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Monday, June 21, 2010

the Summer Solstice & Samplers....

Today marks the turning of the Wheel...
a day when the Oak King passes his charge over to the Holly King.
and it is also the longest day of the year....
...soon enough we will begin to see our days growing shorter,
and subtle changes occuring in weather patterns and in Nature itself...

We will ready our homes and fill our larders with our Summer's Harvest!!
I am an Autumn Folk~
I love the changing seasons and welcome Fall with open arms...
even though we have weeks of hazy, hot & humid to go!!!
I'll be leaving for CT on thursday and can't wait...
New England
will always hold my Heart.
(as much as I do love my Southern Farmhouse & surroundings)

above is the
John Whittlesley House
located in Old Saybrook, CT~

It houses the Huber Gallery of Girlhood Embroidery
...and I'm hoping to get an appt. with the Hubers to see all of the wonderful,
early samplers and needlework
(you can visit them online at

Blessings from the Farm,


  1. That is a wonderful house. I hope you succeed to get an appointment.
    Have a safe trip and have fun !!!

  2. ...I love that house and thank you for the lil' lesson today - I did not know that. :o)

    ...Have your ever visited M. Finkel & Daughter in PA., they have a website:
    I just love looking at early samplers and wish I could afford to collect them. I feel so connected when standing in the presence of an early sampler... :o)

    ...Enjoy your trip!

    ...Blessings... :o)

  3. Safe journey.
    Happy visiting.
    I am a summer person, so am just coming into my season.

  4. Lovely house and I hope you get your appointment. I would love to visit this as well. Sea Witch

  5. I'm sure you'll be over the moon when you visit this museum! It will be spiritual to be in the prescence of such handwork.

  6. I am always a little sad that the days start to shorten just as summer begins. I do love autumn, but am never ready to yield my sunshine.

  7. I spend a lot of time in Saybrook when I visit my sister in CT. I will have to look for this home and I would love to see the needlework housed within. Have a safe trip and enjoy beautiful New England.


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