut strips very nicely & quickly too.
oh, and the kicker is, this hook is MAGNETIC. 
 that means I can plop it down on my magnet that I use when hooking to hold my scissors ~
cool, huh? and just look at that turned wood….many colors from green to gold.
perfect for my Autumn-loving heart!!

So I'm sure you're asking…'what's with the ribbon, Lor?"
well, even though the hook itself is magnetic ~ 

I like to wear my hooks.

So I asked Peter to drill a hole in the base of the handle for me…
that way I can pull my last loop, drop the hook, snip that tail and grab my hook AGAIN 
… knowing it will always be with me ~ 

{clever girl aren't I? 
no...not really ~ I have lost dozens of hooks so I figured unless I lost my head, 
THIS hook will stay attached to me somehow! HA!}

If you'd like to purchase your very own hook like mine, 
you can visit: 

we carry their hooks here in the farm shop also, 
but we're sold out of the steel/magnetic ones at the moment.
{fingers crossed that dear Larry Ault won't be gritting his pearly whites over us drilling a hole in his beautiful work!…but it's better than losing it, no?}


In other Rug Hooking News ~
my 'Out of Hand Rug Hookers Group' on Facebook 
is holding it's 1st ever Hook-A-Long and Rug Challenge!
woot woot!

if you are a current member of the
 Out Of Hand Rug Hookers Group 
and wish to participate in the H-A-L/Challenge 
you'll need to visit the HAL/Challenge Group Page to join in on the fun.
{you'll find that info on the group}

*** this challenge is for 
and the sign up date ends on OCTOBER 1st! ***


October 1st means it's time for another Early Work Mercantile update too ~
to see my offerings and all of the other fine artisan's offerings as well!
I know I love seeing all of the beautiful goods made by these talented folks!
Come on over for a visit & support Folk Artists!!


and of course, my shameless friendly DAILY reminder to you all ~
PLEASE VOTE for Notforgotten Farm!!!
we now have over 10,000 votes ~ 
… but need LOTS more to win !!!!!!!!

please remember that when you vote for us = you are voting for yourself.
the American Dream coming true for us means that we can share more with you!
With your continued support, 
Peter, Hannah & I 
can build on to our existing shop, 
making it more comfortable 
for our ever growing customer-base to enjoy our farm, classes, shows and shop :)
we want you to be HAPPY when you visit us ~

so PLEASE continue to cast your SIX VOTES EVERYDAY for us…

Kindly click HERE to vote for Notforgotten Farm
and Thank You from our Hearts.

Have a beautifully creative day my friends ~
~ off to town today in this once-again rainy weather…

 {{ I think my toes have begun to web }}

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday oh Monday ~

This is what it's doing outside ~

I know I've said many times before how I love rainy days ~

but a little bit of sunshine would surely be appreciated,

because we are beginning to feel like this:

Today marks the 8th day of the 
Martha Stewart American Made Contest ~
we are absolutely astounded at the number of votes we have this morning ~
over 9000!!

we are sincerely thankful and humbly-hopeful 
...that you all will continue to vote for us…

Click HERE to place your vote(s) for Notforgotten Farm

and in typical Monday fashion…..
Off to work I go!

have a beautiful day my friends ~ 

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chairpad Finish & WOOL!

Good Soggy Sunday Morning!
yep, rain again today ~ 
...and the ants have invaded our pantry.
went to get the honey for my tea and there they were ~
such funny little buggers ants are…they come in when there's no rain for a drink,
then they come in again when there's a lot of rain to get dry ~
oh well, hazards of old farmhouse living I guess…..

Yesterday I finished the chair pad I was working on:

thought I'd show you how I simply finish it…

after it has been steamed with a damp towel & hot iron,
and while it is still damp is when I like to bind it.

I cut to within about an inch of the last hooked row all the way 'round…

then I snip into the linen and turn the edge back ~

I like to use Valdani Pearl Cotton #8 for the stitching part,
it blends in well and is strong.

I also like to use binder clips to hold down the edge while I'm stitching it back.
these come in super-handy!

stitch up to the clip, then take the clip off :)

close-up of my needle and thread…
see how I turn the linen back super-close to the last hooked row for a nice clean edge?

…and all stitched:

love the colors of the mustard wools with my old blue chair, 
...don't you?

the wording on this rug has double-meaning:
the PA Germans have used this term, 'sit a spell' or 'sit before you go once' 
as meaning to stay & visit with them a while…

of course being the witch-y girl I am I like to think the term used otherwise ;)

and speaking of wool ~
had a customer email me & ask what color wools do I carry in the shop?
and I tried to tell her, 
~ but pictures work better…

lots of textured, as-is & off the bolts…
new hand dyeds from Blackberry Primitives too!

1/4 yds & 1/2 yd cuts ready for the picking and your next project ~

personally, when hooking my projects,
I like to use 90% of the textured/as-is wool 
… then throw in 10% of a hand dyed mix.

i think it gives my rugs instant primitive-ness. ~

I just drew up another chair pad to hook today…a geometric based on an antique motif.
I'll share my progress tomorrow….
and what's with all the chair pad-hooking?
well, I like to hook them ~ i have hooked & sold hundred of them in the past ~
they are fast, fun and small in size yet add lots of charm to a home…

not only to be used on a chair, but on a table or hung on a wall as well.
~ and yes, I use a round wooden hoop when I hook a chair pad ~ 
as opposed to my ©Hookinpunch Adjustable Gripper Frame.
{who is sitting here looking at me sadly empty….now I have to draw something to use on it. geeeez.}

sometimes ya just have to mix it up a bit :)

 and please don't forget….
today is day #7 in the 
~ Martha Stewart American Made Contest ~

Click HERE to vote for Notforgotten Farm today
remember too, that you can vote up to SIX {6!!!!} times EACH & EVERY DAY
from now until October 19th…

Last I checked, we were at 7,898 votes!

We appreciate each & every vote we receive from you, and also
THANK YOU to those dear friends who help spread the word about us on Facebook
and on their own personal blogs!

Hoping you all enjoy a wonderfully creative day my sweet friends ~

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Short & Sweet ~

A somewhat short posting this morning ~
another rainy day on tap…perfect for hooking I think.

I'm almost finished with this chair pad, 'Sit a Spell'….
need to hook in the triangles around the rim using the beautiful mustard wools yet ~

will show you the finish soon :)

~ ALSO ~
{{Shameless Plug}}
…. today is day number 6 of the Martha Stewart American Made Contest ~
if you would be so kind as to vote for us today, and everyday…
you can vote up to six times per day!

Click HERE to Vote for Notforgotten Farm

 ~ AND ~ 
If you're in the neighborhood on this drizzly Saturday,
come on in for a visit to our farm shop ~

we have wall to wall WOOLS for your rug hooking needs !
{or, you can all just let me wade in it and keep it all for myself ha!}
if you're coming, bring your work in progress or some show & tell for me.

we're open now Fridays & Saturdays from 10:00 - 4:00
{longer hours for you to come & play}

Hoping you all have a *SPARKLING* day, no matter the weather!
~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Friday, September 25, 2015

Gratitude ~

I know you're all probably getting tired of the redundancy 
~ of me reminding you to vote ~

but please remember to vote!

and with that said, please accept this little token below from me for voting!
 you have my permission to hook, punch, stitch,
 embroider, paint or wool appliqué this design to your heart's content!
"Happy Home ~ Happy Heart" Freebie
from ©Notforgotten Farm

I only ask that you kindly give credit to me as the designer/giver, 
and I would LOVE to see your finished work please!

enjoy this rainy September day my sweet friends ~
~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Christmas & Winter Designing and Shows

Good Morning Friends & Folk!
tis the 2nd day of Autumn ~ and here in Virginia it has been beautiful.
Peter & I have been enjoying our cooler walks in the evenings,
Roxy is more playful and even the donkeys seem more spirited by the change in weather….

this time of year, right after our Gathering show,
I beginning working on my new 
Christmas/Holiday/Winter designs

I am in the midst of charting 3 new cross stitch designs,
finishing up sketches for 4 new punch needle designs,
have a few rug hooking ideas rattling-around 'in there' too ~

I had asked Terri {Dixie Sampler} if she would dye up a batch of linen for me
for one of the ideas I have for a monochromatic sampler ~

I wanted the linen to be green.
not just green. but olive-y drab khaki green.
with no hint of a blue undertone…

Terri worked her magic and viola! 
here it is…
a rich, drab green that is thee perfect shade of olive {in my mind's eye anyway}
old looking, early-looking & I cannot wait to put my needle and thread to it!

I've chosen Gentle Arts "Oatmeal" as my thread color
and since this will be a one-color project, I think the two colors go together very well…
of course I'll age it after it is completed, and I have a great antique frame that I want to use with it.
Thank You Terri for your colorful creativity!!

On October 9th, 10th & 11th, I will be in Middletown, VA at
Valley Needleworks ~ {{Click HERE for more info}}
I'll be teaching a wool appliqué & humble embroidery class ~ project below:
AND Joan & I will be set up for their Merchant Mall which is OPEN to the Public both days!

I am also working on finished goods for the upcoming
From Our Hands Folk Art & Antiques Show
November 13th & 14th 2015

a wonderful show filled to the brim with unique folk art & antiques 
from some of the today's best dealers & artisans

Working on finished goods for this show is the highlight of my year ~ 
I get to create so many different things!!!
most importantly ~ I get to see old & new friends again :)

visit the FOH blog HERE
visit the FOH website HERE

~ AND ~
Today marks day #4 of the Martha Stewart American Made Contest!
Did you know that you can vote up to SIX times per day, Everyday?
and, that voters have a chance at winning a weekly prize too, just by being a voter!!!
yep, the more often & consistent you vote, 
the better YOUR chance at winning a monetary prize from Martha!!
Woot woot!

So, please head on over and cast your 6 votes again today, 
and then again tomorrow, and the next day too…all the way up until October 19th!!!

Click HERE to vote for Notforgotten Farm
{{Peter, Hannah & I thank each & every one of you who have voted 
… and/or helped spread the word on FB and Twitter about us!!}}

Have a Beautiful Thursday my friends, make it a creative one!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

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