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Monday, June 7, 2010

Ninety - Eight - Percent

I only have a few more things that I'd like to do
...before this room is completely finished:

#1 Stencil along the top or the walls around the entire room,
#2 Change out the hanging lamp in the middle of the room,
and #3 maybe get a new cupboard for my wools...
I have plenty of bookshelves that Peter has built for me over the years,
that i use for my books, magazines and storage baskets...but I get tired of looking at them,
So as you can see in the pic below, I've taken some blue & cream homespun
and curtained them off...

The pic above also shows my reclaimed blue chair that I hook & stitch in...
it is comfy, but ugly!!
so, I covered the seat & back with an old burlap sack...
{{appropriate for a hooking room, no?}} LOL :)
I also made little cafe valances from that same blue & cream homespun
and hung my favorite muslin fishtail swags above...
in the pic below you can see my desk/work table...
I totally de-cluttered it down to the basics and I LOVE it...

...remember that yellow lamp?
it is now matte black...
love how the light peeks out from the punched-tin
(yes, I will HIDE those tangled cords behind my desk...hate seeing them, sorry!)
and below is the 'busy' corner...
where I store just some of my collection of OLD Country Living mags,
hooking books, quilting books, and of course, a tiny bit of my ginormous stash of wools~

I collect antique wooden sewing hoops and old frames
so I put them up as wall-art to catch ever-changing displays...

and of course,
I must have over 100 of them and I swear I use them all...
they hold WIP's and UFO's, threads, wool worms, fabric, raw sheeps wool...etc.

It is to the point that I can relax and breathe now when I enter the room,
which, btw, is open to the stairwell...
I yet have to drape an old quilt on the railing
and hang another on the wall, but that will come...
and I'll share more pics of the progress.

Hope you like the 'new' look !!!

On a sad little note,
our baby white peacock has died...
not sure why, but I found him this morning.
It did get chilly last night, but he was under a heat lamp
and all of the other babies fared well...
I don't know if perhaps because he was white, maybe he had bad genes?
maybe he was just weak...but we will miss his little face and coo-ing sound...
poor little thing.
we do have another brown baby peacock,
...and another hatching as we speak...

I'll post pics of them & the Opossums tomorrow
...along with a rug that I'm working on!

Blessings from the Farm,


  1. Your room looks great, Lori! I use baskets all over the place, too! So sorry about the peacock.

    Looking forward to an opossum update!

  2. OMGoodness, poor little baby peacock...maybe another white will happen...I'd like to see a white one, too.

    Your room is looking very comfy and nice...and I wish I had a big ole blue chair for comfort as looks good with it's burlap adornments:) BTw, how did you acquire that love Jill Peterson is awesome:)

    Good luck with all the other babies...take care, Lori:)

  3. Homespun looks great on your bookcases. Sorry bout your white baby, sounds like he just wasn't strong enough ~ you're lucky to have had some time him...

  4. Your room looks comfy and cozy Lori. A nice space to sit and create.
    I'm sorry about your little white peacock. I'm looking forward to seeing the opposums too!

  5. so sorry about your little hatchling :( your room does look beautiful though!

  6. A room designed for creativity

  7. Looks great Lori, I know you are a lot happier now!!

  8. Looks like a comfort zone to me.

    Sorry about the little peacock..

  9. I LOVe your studio...Or as I like to call it " Inspiration Station"
    Your work is theeee bestest and your craft area reflects your creative/ talented spirit !!!

  10. Your room looks so cozy Lori.
    It's alot of work to re-do a studio . . I just did mine too :-) I found that when i took everything out . . . for some reason it didn't all go back in!!
    I think when you do that the stuff magically multiplies!

    So sorry about your sweet little baby . . . sometimes there are no explanations, except the joy he brought you for a short time.

    All my best,
    Lori Ann

  11. Your stitchin' room looks lovely!! I like the hoops, stc. on the wall.
    Sorry your little peacock guy didn't make it. Hopefully the next one will be stronger.

  12. I have a question -- how do you hang your rugs on the wall?

  13. Hi Jacque !
    I just pop a couple antique hatpins into them and hang them...unless they're huge rugs, then I have Peter put them up with a wooden stick along the top....


  14. Thanks for getting back to me on how you hang your rugs..I truly love your work.

    Hope you and yours have a great summer


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