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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Purses & Possums

Good Morning!
it is a WONDERFUL, Beautiful day here on the farm!!
high & dry weather, pale blue skies....
I'm working on this little hooked flag, that will become a purse
and be offered on ebay later this will be lined and have a strap...
perfect for picnincs or parades!
for holding baby Opossums!!!

here are my littles,
all snugged up in their box~
complete with their very own, handmade pouch
(from WOOL, of course)

They are eating their breakfast in the pic below...
a good start to the day with hard-boiled eggs, red grapes and fresh water.

they are getting so big!
see the white 'hair' on their backs?
those are called guard-hairs,...
you can tell they're healthy by the condition of their coats...
shiny & soft!!!

I cleaned their box yesterday and gave them fresh cut grass & hay...
oh boy!
they go crazy for fresh grass
(especially if there's some clover in there!!)
they make a little noise that sounds like a whispered-chirp...
"CHhhhttt CHHhhht"
I love them....
well,, I'm off to finish this hooking to get it up there on ebay!
Have a *SPARKLING* day everyone!!

Blessings from the Farm,


  1. love your wool purse and I love those darling little possums..they are so precious...happy to know they are thriving and growing up healthy..thanks for being a great foster mom to these precious little ones.:)

  2. ...Ooo, a possum purse! How cute would that be?! ;o) I know, I know, not everyone shares my love of these lil' guys and when mentioning possums you often hear others tell how they aim their car for them on the road because a majority of people don't like them. I think what you are doing is fantastic and they are adorable! :o)

    ...Very pretty purse too!

    ...Blessings... :o)

  3. Your little possums are precious!! I know you must be having fun with them.
    The flag purse is lovely. Makes me want to stand up and salute!
    This is great weather for hookin' outside.

  4. Your love of animals goes way beyond the call of duty. I love you for it. I hope they don't make you sorry for your kindness. Good luck to you and those little cuties.
    ...Susie D.

  5. I LOVE the purse!!...and those baby Opossums are getting sooo big.

  6. I LOVE the baby possums! I'm going to have to read through all your posts now to see how you found them. They look so healthy!


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