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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Little More Hooking & Other News ~

~ Good Morning Friends & Folk ~

yep, working on another chair pad…told you so.
this one is a geometric-ish one with a kind of pinwheel or hex-sign look to it.

I chose the red & green wools for the 'petals' 
and a combination of many different black wools for the outlining…now I'll work on the background.
I think I'll make that hit or miss... or not. 
we'll see...

do you like my hook?

it is a steel shank/hook that is short & fat 
and pulls up my wonky hand cut strips very nicely & quickly too.
oh, and the kicker is, this hook is MAGNETIC. 
 that means I can plop it down on my magnet that I use when hooking to hold my scissors ~
cool, huh? and just look at that turned wood….many colors from green to gold.
perfect for my Autumn-loving heart!!

So I'm sure you're asking…'what's with the ribbon, Lor?"
well, even though the hook itself is magnetic ~ 

I like to wear my hooks.

So I asked Peter to drill a hole in the base of the handle for me…
that way I can pull my last loop, drop the hook, snip that tail and grab my hook AGAIN 
… knowing it will always be with me ~ 

{clever girl aren't I? 
no...not really ~ I have lost dozens of hooks so I figured unless I lost my head, 
THIS hook will stay attached to me somehow! HA!}

If you'd like to purchase your very own hook like mine, 
you can visit: http://aults.com 

we carry their hooks here in the farm shop also, 
but we're sold out of the steel/magnetic ones at the moment.
{fingers crossed that dear Larry Ault won't be gritting his pearly whites over us drilling a hole in his beautiful work!…but it's better than losing it, no?}


In other Rug Hooking News ~
my 'Out of Hand Rug Hookers Group' on Facebook 
is holding it's 1st ever Hook-A-Long and Rug Challenge!
woot woot!

if you are a current member of the
 Out Of Hand Rug Hookers Group 
and wish to participate in the H-A-L/Challenge 
you'll need to visit the HAL/Challenge Group Page to join in on the fun.
{you'll find that info on the group}

*** this challenge is for 
and the sign up date ends on OCTOBER 1st! ***


October 1st means it's time for another Early Work Mercantile update too ~
to see my offerings and all of the other fine artisan's offerings as well!
I know I love seeing all of the beautiful goods made by these talented folks!
Come on over for a visit & support Folk Artists!!


and of course, my shameless friendly DAILY reminder to you all ~
PLEASE VOTE for Notforgotten Farm!!!
we now have over 10,000 votes ~ 
… but need LOTS more to win !!!!!!!!

please remember that when you vote for us = you are voting for yourself.
the American Dream coming true for us means that we can share more with you!
With your continued support, 
Peter, Hannah & I 
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making it more comfortable 
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we want you to be HAPPY when you visit us ~

so PLEASE continue to cast your SIX VOTES EVERYDAY for us…

Kindly click HERE to vote for Notforgotten Farm
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Have a beautifully creative day my friends ~
~ off to town today in this once-again rainy weather…

 {{ I think my toes have begun to web }}

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Anonymous said...

What stunning colors to your hooking…and hook! I hope to get back to my hooking one day. Voting is done for the day…I hope everyone who reads your daily blog votes 6 x's every day…it's close! And I fear will continue this way through October 19! Don't let a day go by without voting! Enjoy these last few golden days of September...

The Eveningstitcher said...

Love your new chair pad, Lori! After visiting the Pa-Dutch area...we saw a lot of hex signs...true in tradition, green and red seem to be their colors of choice way back when...I love your hook! I love that Peter drilled a hole in it so you could keep yours handy....mine is always dropping on the floor. I'll have to check out Larry's website! So excited about the rug hooking challenge...it's going to be fun!!!

Carol Barnes said...

Love your hook, some of my carving knives have the same handle, some browns and one with greens. Every time I try to vote it tells me "sorry, you are already logged in" and I can't get past that, I tried logging out and logging back in and the same msssage comes up every time.

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