Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

Our Needlework Shop & Studio
is located here at our farm:
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, Virginia 24521
ph. 434-263-6508
email ~

Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

Our ETSY Shop is Always Open!
visit our Etsy Shop by clicking on any one of the thumbnail photos below or going to

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hello Folks!!!

just taking a minute here to say
that Ill be heading back to VA in the morning...
(Thursday, bright & early)

I've had a great time here in CT and will post all about it, including pictures,
when I return and get settled....

Lots to share!

right now, I'm pooped....
I now need to go home & rest up from my vacation!
I can't wait to get back to my normal routine and get the shop back open again...
(opening back up on July 9th)

See you all soon!

Blessings from the Farm,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Beautiful Friend....

came over today,..

we wanted to see each other before I leave tomorrow...

I love Robin...
she's Grounded, Down-to-Earth and No Nonsense,.

(well, maybe a little nonsensical!!)

..She and her husband Lee have become very dear friends to us and we enjoy spending time together...
They just came back from their vacation
...somewhere in the Dominican.,..Punta...???
and I'm so happy they had the chance to go...
(happier still that they're home safely!!)
She gifted me today, with this stunning necklace (and matching earrings)...
she said the name of the stone is Luaramar (sp?)
all I know is it is beautiful,
as is She...
Thank You My FRIEND~
Love you!!!

Blessings from the Farm,

Gathering Threads....

...and linens, and needles, books, charts, etc...
I can't possibly spend time on vacation without the things I love most!

some folks bring their favorite pillows with them when they go away~
oh...I bring my favorite scissors...
about 6 pair.
(we've talked about this "scissor" problem I have before, remember?)
and I bring enough linen to blanket a king-sized bed...
I don't know why.
"...just in case...."
I'm also hoping to get to a couple of needlework shops in CT, perhaps MASS. too~
I'll take pics of them for you!

Mom's 80th birthday will be on June 30th...but we'll be celebrating it on the 29th,
with a gathering of my siblings, nieces & nephews.
on the 30th, we'll head up to Mystic, CT to the aquarium...
...maybe the seaport.

again I'll take pics for you...

Blessings from the Farm,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Very Nice Phone Call....

"Elvira Platt Sampler"
in private collection~ (C) L. Brechlin~ Notforgotten Farm

I received a nice phone call this aft from Tess Rosch,
Publisher for Early American Life Magazine...

we discussed my recent email to the editor of EAL mag,
regarding the acceptance of cross stitch samplers
into their craftspersons directory...
She explained to me, that although they do accept samplers,
there hasn't been any submissions for them as-of-late...
hence, the absence of them in the directory.
I did remind her that a few years ago,
there was an announcement stating that cross stitch samplers
would no longer be included in the directory, and she said that was a snafu...
that they include them in the Textiles category.
She encouraged & advised me to submit my samplers,
and I am thrilled!!
I will be creating some special works in linen & thread for next years Directory,
as I have just missed out on this years' deadline...

Tess is a very kind & professional Lady,
one who works hard at what she does
... to bring the best of Early America to us all.

Thank You Tess!
and my thanks to all of you
who responded with your comments and/or emails!!

Blessings from the Farm,

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Fair Question??

I know, 2 posts in one day ~
lucky you! LOL

I just received my August 2010 issue of Early American Life magazine.
it has the Directory of Traditional Crafts in it & it is just beautiful...
but I can't help but wonder why they still don't include cross stitch samplers in it anymore...
so I sent the editors this letter:

Remind me again why your magazine chooses not to consider reproduction Cross Stitch Samplers in your Directory of Traditional Crafts? ~ I am a long-time reader, and enjoy every issue...especially the fact, it was one Cross Stitch Sampler alone, that was shown in your Directory, that started me on my sampler-making journey...I am now a designer of reproduction 18th and 19th century schoolgirl styled cross stitch samplers and needlework samplers.Your current issue (Aug. 2010) has many talented folks in the Directory, and you include many makers of hooked rugs in the Textiles/Rugs/Needlework catagory, but not Cross Stitch state on page 51 that: "For twenty five years EAL has celebrated the handcraftmanship of traditional artisans working in period media and styles"...and..."Whether creating skilled reproductions of exsisting antique masterpieces or artistic interpretations of authenticated early forms, all Directory artisans bring tradional materials, methods and sensibilities to their work."Why then, not Cross Stitch Samplers, when you also include in said same category, makers of miniature punch needle embroidery?I would love to be clued-in...even better, I would love the chance to submit some of my works to be included in your Directory...after all, women and girls learned to write, spell and create beautiful works of art by working on their cross stitch samplers...Please reconsider adding reproduction/original Cross Stitch Samplers back into your categories?
Do any of you out there feel this same way?
let me know your thoughts please...
or, send them a letter too!
..maybe together we can be the change we want to see happen!
Blessings from the Farm,

the Summer Solstice & Samplers....

Today marks the turning of the Wheel...
a day when the Oak King passes his charge over to the Holly King.
and it is also the longest day of the year....
...soon enough we will begin to see our days growing shorter,
and subtle changes occuring in weather patterns and in Nature itself...

We will ready our homes and fill our larders with our Summer's Harvest!!
I am an Autumn Folk~
I love the changing seasons and welcome Fall with open arms...
even though we have weeks of hazy, hot & humid to go!!!
I'll be leaving for CT on thursday and can't wait...
New England
will always hold my Heart.
(as much as I do love my Southern Farmhouse & surroundings)

above is the
John Whittlesley House
located in Old Saybrook, CT~

It houses the Huber Gallery of Girlhood Embroidery
...and I'm hoping to get an appt. with the Hubers to see all of the wonderful,
early samplers and needlework
(you can visit them online at

Blessings from the Farm,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

wishing all of the dad's out there the
Happiest Father's Day!!!
Blessings from the Farm,

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I was out walking near our vegetable garden this morning,
and just had to take a snap of our beautiful
'volunteer' sunflower...
... we didn't plant it,
perhaps it was a sweet little gift dropped
from a tiny bird
earlier this spring?

the plant stands almost as tall as I...
which is 3 inches short of 6 feet
...and has many little heads on it.
the biggest head is larger than one of my dinner plates!
I can't wait to dry them and string them onto a wired garland in the fall...
~that is, unless said tiny bird comes back to reclaim it!
as I was walking,
(barefooted, mind you)
this visitor came slithering about....
out of my wild-flower patch.

I am not afraid of snakes...not one bit.
in fact, it's my dear husband who
screams like a little girl when he sees one...
I am the one who grabs them and carries them off to the woods
to remove them from the barnyard...

this one is also just shy of about 6ft. long...
...a little female, looking for a fresh chicken-egg.

I called out to Peter to tell him it was here,
...but forgot that Lazy, our Black Lab/Beagle mix
(affectionately know as a Bleagle)
understands English
and knows the word "SNAKE" very well indeed.

so he comes running to the 'rescue' everytime.

Good Boy.

where's Buddy?
(our now monstrous 218lb. Great Pyrenes)
well...he's under the front porch.
observing from afar.
just in case Lazy needs back-up.

Good Boy.

Hoping your day is full of little surprises!
Blessings from the Farm,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Things:

Hannah & I left this morning heading towards C'ville
(Charlottesville, VA)
we needed to get some things for our trip to CT next week...
how convenient for us,
that the Covesville Antiques Store
is right on the way!!!
Of course, we had to stop.
just wouldn't be right if we didn't!
Here are a few Good Things that I purchased:
this beautiful old SPICES measure
with zinc band on it's bottom...
(love it!)
it's approx. 12" round.

this great pantry jar with white enamel lid...
bubble-y glass & old!

an OLD rug hook ~
well-worn, and is rusty...
the handle is worn smooth-as-satin...
BIG cha-ching!!

and, this Commode Chair~
Late 1800's, complete with a grey-graniteware pot...
(i've been wanting one of these for a long time!)
{$45.00 BUT I talked him down to 30.00}

for a grand total of:
not a bad haul, huh?
I can't wait to get to CT to my old Antiques haunts...
I just know there are many more
Good Things
to come...

Blessings from the Farm,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back at it....

Well I think I have enough things for the show in July...
I am one that worries less about the amount of goods to be sold,
than the quality of the goods themselves!
so I have some hooked pieces,
some stitched pieces...a doll or two ~
and some sweet antiques to accompany them all.
& since I'm at the point where I'm pleased with the amount of goods that I'll be offering,
that now leaves me more time to work on my sampler designs....
Below is my
Witch's Garden Sampler
in progress...

I have been asked many times,
by customers & friends ~
to make patterns of finished samplers that I've sold
in the past, and that are now in private collections...
I am happy to report that I will be doing just that...
I've already started charting the designs
...and will have them available for purchase sometime in July
some of my past works include:
"Azaiha Nye"
"Abigail Pruitt"
and "Elvira Platt",
to name just a few...
some will be 'everyday' designs,
...others are Hallowe'en/Autumn samplers....
So sharpen your needles, gather your threads
and fluff your stitching chair pillows...
this will be a fun experience for me,
...and I hope for you too!
Blessings from the Farm,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The ZEN of Lawncare....

This is a long post with no pictures...
and really, I don't know why I'm writing it, but here goes:
When I was a newlywed,
Peter & I owned a 1/4 acre lot in the heart of Stratford, CT.
a small town, and an even smaller parcel of 'land' for us ~
but it was ours, nonetheless.
I was working full-time in the Dental Profession,
and usually had wednesdays, saturdays & sundays off.
Saturdays was spent doing yardwork,
which contisted of cutting the grass with a push mower.
(not a big yard, remember?) then, sweeping the driveway.
that's it. 20 minutes later and it was
because of the push mower,
I was in tip-top shape,
tall and sleek with muscular arms and a killer tan!
When we became pregnant with Hannah, I could no longer use the push mower,
so we purchased our first-ever electric mower.
{{I was skeered to death I'd run over the cord and electrocute myself...}}
I used that mower for years, before we moved to Guilford, CT,
...where we then had 4 acres of property.
a HUGE difference in the size of our lawn, and of course,
now the cord wasn't long enough on the old electric mower
~ LOL!!!
so we purchased a gas-powered mower.
{{I was skeered to death I'd be blown to smithereens
and ruined my right rotor-cuff pulling the start-cord..}}
I would start first in the front yard and make my way onto the back...
neat, straight lines of alternating swaths that would rival any golf course green...
ah, yes...I was a professional.
my pride in my lawn overtook my common sense and I would find myself cutting it 2 times a week, needing that 'make-your-neighbors-green-with-envy' lawn...
and they were.
The neighborhood husbands would make remarks about MY lawn to their wives,
and I would get punished for it....
not being invited to the next Princess House Party.
(oh how tragic.)

So I gradually had to wean myself from the OCD that had overtaken me.
I had to let that lawn grow....

Little-by-little, my senses regained and I could face the wives at the school bus-stop again.
but I was no longer a friend of the husbands....
...I was shunned at picnics at snickered at behind cold cans of Bud Lite.
(oh well)
Skipping ahead to the present,
being here in VA and owning about 85 acres
(with 6 of it needing lawn-care of some-sort)
I have lessened my compulsion to cutting the grass
....every week whether it needs it or not.

Of course, we needed and purchased our first-ever ride-on mower
{{I was skeered to death I'd hit a bump, fall off and cut off my own legs}}
but I challenged myself to learn to drive it.
and I did.
the first time I was to cut the grass,
I whizzed around the yard like Mrs. Pac-man on LSD...
No control. No rhyme or reason.
my lawn looked like some maniacal-maze out of Stephen King's 'The Shining'.
I hit every rock, stick and stone that I thought i picked up...
I worried endlessly that I would 'shoot' someone
(dog, sheep,...chicken)
with something i ran over,
so I spent more time picking through the grass than I did cutting it....
(ah yes, another obsession hits.)
it takes me about 2 hours to cut all of my grass here at the farm.
I don't go to the extreme anymore, (lessons learned...)
my lawn now looks perfect to me, no matter what it may look like to others.
it has dandelions, clover and buttercups growing happily in it.
~ the edges are long and uneven and I love it.
the time spent on my mower helps me to think, unwind and dream...
2 hours to myself, smelling the sweet-grass
...and figuring up new ideas for blog posts.

as of late, the weather hasn't permitted me to cut my grass at all.
it has been too muggy, too hot, too sunny, too wet...

....oh who am I kidding?
I'll cut grass in 6 inches of snow!!!
Hoping you all have a beautiful day,
get outside, get some sun (or rain, or humidity) but get some fresh air...
Blessings from the Farm,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New prints in my Etsy shop!!

Good Morning Folks!

well I've been hooking so much lately that I needed a break from the wools,
so I gathered up my watercolors and created a bunch of original portraits and landscapes...

...they will each be framed and for sale at the
Summer in the Valley show
in July...
(link on my sidebar)

but to be fair to all, I've added limited edition, signed prints to my etsy shop:

please come for a visit when you can & let me know what you think?
(I'm in the process of uploading items, so please check back often)

Blessings from the Farm,

Monday, June 14, 2010

Star Spangled....

It was on June 14th, 1777...
that Congress standardized the flag of the United States
with 13 stripes in alternating red and white
and 13 white stars on a blue background...
Forty-one years later,
in 1818, Congress voted to keep
the number of stripes at 13 representing
the original 13 colonies,
...but to add a new star for each new state.
A star's addition becomes official
on the Fourth of July
following the state's admission....

Our current flag of 13 stripes and 50 stars
has been in use since July 4th, 1960~
following Hawaii's 1959 statehood.
"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth"
~Geo. Washington
"Flag of the Brave! thy folds shall fly,
The sign of Hope and Triumph High.."
~Jos. Drake
"A ray of Bright Glory now beams from afar,
The American ensign now sparkels a star,
Which shall shortly flame wide through All the skies"
~ Massachusetts Spy, May 10th, 1774
"Fling out! fling out, with cheer & shout!
to all the Winds our Country's Banner!
Be every bar, and every star
Displayed in full and glorious manner!"
~Abh. Coles
"The United States themselves...
are essentially
the Greatest Poem..."
~Walt Whitman
...remember to respect our flag,
by never letting it touch the ground,
don't fly it at night unless illuminated,
and take indoors during inclement weather....
Happy Flag Day Everyone!!
Blessings from the Farm,


Saturday, June 12, 2010


I meant to say...

our first-cut of the year...
a nice yield of smaller bales
{easier for me to lift}
{a candid pic of my hubster loving on his beloved Donkeys}

Peter woke up about 5:30 this morning
and headed out to the big field to gather the bales...
He works so hard for us.
I still can't believe that we two "city folk"
live such a wonderful life here on our farm...
when we moved here we had no experience
or knowledge of farming or raising farm animals...
but thanks to the kind help of freinds and neighbors, and Peter's diligence,
we now live our dream....

It is now 9:17 a.m. ~
I just made him farm-fresh eggs and coffee.
He'll finish up and then start on another project I'm sure!!
{we just never know what that might be!}
Hoping you all have a beautiful weekend spent with those you love!
Blessings from the Farm,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Searching for Tombstone Rugs...

I want to hook a larger (for me) rug
depicting some graveyard art,
or tombtone carvings...
I have my preliminary sketch all finished, but I am looking for pictures of already hooked rugs depicting graveyard art, tombstones, headstones, etc...
Does anyone out there have any pics, or know where I could find them?
below is a rug hooked in 1997 by Gail F. Horton to give you an idea of what I'm looking for...
if you do, please email me at

I have had some help though...
suzy insists on using Google for eveything.
who knows?
maybe she'll find something for me!
Blessings from the Farm,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Purses & Possums

Good Morning!
it is a WONDERFUL, Beautiful day here on the farm!!
high & dry weather, pale blue skies....
I'm working on this little hooked flag, that will become a purse
and be offered on ebay later this will be lined and have a strap...
perfect for picnincs or parades!
for holding baby Opossums!!!

here are my littles,
all snugged up in their box~
complete with their very own, handmade pouch
(from WOOL, of course)

They are eating their breakfast in the pic below...
a good start to the day with hard-boiled eggs, red grapes and fresh water.

they are getting so big!
see the white 'hair' on their backs?
those are called guard-hairs,...
you can tell they're healthy by the condition of their coats...
shiny & soft!!!

I cleaned their box yesterday and gave them fresh cut grass & hay...
oh boy!
they go crazy for fresh grass
(especially if there's some clover in there!!)
they make a little noise that sounds like a whispered-chirp...
"CHhhhttt CHHhhht"
I love them....
well,, I'm off to finish this hooking to get it up there on ebay!
Have a *SPARKLING* day everyone!!

Blessings from the Farm,

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ninety - Eight - Percent

I only have a few more things that I'd like to do
...before this room is completely finished:

#1 Stencil along the top or the walls around the entire room,
#2 Change out the hanging lamp in the middle of the room,
and #3 maybe get a new cupboard for my wools...
I have plenty of bookshelves that Peter has built for me over the years,
that i use for my books, magazines and storage baskets...but I get tired of looking at them,
So as you can see in the pic below, I've taken some blue & cream homespun
and curtained them off...

The pic above also shows my reclaimed blue chair that I hook & stitch in...
it is comfy, but ugly!!
so, I covered the seat & back with an old burlap sack...
{{appropriate for a hooking room, no?}} LOL :)
I also made little cafe valances from that same blue & cream homespun
and hung my favorite muslin fishtail swags above...
in the pic below you can see my desk/work table...
I totally de-cluttered it down to the basics and I LOVE it...

...remember that yellow lamp?
it is now matte black...
love how the light peeks out from the punched-tin
(yes, I will HIDE those tangled cords behind my desk...hate seeing them, sorry!)
and below is the 'busy' corner...
where I store just some of my collection of OLD Country Living mags,
hooking books, quilting books, and of course, a tiny bit of my ginormous stash of wools~

I collect antique wooden sewing hoops and old frames
so I put them up as wall-art to catch ever-changing displays...

and of course,
I must have over 100 of them and I swear I use them all...
they hold WIP's and UFO's, threads, wool worms, fabric, raw sheeps wool...etc.

It is to the point that I can relax and breathe now when I enter the room,
which, btw, is open to the stairwell...
I yet have to drape an old quilt on the railing
and hang another on the wall, but that will come...
and I'll share more pics of the progress.

Hope you like the 'new' look !!!

On a sad little note,
our baby white peacock has died...
not sure why, but I found him this morning.
It did get chilly last night, but he was under a heat lamp
and all of the other babies fared well...
I don't know if perhaps because he was white, maybe he had bad genes?
maybe he was just weak...but we will miss his little face and coo-ing sound...
poor little thing.
we do have another brown baby peacock,
...and another hatching as we speak...

I'll post pics of them & the Opossums tomorrow
...along with a rug that I'm working on!

Blessings from the Farm,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting there....

I have been working away on the studio ~
...and am finally getting it to look like the rest of the house...
I hung my wonderful rug hooked by
Jill Peterson
(Frontier Homestead/A Simple Life magazine)
and I already know it will be a constant source
of inspiration to me here in this room.
and of course, as I cleaned the room,
there was some other cleaning going on as well....
This is Suzy, my cohort and shadow.
she is NEVER far from my side,
and whatever it is i might be doing at any given moment,
she makes sure she is involved in some way...
here she found a pile of old burlap grain sacks nest upon and give herself a bath...
I will be folding and placing my wools and fabrics in an open cupboard,
and she will think that I love her SO much, that I did that just for her...
{{{well, maybe I did}}}
I'll post pics of the finished room tomorrow!!!
have a beautiful Sunday my Friends!!

Blessings from the Farm,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Studio Redux ~

Drastic times call for drastic measures...

I shudder when I think of it !!

I have been working in a mess for the past couple of months...

and I just can't stand it ANY longer!

you know how we get,
when we're in a creative frenzy...
...things land where they're thrown..

piles of fabrics here,
baskets of "stuff" there.

Besides that,
I had 'lost' myself in decorating....
the room just didn't fit into my little prim farmhouse anylonger.

it was becoming a bit 'frou-frou' and it made me cringe everytime I entered it to work!

I bit the bullet.
Took the plunge.
Forged ahead.
Dared to go where no woman has gone.....
I'm totally redoing my studio.
I'll share more pics of the 'finish' later...
keep your eye on that yellow lamp
in the second picture from the top....
it's on a tall bookshelf towards the back of the room.
Blessings from the Farm,

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Brood...

Here's what the inside of our incubator looks like !!
a little army of eggs waiting to hatch..
you can see the one in the front is pecking his (her?) way out...
and you guessed it,
it's another peacock!

the larger eggs in there are peacock eggs,
...I think we have seven.
the rest of the eggs are a mix of our banty's, aracauna and barn-yard mix...
we never know who will pop out!!

above is our little white peacock baby...
(looks just like a chicken, no?)
until you pick him up and out comes
"road-runner" legs and a "giraffe" neck!

he is so cute, and makes the cutest cooing sounds...
even the one in the process of hatching makes cooing sounds!

I'll share more picks of the hatchling's progress...

Wishing you a COOL day
{{with plenty of homemade lemonade & choclate chip cookies!!}}
Blessings from the Farm,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

They're Here!!!

Two New Pattern Books from
Notforgotten Farm
"Harvest of Primitives"
"A Winter's Walk..."
both will be available this early evening on my ebay & etsy pages...
(Links on my sidebar to your right)

$20.00 each
Both books contain 10 Original designs to hook, stitch or punch
For those that have already Pre-Ordered,
Your books have been mailed out!!!
{{thanks SO much!!}}

For those that would like to place an order here,
kindly email me at
Shipping is $4.95 for 1 or 2 books
(flat rate priority mail)
my Paypal address is
or please make check/mo to:
Lori Brechlin
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, VA 24521
I'll be taking orders up until the 18th of June~
...all orders will ship in order of how they were received...
any orders/purchases placed after June 18th will not be shipped until July 12th
as I will be in CT.
Thanks, my friends...
Blessings from the Farm,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cats & Flowers...

Good Morning Folks!!!
it is going to be a hot one today...
we are expecting 90 degrees & humid,
so I thought I would get a little hooking in this morning while
it was still relatively cool....
just a small Sunflower mat, or maybe a pillow...
hand-dyed & as-is wools...

and a wonky-faced Cat inspired by
that antique rug that we all love so much...
I call this one
Cat in the Butter
because of the background colors...

I'm heading out to Town today, banking and shipping, then out to
Office Max for more carstock & paper...oh, I need luggage tags too...
All of the 'babies' are doing great, and I'll snap some updated pics of
the baby peacock for you later...

Stay cool today, and remember to leave plenty of fresh water out for the birds!!!

Blessings from the Farm,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hooker's Heaven....

I have a Rug Hooking Angel....

and her name is Ogretta.

She started hooking rugs in the late 1980's,
attended many rug camps,
and hooked many, many rugs.

She designed a rug of the State Seal of VA
that now holds place of honor at the Capitol...
and designed a rug that honors the Marine Corps.

Ogretta sadly passed away on December 30th, 2009 ~
before she could finish hooking her collection of patterns on burlap & linen...

One of her last requests was that her collectioon of woolens, patterns & supplies
be donated to a teacher of rug hooking...

& that's where Fate & I shook hands...

I received a phone call from Ogretta's daughter a week or so ago,
oddly out-of-the-blue, asking me if I would like to have the supplies...

it was one of Ogretta's last wishes,
that her beloved hooking stash be donated
to a someone who taught rug hooking...
I asked her daughter how she came to ask me,
and she relied
"I just found you"
and I didn't even know I was lost! :)

I have 6 huge containers of wool, strips, patterns on linen and burlap, grain sacks, a bliss cutter, a frame and everything is so neatly and utterly organized...
oh Ogretta...
you put me to shame!!!

Sweet Angel Ogretta,
my Heart is Full knowing that I was chosen by you...
I will put your collection to good use,
I am forwarding your gift along to friends that need wool,
I will keep the cutter here in the shop to be used by students at our classes,
and I will (hopefully) hook some of your rug patterns and hang them proudly in your honor.
Thank you for your kindess...

Blessings from the Farm,

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