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Monday, February 3, 2014

Patiently Waiting…..

The weather yesterday was such a tease ~
it was in the mid 60's…sunny with a warm breeze.

I could smell Spring in the air!!

I headed outside to snap a few photos of the morning ~
and everything I caught with my camera lens seemed to be waiting patently (or not)
 for Spring to come…

sleepy squirrel sitting on a vine out my kitchen window ~

a closer shot of monsieur squirrel dozing in the beautiful breeze…
waiting for spring to arrive.

he heard me and quickly scampered up into the tree, still groggy :)

our tangled, ancient persimmon tree creating a beautiful silhouette
against a bright blue sky:

the donkeys cannot wait to taste them again...

 I caught a FABulous shot of mr. bluebird 
 ~ pulling up a worm!!!

very dapper & spring-like in his little blue vest and red shirt with white cummerbund...

while mrs. bluebird waits for her share of the meal a nearby black walnut tree ~

hello pretty!

~  there is one thing we are NOT waiting patently for though…
Minew's KITTENS!!!!

~ fat belly ~
she'll be a good little momma-cat!

…and I wonder what this guy is waiting for?
a field mouse?
... tiny sparrow?
 I can't stand to think about that, 
but mother nature knows what she is doing…

beautiful red tailed hawk sitting on the same vine outside my kitchen window ~
AFTER the squirrel heeded for cover of course!

and since you've all been so patient with me,
... here are a couple snaps of the bathroom curtains:

simple, bright & cozy

 I love coming in here each morning 
...and swinging open the curtains!

today is dark and rainy, chilly again too ~ the light isn't what it was yesterday
when I SHOUD have taken the photos instead ;)

fully swung-open

 Peter & I found these beautiful early cobalt blue cut-glass knobs at
 Lou's Antiques Mall here in Amherst, VA
 ~ so pretty when the sun hits them!

love blue glass ~ have dug up a few old Vicks Vaporub bottles here on the property,
...and they are housed in the oak medicine cabinet you see in the previous pic above...

 we found a neat reproduction toilet tissue holder on ebay ~
you can visit their website at
this will fit in nicely with the antique fixtures we have in there now.

"La Premier Toilet Fixture"

 for now, until Peter installs it, 
we are keeping the roll in an early grey enamel childs' potty…
perfect fit!

awesome colors!
but here is where it will reside
to hold the spare roll….

under the 'dry' sink!
I do not want to clutter this room up ever again…
the light & antique 'feel' this room has now just sings to me ~
only a few chosen pieces will be in here now,
like the old hog scraper candlestick and
the neutral-colored hooked wool mat on the back of the tank that I purchased from
my friend Sherry


visit Sherry's blog for links to where she sells her beautiful handwork ~

I think I will just enjoy the rain today…
...the comforting sound of it on our tin roof.
next to the wood stove ~ cat on lap & stitching in hand ~

I'm working on a few designs for upcoming 
Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine patterns

Hoping you all have a peaceful, creative day!!

* Blessed be *


Mary said...

Beautiful redo, Those curtains are great. Keeping it simple is always difficult...somehow it just happens to clutter and you don't even notice. I love the look now.Well done to both of you.

SewAmy said...

Oh my, your bathroom turned out so cute. Love those swinging cutter rods. What a great shot of the Bluebird with the worm! Bluebirds are one of my favorite.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

How beautiful your bath turned out!! I'd have a difficult time leaving the peacefulness ;-)
60 degrees . . . Oh how I long for such temps, but in Ohio we must be patient!

Enjoy your day,

susiedele said...

The bluebird and worm picture is a prize winner.
Love your bath redo. Those swing rods were a smashing find.

Jacqueline said...

Your bath redo is great. Love it all. Thanks for sharing, now how about sharing some of those warm us here in No. Ohio.

Jane said...

All of your pictures tell a story. I especially love the bluebirds and hawk. Your new bathroom really turned out lovely. You gave me the idea to hook a piece for the top of my toilet tank!

From Sherry's Heart said...

The bathroom looks WONDERFUL!!!!
So fresh & clean!!
As I was enjoying looking at the pictures,in the back of my mind,I was wondering if my hooked windowsill rug was going to make the cut,since I knew that you had originally bought it for your bathroom. AND WOOP there it is!!!
Really warmed my heart!!!!!

backporchcarver said...

Love all the little details in the bathroom, it is a very peaceful room. I have a new rule in my house this year of the unclutter! One thing comes thing goes out. Such great timeing with the bluebird and the worm.Perfect spring picture.

Orange Sink said...

BEAUTIFUL bath!! It sings of peaceful feelings and rest! All the little details like the blue glass knobs, the swinging rods and the little baby potty are so perfect! Enjoy a long leisurely soak every evenin' now!! You've earned every moment!!
Cathy G

Jeanne said...

Beautiful all the changes you made. The lighter colors look wonderful.

HomeSpunPrims said...

Your bathroom turned out so beautiful Lori! I love everything. Thank you for showing us. All your little touches are perfect. Sherry's rug looks great with the candle stick. Hugs, Lori

linda56 said...

just came in from the have a little yogurt.....and what a treat to see your finished everything you feels so light and did a great job with your hubby renewing the space....

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The photos of the blue bird are wonderful.Such a gorgeous specimen.
The finishing touches in the bathroom are just the cat's meow. And speaking of cats can't wait for pics of those little sweeties hiding in that belly.
Susan x

NMK said...

Love your bathroom ! The curtains are so nice, all the little details, look great. What an amazing picture of the Blue Bird catching a worm !!! It was 50 degrees here yesterday, but today it has been snowing all day long & more snow on it's way for Wednesday.....I am tired of Winter !

Jennifer M said...

Lori thank you for the beautiful pictures of your world, always enjoy them. We live in a historic stone house and two years ago finished our bedroom. We also put wrought iron swinging curtain rods in there, my husbands idea-LOVE IT!

bob robert said...

Perfection! You got a beautiful shot of the bluebird. And I would keep the toilet tissue in the child's potty. Very cute.Roann

Anonymous said...

Wonderful redo! I absolutely love the curtain material. And your antique necessaries are just perfect. I have to redo my bath and have white wainscoting and been pondering colors to go with white appliances, lol. Just a perfect redo for the farm house!

Saundra said...

What beautiful pictures you captured of the habitat. There are a few red tailed hawks in my wooded area and hate when they visit my yard. They are beautiful but like you don't want to think about it.

Love your bath redo and curtain rods ROCK!


Lee said...

Lori, again I love your pictures. Your bathroom is everything you hoped it would be.
Request: Design an embroidery piece with a squirrel. sweet little bluebird and your persimmon tree……….no hurry! It's just Lee from North Carolina. lol

dogwoodfarm said...

Lori, love your bathroom! The sink was such a great idea
and the curtains are just perfect!

Kathleen Woodbury said...

Oh, Lori! Your pics give us hope that spring will be here sooner rather than later! Love your bath redo, the yummy creamy color, the drysink, the antique curtain rods, the curtain fabric, the hooked mat and candle, even the vintage hooked rug, and then that awesome pop of cobalt blue in those glorious knobs! Kudos to you and Peter, what a team!

gabri said...

Hello I love your blog very I love nature animals and simple life!!I live in a small country village in Italia...I'll be happy if you visit me in my blog!!see you soon

Mugwump Woolies said...

Your bathroom is wonderful! Once again Team Brechlin works their magic and the result is lovely.

Sharon/primthyme said...

Beautiful pictures ,
love it all !!

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