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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chairpad Finish & WOOL!

Good Soggy Sunday Morning!
yep, rain again today ~ 
...and the ants have invaded our pantry.
went to get the honey for my tea and there they were ~
such funny little buggers ants are…they come in when there's no rain for a drink,
then they come in again when there's a lot of rain to get dry ~
oh well, hazards of old farmhouse living I guess…..

Yesterday I finished the chair pad I was working on:

thought I'd show you how I simply finish it…

after it has been steamed with a damp towel & hot iron,
and while it is still damp is when I like to bind it.

I cut to within about an inch of the last hooked row all the way 'round…

then I snip into the linen and turn the edge back ~

I like to use Valdani Pearl Cotton #8 for the stitching part,
it blends in well and is strong.

I also like to use binder clips to hold down the edge while I'm stitching it back.
these come in super-handy!

stitch up to the clip, then take the clip off :)

close-up of my needle and thread…
see how I turn the linen back super-close to the last hooked row for a nice clean edge?

…and all stitched:

love the colors of the mustard wools with my old blue chair, 
...don't you?

the wording on this rug has double-meaning:
the PA Germans have used this term, 'sit a spell' or 'sit before you go once' 
as meaning to stay & visit with them a while…

of course being the witch-y girl I am I like to think the term used otherwise ;)

and speaking of wool ~
had a customer email me & ask what color wools do I carry in the shop?
and I tried to tell her, 
~ but pictures work better…

lots of textured, as-is & off the bolts…
new hand dyeds from Blackberry Primitives too!

1/4 yds & 1/2 yd cuts ready for the picking and your next project ~

personally, when hooking my projects,
I like to use 90% of the textured/as-is wool 
… then throw in 10% of a hand dyed mix.

i think it gives my rugs instant primitive-ness. ~

I just drew up another chair pad to hook today…a geometric based on an antique motif.
I'll share my progress tomorrow….
and what's with all the chair pad-hooking?
well, I like to hook them ~ i have hooked & sold hundred of them in the past ~
they are fast, fun and small in size yet add lots of charm to a home…

not only to be used on a chair, but on a table or hung on a wall as well.
~ and yes, I use a round wooden hoop when I hook a chair pad ~ 
as opposed to my ©Hookinpunch Adjustable Gripper Frame.
{who is sitting here looking at me sadly empty….now I have to draw something to use on it. geeeez.}

sometimes ya just have to mix it up a bit :)

 and please don't forget….
today is day #7 in the 
~ Martha Stewart American Made Contest ~

Click HERE to vote for Notforgotten Farm today
remember too, that you can vote up to SIX {6!!!!} times EACH & EVERY DAY
from now until October 19th…

Last I checked, we were at 7,898 votes!

We appreciate each & every vote we receive from you, and also
THANK YOU to those dear friends who help spread the word about us on Facebook
and on their own personal blogs!

Hoping you all enjoy a wonderfully creative day my sweet friends ~

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Anonymous said...

Wow. I could spend all day, wool-gazing in your shop! Those woolens look great for appliqué, too! Don't forget that tonight's Harvest Moon is also a Super Moon and a Blood Moon (total eclipse!). Sounds as though the viewing won't be amenable to your area, but I'm sure there will be LOTS of photos out there for you to admire. Happy hooking, Lori!

NMK said...

Your shop looks so interesting !!!! The way you used the hooks to hold back the linen on your chair pad was a great idea ! Thanks for the instructions ! Your darling free-bee pattern would make a really cute chair pad too ! Time to Vote !!!!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I would love to spend a rainy day in your shop! So many goodies! I just voted and you are well over 8000 votes!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

What a lovely lot of fabric to choose from! Pity i'm in England! Thank you for showing us how you finish your seat pads off. I haven't tried rug hooking yet, but I am definitely getting the urge!

By the way, we read that ants won't cross a line of Bicarbonate of Soda (I think you call it Baking Powder?). We put a line of it on our doorstep and it worked fine!

Anonymous said...

Tansy and bay leaves, too, help to keep the little critters "at bay." :)

Ronda Tedder said...

Wonderful shop tour ... thanks for the tips on finishing your chair pad..clever!!

Silent Stitches said...

Good morning Lori,
Cute chair pad, nicely finished. The shop looks so cozy & warm.
...just voted and now making way out the garden for some much needed weeding. Have a great day!~C

PS *8443 votes, thus far!!!*

marie said...

I just voted and want to thank you for putting the link on your blog posts so I don't have to go hunting for you on the site. "Someday" I want to visit your shop---a very long, long road trip. I love the chair pad---what size is it?

Karen Budnick said...

I think I read somewhere that if you sprinkle Borax around the area the ants get in it gets rid of them without nasty poison. I'm knitting up a storm but need to get back to my hooking. Lovely wool!

Fran Caswell said...

I so wish I lived closer so I could visit your shop. I could spend the day poking through all of that goodnes!

Janine said...

Thanks for showing your process!! Why do you prefer to do the finishing while it is still damp? I like the simplicity of the finishing too. I just might have to try a chair pad now!

Jackie said...

Love the chair pad!

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