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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Morning Musings ~

Happy Thursday!

cloudy, overcast & damp ~
that's what we're having here at the farm today…

when winter weather strikes
 (and believe me, I'm happy it hasn't really 'struck' here in VA)
it seems like we all turn our thoughts to 

how we can change it up, move it around, decorate it differently ~
adding to our collections or creating new ones…
and home-inspired/decorating blogs are a perfect choice for me!
{ You'll see I've added a few new ones to my bloglist }

from our cozy chairs, 
we can peruse seed & garden catalogs 
and dream of the 'perfect' cottage garden outside our kitchen door.

"hmm…perhaps I'll grow english catmint this year?"

from our chairs we watch out our windows for changes in our scenery…
waiting for tiny buds and sprouts
and watching the wildlife ~

out my pantry window

….waiting for signs….

 sometimes the wildlife is closer than we know~
like this fella who was visiting our woodpile on the farmhouse porch yesterday…


looks like he might have fleas….
...but I love him nonetheless.

when I really want to be inspired 
and see what's trending out there in the Big World,
I turn to my favorite magazines:

artful blogging ~ art doll ~ where women create


fela market decor ~ mollie makes ~ country living

 and if you haven't seen these yet, I highly recommend
the two books below:

amy barickman's vintage notions ~ & ~ yoko saito's japanese quilting
((((in fact, I am now obsessed with Japanese quilting, 
and in particular, the work of Yoko Saito))))

I've been working a bit myself,
on deadlines and new projects ~ 
new patterns to come
new finished goods for the 
VA Rug Fest
& our
Spring Open House
(info on these on my sidebar)

a snippet of snippets...

ONE of my stitching chairs….

Hoping your day is full of inspiration ~
wherever you may find it!

* Blessed be *


Bittersweetfolkart said...

Kitty looks very comfy there .
Yes so thankful we have not had the bad weather most people have .
Can't wait to see your
new creations ~
~ xx

Doreen said...

GOOD morning Lori. What a lovely post this morning. So cozy and comforting. I have never seen Japanese quilting before but now that I have..OH MY GOODNESS!!! I WANT that bag on the front cover!!!

Such wonderful photo's. Don't you just love the squirrels...as destructive as they can be, there sweet little faces always steal your heart.

Wishing you a cozy and wonderful day, doreen

susiedele said...

Good mornin', Lori...I love the Yoko Saito style, too. I don't have that book but I have a couple others. My favorite is 'Houses Houses Houses' I actually found it on eBay written in English.
I found a great source for the yarn dyed fabrics that she uses, too. It's online called 'One World Fabrics'. I've ordered from there a few times and got great service.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Good morning . . . from very white tho sunny Ohio!
Days here too are made for perusing books and magazines. I'm deep into Fraktur books . . . and a few others that have been dear to my heart forever..... namely "Labors Of Love" . . . (I think you have that one too! As much as I love the old . . . I too love Yoko Saito's style . . . it's so earthy!
Enjoy your days and let the inspiration shine!

Nancy Bauer said...

You voiced my very thoughts Lori! And I love Yoko Saito's work, I just had to get the good Woolwork as I saw the Seasonal Quilt in MJFarm magazine in an ad and knew I had to tackle that one! Enjoy your spring dreaming and your tulips too :)

Nancy Bauer said...

book! crazy spell check!

Melody said...

Thanks for sharing. I didn't know there was a publication The Art of Blogging... I will have to look for it!

linda56 said...

hi lori.....we are having a little of that cold weather down here too...so off to shop I go.....I am going to look for some of those mag's while I am out....the art of blogging looks interesting to me....my country living will be waiting for me when I get home....I am so intrigued with the quilting book.....it look interesting....as always....I so enjoy your blog.....thanks for brightening my day each day

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Your views out your windows remind of my home.
Even though we are states apart.
We have a cabin in the woods with lots of wildlife here in Iowa.
I find these cold winters days have me cross stitching much by the warm wood stove.

Lizzy said...

It's always fun to visit and "see" what you are up to and what might be on your mind. Thanks for sharing.

matty said...

Hasn't it been the winter for redecorating?? I think it is the cold; I am longing for warmer colours and snugger arrangements in my house... I am over the moon today! I have admired your "fill lamp" that appears in many of your photos for a looooonnnngggg time, but the only one I found was at PB... beyond my means (lamp.. fiber... lamp... fiber always trumps..) Anyhow, I found one at Home Goods! It is now filled with birds' nests and teeny tiny eggs (from the hens) and shells found on walks..

Can't wait to see you at Rug Fest!

Heidi Steiner said...

Happy Friday to you Lori~
I love saving "you" for the end of the week, like catching up with friends, reading what's happening in your corner of the world. As always the photos of your work and home are lovely.
Enjoy a great weekend.

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