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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Folk Art & Tulips

Good Morning Folks

'tis a cold & wet morning here ~ but I'll not complain!
I don't have the snow that some of you have out there…
please know I'm keeping you all in my thoughts as you battle these storms.

since the weather has been so *blah*
I decided to brighten up our farmhouse with my favorite flower ~

(oh how i love them)

my tulips reaching for a beloved early sampler...

they cheer me up and make me smile ~

a little bright-spot on the old cupboard top

 They looked so pretty there, 
...that I had to bring in a few more 'Spring-y' things...

a basketful of Spring

I love rabbits, bunnies & hares too ~
so I had to include this old fella in the basket of old garden tools…

Tulips have always played a major role in my decor and designing…
I am always inspired by them
 and love their simple, 
elegant form.

quiet corner of the keeping room

 I'm sure you've seen this hanging cupboard below
 in my previous postings,

... but it is my pride & joy ~

L O V E 

... the deeply carved tulip motif 
and the blue paint keep me swooning…

I truly admire good Folk Art like this ~

and you all know by now
 how tulips find their way 
~ into my needlework & folk art…

coxcomb & tulip ~ punch needle

tending the tulip pocket ~ embroidery

bold folk tulip ~ rug hooking

tulip flax comb ~ wood working

an older drawing of 2 crows on a tulip tree ~

I guess my PA German roots must whisper to me when designing,
the Tulip motif plays a very important role in the history of the Pennsylvania German people

...the Tulip symbolizes faith, trust, charity and trust in mankind (humankind)
it has been carved onto headstones, used in baptismal ceremonies and weddings ~

it is frequently found in ancient fraktur-work and needlework of the "Plain Folk" of Pennsylvania, and thought to represent the Trinity (three pointed tulip) ~

I simply find joy in the flower ~

I hope you all find a little joy today where you are!!!

* Blessed be * 


Michele Hebson said...

A splash of color can turn any blah around. Beautiful settings.

chickenchupacabra said...

I always look forward to visiting your blog, but your colorful tulip-themed pics were a beautiful feast for my eyes this a.m. & a wonderful warm contrast to what I see out my window right now! Thank you!

summersundays-jw said...

Love these pictures! Can I share one on FB if I give you credit? Stay warm!!!! Jan

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Thank you for sharing!
(I have that same Arnold print works bunny! I love him!) I too love tulips . . . such a simple bit of beauty.
May your day be joyous!
(More snow here!)

Mary said...

I am with you favorite flower is the tulip. Once they start appearing in store I buy a bunch each week. They always last the week too, a bit faded but still. My husband learned years ago no roses for me just a bunch of tulips. I have a set of nesting bowls with tulips,from PA. they are a favorite, I should start looking for my tulip motifs items.

linda56 said...

love your eye for design.....I so enjoy coming to your blog everyday to see you.....tulips have always been a favo of mine too.....that basket of garden tools with the bunny.....just delightful....thanks for sharing your home with us all....and thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.....sometimes I just want to give up....because of lack of comments.....but then I think there are some folks who are just shy....and would miss me....

NMK said...

Love your touches of Spring ! Your blue cupboard is Gorgeous !!! When we get plowed out , I'm going to look for Tulips !!! It is a winter wonderland here....

Martha Doe said...

Good morning Lori! Your tulips certainly brighten up the all of them!<3


Jane said...

Your tulips DO brighten up this drippy, gray day! I just hope we keep dodging those snow storms.

Penny said...

I was very excited to see tulips in the grocery store yesterday, as I shopped for necessities before the arrival of our latest storm! It is now snowing, sleeting, and icing down upon us... ugh...enough already!
I loved seeing your pitcher of beautiful flowers, and I think I will take a cue from you and some of your posters and buy a bunch of tulips each week!! TFS!!

Raymond Homestead said...

Love your springy displays, pretty tulips!

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Tried to get back with you. Sent another email too.
Lovely post.
Bonnie from Iowa

jennifer768 said...

Lovely touches of Spring! I think we all are ready for warmer days.Love that blue cupboard.Hugs,Jen


Now following your BEAUTIFUL blog! Thanks for stopping by The Farmhouse Porch!


prims by olde lady morgan said...

oh my! Love your pictures, I am ready for a pop of color!!! We have had over 58 inches of snow this year... and cold, oh so cold! OLM

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

We 've been thinking the same thing Lori! I have a bunch of red tulips in an old milk jug on the table in my great room. They sure do perk me up on such a cold snowy day as we are having here in the north.

TeresaM said...

Everything looks beautiful Lori!!! I love love love the cupboard! Dreaming Spring!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The picture of the two crows and tulip would make a lovely cross stitch design.

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