Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

Our Needlework Shop & Studio
is located here at our farm:
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, Virginia 24521
ph. 434-263-6508
email ~

Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

Our ETSY Shop is Always Open!
visit our Etsy Shop by clicking on any one of the thumbnail photos below or going to

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A couple of Things....

Howdy Folks!!!!! Happy Saturday!!!

Wanted to share with you a little needle punched pouch that I'll be listing
on ebay this aft...
it's only 4 1/2" long!...
(great for a little doll or maybe to hold buttons by your
sewing table)

...oh and here's a tip from me...

...when you're punching, and you notice that the thread is pulling a little,
check to make sure that your punch needle tip is SHARP.
I checked mine and it is as dull as a I had to replace the tip...
just makes things go easier, ya know?
I never thought I would have to change it,
but I guess I've worn this one out!


Here's a needle felted Heart charm that I did last night ~

I made it out of the prettiest, palest Blue wool roving...
it measures just 1 1/2" at it's widest point...
then I added a decorative head-pin and added it to the necklace that you see above..
I used some of my prettiest beads for this necklace!

(it's another Birthday gift to myself...I spoil myself !!)


my Sweet Friend Cindy (mountainhollow blog) and her even-sweeter
daughter stopped in today & gifted me with this loverly candle
and a little needle felted sheep that she made for me!...
CIndy took my nedlefelting class in January, didn't she do a great job?
I'll decorate my li'l studio with both of these gifts...
Thanks Cindy!
(and why are you reading this when you should be stitchin'???)

and another Cindy ( downonthefarm blog)
sent a kind note of Birthday wishes for me today!
Thanks so much Cinlyn!
(wish we live closer!!)
~And Lastly~

I've decided to change the hours for the shop back to only
Friday & Saturday, 10:00 ~ 3:00
If you'd like to visit the shop at another time,
email me at
to make an appointement...

okeedokee folks, I'm off to start another needle punch project...
they're calling for snow
(THAT is a four-letter-word and I don't WANT it!!!)
so a new project will keep me busy and warm...
What are you creating today???

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Touch of Spring!!!!

Buddy sighs..."am I Dreaming?
...Could Spring really be right around the corner?" baby hens in the small hen-yard...
(under the strict supervision of Little Bit, of course...)

a beautiful, but bad boy, Schpeckles...
inschpects, um, i mean inspects the
new growth and little creepy-crawlies
at the bottom of this tree...

...frozen stiff last week,
these pansies are starting to perk up a bit!
Oh Spring!
please come quick...I'm desperate for warm breezes
& sunshine on my face...everyday!
I want to stitch on the porch swing
and listen to the whipoorwills sing...
Pick fresh Strawberries and salad greens...
wear cotton skirts & t-shirts.
Watch the Sheets blow in the breeze
and hear the buzzing of the Bees...
Oh Spring, Sprung!!!
...wishing you warm, sunny days filled with daydreams of things to come...
p.s. I've added some new charms to my etsy shop...
I've attached one to my little scissors...
they make GREAT scissor fobs!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Back Home, Finished & Framed ~

We're back from Luckett's!

it was SOOOO cold yesterday...the wind was whipping about and made it even colder...
which is why you won't be seeing any pictures that I took while we were there...
WHAT?????????? pictures from Luckett's.
I came home last night & tried to download all of the pictures that I took
(Felicia can attest tot he fact that I took them, really I did!!)

BUT, when I went to download them from my camera, the were dark, blurry & a mess!
it was BRIGHT sunshine yesterday, but somehow, my camera shows dark & blurry...
maybe I was shivering so badly, or perhaps my breath frosted the lens, or MAYBE it just plain FROZE!
I dunno....all I know is I'm SUPER BUMMED that I don't have any pictures!
ok, but I do have pictures of some of the little treasures I nabbed while there...
(I took these this morn, after my camera thawed out.)

a floppy little mohair and feedsack cloth bunny, a sweet white & rusty bird finial,
a little cream pitcher (McCoy) and a flower frog with 2 Victorian calling cards...

and this!
yep...a birdcage!!!
I have been wanting a cage with a stand for EVER!
...found this chippy white one for a song! (ahem...sorry about that little pun)
It now resides in my studio, and yes, I plan on putting a little bird in there!
AND is my finished needleweaving, all framed up...
it fits nicely into this old frame that I found at a local antiques shop.
the frame has a 5" x 7" opening...
I'll be keeping this one, as it is my first attempt~ but I'll be making some for ebay & etsy !!
So sorry about no pictures of Lucketts, but if you're out this way, and wanna go, come get me and I'll show you around...but let's go in the SPRING
when the weather warms up a bit, shall we???

Sunday, February 22, 2009

FIELD TRIP!!!!!!!!!

tomorrow I will print, package and ship out all of my orders early...
so I will be free of stress for our...
Tuesday Field Trip !!!!!

we will leave early tuesday morning
(Felicia and I)
and head out to Leesburg, a wonderful shop

you can bet your britches I'll take along my camera, and post all about our
"Thelma & Louise" adventure.,..
I've been to the store before, about 3 years ago, and really want to go back!
It's chock full of Primitives, Shabby Chic/Farmhouse, Romantic Cottage
and Garden stuff!!!

there are about 4 other shops that are nearby, too, so you know that we'll have to visit them all...
We haven't had a Girls' Day Out in a while, & we NEED it!
(plus, i'll be doing a little 'me' shopping, since I'll celebrate my 46th birthday on the 28th)
So, stay tuned for Wednesday's post!!!!
i finished my needle weaving piece, and will frame it & post pics of it for you tomorrow...
I'm sketching up another, and making more shrinky-charms!
(thanks to all of you who bought out my first batch!)
These will be more whimsical/primitive...
I'm off now for a nice hot bath & then will settle down with
a frosty glass of fresh milk and mint oreo's...
gonna watch the Oscars for as long as my li'l eyelids will saty open!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quilt Class and Needle Weaving ~

Our Beginner's Hand Quilting class went well...
although Cindy & Sharon and a couple others couldn't make it...
(Feel better Cindy!!)

So ( l to r) Jane, Debbie and Pat came (Felicia's back is to us)
They each picked out their fabric, and worked on their little 12 patch quilts ~
I think each one did a fantastic job!!!

We had Lemonade, & Ginger cake for snacks...

Thanks for coming in girls!!!

For those that don't think I have enough time in my schedule to try new things,
You're Wrong!
I have been
Needle Weaving!

(ok, 3 dimensional embroidery for those that are familiar with it)

I am SMITTEN with creating tiny daffodils, pansies and tulips...
stems and leaves....

Here is my first work in progress:

I show my little scissors in one picture so you can see just how *small* these stitches are...
It's amazing to see how my work 'grows' right off the fabric!

I've used DMC pearl cottons and 6 strands of floss...on plain white weavers cloth.
You need a good, tightly woven fabric that is drum tight in your hoop or frame.
the stitches I've used were
stem stitch, woven picot stitch, raised cup stitch, french knot,
curved cast-0n buttonhole and portugese knotted stem...

I have one more tulip to do, then I'll stitch the urn...not sure what stitch I'll try for that,
but I'll post the finished project later...

how COOL is this?
Do any of you do Needle Weaving?

I can't wait to finish this & start on another one!!!!


Friday, February 20, 2009


I needle punched up this Sunflower pillow
using a dimensional technique for the petals
and shading for the leaves...
it measures 6" x 6" ~ is filled with wool scraps
and can be seen on my ebay auctions!


I just listed my little charms on my etsy shop...
(link is to your left)
I'll be adding more today!
thanks for the kind posts about them!!
(and I'm happy to know I'm in the great company of other girls who play with toys!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Woman.....

I run with scissors, I make quite a mess with paints and I still love to play with toys.


I feel better now.

...not just any toys, but ones that remind me of my childhood, growing up in the 70's...I love to go to the antiques shops and see the
little Dawn dolls, Chrissy dolls
(you know the one, where you grabbed her ponytial
& yanked it out of her head, only to push in her belly-button
and have the hair spring back in!)

Sea-Monkeys and Magic Sand...
...corny, carnival-like toys that rivaled my juvenile imagination!
I had a knack for displaying my toys and craft projects in my room
...where my Light-Bright flashed an incessant "OPEN !!" sign,
even then knowing one day I would have my own shop!

but by far, my favorite thing to 'play' with were my


(that incredible melting plastic anomoly that we watched wriggle & squirm in our ovens!)

I would draw pictures of daisies & hearts
(my fav's back then)

and would color them in with my crayons...
they would take on a magical quality once they were shrunk...
so much tiny detail!!

I would glue magnets on the backs and sell them at school...
thus beginning my entrepreneurship at an early age.

So, once again, I've been regressing...
to a place that now uses Prisma Arteest Pencils
and Sterling Silver Jump Rings to create
teeny-tiny-little-masterpieces of one-of-a-kind wearable ART!
The charms pictured above, started out at approx. 4" x 3"
after baking, the end up an incredible 3/4" x 1" !!!!

(I'll be listing these and a couple more in my Etsy shop tomorrow!)

What toys were your favorite when you were a child?

Happy Thursday !!

Hi Folks!

It's WINDY here today!!!
I had to take in the flags, the wreaths and some of the other smaller baskets
that decorate the front porches, for fear that they'll up and blow away!!!
if it were sunnier, I'd hang a line of clothes, but I fear it might rain, so
.....I'll plunk them in the dryer.
I'd much rather utilize the solar & wind power!
Also, I wanted to tell you that
I'll be vending at two fantastic shows this year

the first, is the
Folk Life Festival at Pharsalia Farm
on May 30 & 31, 2009


where I'll be dressed in colonial garb,
demonstrating hooking & needlepunch...

I'll also be selling one of a kind finished smalls...

the second show is
Ghoultide Gathering
on Saturday, October 3, 2009

where I'll be offering my Original one of a kind
Hallowe'en Creations in Wool & Thread~

I am thrilled to be a part of both of these wonderful Artisan venues!!

I'm heading into the farmhouse now,
for a bit of lunch and to get working on some stitching...

oh! the photo at the top of this post is of a little needle punched pinkeep that
i've just listed on my ebay you like?

Have a great day, filled with creativity and, well
...since it's so windy, do something that I used to Love doing...
go Fly a Kite!!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009 NICE !!!!!

I received a convo from a fellow etsian,
saying that she would like to feature my artwork on her Art Blog...
Thanks so much Fran!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Room of Her (My) Own.....

I thought you all might enjoy a peek into my newly re-done studio !!!...
my little sewing nook...
I found the pink wicker shelf at a yard sale for 4.00 ~
it still has it's JC Penney price tag on it which reads 24.99 !!

the view at the top of the you like how that chandelier came out?
I purchased 5 parchment shades for it for only 2.50 a piece..., then I added twiggy wreaths around each light and finally a garland of faux flowers...
I LOVE it!
The big cedar closet holds my clothes...

antique mirrored armoire used to store supplies...
the lace panels at the windows were one big shower curtain (found that for 1.00)
...with a big hole in the middle.
I fixed that by cutting it in half, adding clip on rings and hung them from tension rods...
My chair is a run-of-the-mill, blue desk chair on wheels (from Staples)...
I covered it by tying on lengths of tea-stained floral fabric to the back, and the seat...!!!

work table in the middle is my 'desk'
and in the far corner is my reading chair...
the chair is covered with yet another thrift shop find,
but this one is a hand crocheted bedspread...

photo shows top of my worktable, I have a piece of plexi-glass on it to protect it...
under the plexi-glass I've slipped in some 18th century book engravings
because they're so pretty!...
I'm keeping my paints in a wooden knife box,
I thought I would use the spice racks that I previously told you about,
but I think this works better because they're right on my table where i need them...
my reading nook...
bright & sunny and comfy!!!
I have more magazines and books than any one person should be allowed to have, but I weeded them out & only put my most favorite in these bookshelves
(which Peter built years ago for Hannah when she was a baby!)

I am thrilled beyond words the way my studio turned out!
I had it pictured in my mind, but is truly came out better!!!
I spent hardly ANY money on it,
... I just used furniture from other rooms in the farmhouse...
a couple of sweet accessories here, some flowers to brighten it there...

VOILA' !!!
Now that I'm all finished, I'm off to enjoy my Buttercream candle,
put on some bluegrass music and paint!
Hope you've enjoyed your tour !!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buddy, Man's Best Friend...

....hey Dad, need a little help?

I can help ya Dad, really I can!

...just let me get in here...steady, steady...

wait! I'm not READY YET!!!!!

ok....there...I told you I could help!
now...PUSH !!!!!!!!

General Information ~


Hannah & I drove into Lynchburg this past weekend, to do some window shopping,
...visit a couple of shops, museums and the local marketplace...

We also had a chance to walk along the James River,
where I found tons of broken Coca Cola bottles
from the nearby defunct Lynchburg bottling plant...
(see picture above)...
the green glass is chunky & worn smooth
by the many years spent laying in the river...

I collected enough to fill up a jar
and placed it in my studio window
so the light will refract through it,
....forever reminding me of the time spent with my sweet daughter
on a beautiful winter's day...
I'll be listing this sweet little Peony Pinkeep on my ebay auctions
in a little while, so go take a peek if you'd like!

I wanted to let you all know about some upcoming shows that
Notforgotten Farm
will be participating in ~
The first show is the

Pharsalia Folk Life Festival

held on May 30 & 31, 2009

I will be there dressed in my colonial clothing, demonstrating hooking & needle punch...
I'll also have a bunch of finished Springtyme Goodes for your to purchase!!


Ghoultide Gathering
...a Hallowe'en Artist Spectaular
held on Saturday, October 3rd
(my wedding anniversary!!) 2009

I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this fine venue for Hallowe'en Folk Artists!!!
It's in Michigan, and I've never been to Michigan, so this will be so much FUN!

I'll be stitching & punching & hooking my fingers off for these two shows, for sure!!!

If you get a chance, visit the links to these two shows ...and even better,
why not come visit with me at them!!!

Okeedokee,...I'm off here for now...I have to get to work!
Live Creatively, my Friends~


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day my Freinds!!!

Wishing you all Love in your matter who it comes from.
I am happy to be loved at all.

Here's who I know loves me...
may cat, because she sleeps on my head.
my dog, because he's always happy to see me (and knock me down).
my husband, because he always asks for seconds, even if i make pbj's for supper.
my daughter, because she just burned me 2 CD's of music that she thinks i should listen to.
my mom, because just last night i asked her if i could move back home and she said yes.
(i was kiddin' with her...but i know she wasn't kiddin' with me and that felt so good!)
my friends, because you all put up with my quirky ways and off-the-wall sense of humor...and my moods...and temper...and tears...
ah, yes...tis good to love,
but better to be loved...
I just listed 4 little folk art paintings on my ebay auctions this morn...
if you're in a funk, they're sure to lighten your mood!!
Happy Love Day!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Signs of Spring!!!!

my little hens are starting to lay more and more eggs each day...
we'll be bringing home some more little hens this eve,
a gift from our sweet neighbor Patsy.
little chartruese buds on my baby lilac bush,
also a gift from my neighbor Patsy...
I can't wait to smell their sweet blooms again ~

teeny tiny tri-bloom narcissus poke their sleepy heads
from the warm, brown earth ...
these are located next to an old stump in the front of the barnyard
where I planted one of my little herb gardens..
Our entire backyard is naturalized with hundreds of these narcissus...
the scent is heavenly!
I'll post pics when they're fully 'awake'...
Hope your day leads to thoughts of Spring and Warm rains...
I'll be painting again today and will post again this eve~
Live Creatively, each day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Plunder....and other stuff ~~~::~~~::~~~

As I mentioned on a previous post,
I am going to be renovating (read: redecorating) an unused bedroom
into my own personal studio...and I can't wait.

I was cleaning it out, and figuring out how I want the furniture placed...

I have three huge cupboards
(one is a drop down desk for the computer/household office stuff)
one is a cedar closet which holds my clothes
(old farmhouses don't come with closets, in fact we had to put in three!)

and the third cupboard is actually an armoire which I'll use to store supplies...
each cupboard is unpainted wood, which I'll leave alone,...
but I do have some other furniture that I want to use in there
but it needs repainting.

I was out being a junk-gypsy this morning, and visited our local Thrift Shop.
It's the Almost Home Pet Adoption center thrift shop, to be precise, located here in Nelson Co. and 100% of the sales goes to the Almost Home Pet Adoption center (in Nelson also)...
great stuff, great cause....

I found an old copper/brass ugly chandelier for $5.00 !!!!
(which I promptly painted white
...ok...I know I got paint on the bulbs,
but they were all blown out anyway...
and we are experiencing 60 mph winds here today
so I couldn't control the spray paint very well!!!)

ALSO found this way-cool lap desk!
it's my favorite color blue and has dove-tails!

...the old decal/painting on the lid says
"Richard Hudnut Salon, New York"


how appropos...
I was successful in snagging it for only 2 bucks!!!

It will hold nicely all of my sketchbooks, journals and pencils...
and will look pretty setting on my table next to the couch in the den...perfect.

I also found a valance & matching white ruffled cafe' curtains for the window
that will be where my treadle sewing machine will sit...
allowing filtered, yet bright natural light in my studio...
and for only 1.00 !!!
the two matching (no less!) spice-racks that you see will be painted...
and will hold what you ask?
why, paints of course!
they're thee perfect size to hold my bottles of acrylic paints!

Speaking of paints, I can't tell you all how thrilled I am
at the repsonse regarding my silly paintings!
I even received an email this aft from a local shop owner
who might be interested in carrying my little paintings in their shop!
(More to come on that, once the particulars are worked out....
but please please keep your fingers crossed for me, won't you?)
I am working on more, and will be offering them on ebay ~
I thought I would get them finished today
and listed this eve,
but the wayward winds & blue skies were
calling me outside today...

so be it...
I'll paint this eve and list tomorrow!
on another note, I would love to see your finished version of my free chart,
Loving Cup...

Beth (thetwistfamily blog to your left)
sent me a picture of her finished
Loving Cup cross stitch
that she finished up for her parents...

She personalised it by changing the date on the cup and the colors...

I love how it came out!

so send me a pic & I'll post it here for all to see!

AND if you visit my ebay group,
(link to your left)

You'll see member 'susiedele' has an adaptation of the
Loving Cup
done in wools!
among other beautiful things!!

Make sure you visit the BLESTB offerings everyday...such talented hands there!!

Well Friends,
I'm heading into the farmhouse for the eve ~ I have a nice fat ham in the oven, and want to make sweet potato casserole on the side...mmmm mmm good!

Live Creatively!!


I just did a little research into my 'lapdesk'...

click on this link to be surprised!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Rabbit Girls ( and Boy!) ~~~~~

just added all 4 paintings in my etsy shop
I'll be adding those dolls in a little bit too!!

Friendly Reminder:~:~:~:~:~:~:~

Good Morning Friends!!!

Please remember, that as of February 14th 2009, my website,,
will no longer exist...

instead, you may find my work and patterns on my picturetrail at

I'll be diligently working on moving all of my work over there, so please keep checking back as there is ALOT of stuff to move!!!

and, if you'd like to be on my picturetrail mailing list for when I add new patterns & such, you can email me at ....

'Tis another balmy morning here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia...
my little Bluebirds are gathering sticks & twigs & bits of lamb's fluff
to feather their nests with...
I can't wait to see the little baby bluebirds flitting around the barnyard,
mouths open & little wings fluttering, following their Mama's around...too cute!

I'm finishing up the last Rabbit painting today, and am now smitten with Goat-girls!
I'll be starting my first goat girl painting this aft and will post pics here for yout to see...
Thank you all for humoring me... :) LOL!!!

Live Creatively ~ it's the joy of Life...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rabbits in Dresses ~

Two portraits of my beloved Rabbit-girls...
Hi Friends!!!
I'm painting again!!!

I've picked up my paints and brushes, dusted off my easels,
and even went shopping for new paint colors!!!

I haven't painted anything in a while,
and I guess the warmer temps this past weekend
just stirred up sleeping creativity for me!!
I have long loved to bring little 'characters' to life..kind of animorphic, but still sweet...
I'm inspired by vintage Easter cards, Valentines and the like...
some of the animorphs (and veggie-morphs too!)
are a bit scary, so I like to leave that 'look' out of my work...
I'm learning new techniques for shading & for painting flowers and fur,
and am really studying the Old Masters' way of painting silks, satins & velvets...
I'm hoping to get better, but for now, I'm enjoying the process and the results!
do any of you dabble in paint?

I prefer Acrylics, as they dry so quickly....
I do love Oils, though,
and I've painted with them but a loooong time ago...
I love the smell of the turpentine & linseed oil
& the textured look oils add to a painting!!!!...

come to think of it, I think I'll try to locate a local teacher
who can take me under their wing...
(If they'll have me!!)
I also am in the design stages of turning my under-used
upstairs bedroom/home-office
into a litte studio for me... has fantastic natural light, is roomy and open too...
I do most of my sewing in the shop's office,
but that's just become too small for me with all of the
different mediums that I work in and my supplies...
plus, I feel that an office should be an office.
not interveining or competing with your 'creative space'...
I'll take before & after pics to share with you all once I figure out how I'd like it!!
on another note, I wanted to thank you all for your sweet emails
(and orders!)
regarding my newest patterns...
Kris at has just finished adapting
a couple more of my doodles into patterns for all of the rug hookers out there, so keep an eye on her website to purchase them from her...
Well kind Folks, I'm heading back to the farmhouse,
to finish work on a couple more paintings...
I'm hoping that you'll enjoy the rest of today
& live it to it's creative fullest!!

~ Lori ~

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tis SPRING!!!!

well...not really...but it sure FEELS like it today!

with temps in the high 50's/low 60's, bright sun & clear skies,
it makes me WISH it were Spring!

I've released 6 new patterns today...they're on my ebay (link is to your left...)

above you'll see the cross stitch model that Sherry Kristoff finished for me ~
(a.k.a. fromsherrysheart ~ you can visit her blog by clicking on the link to your left also)
"Thanks Sherry, 'tis Beautiful!"
we had a wonderful day here int he shop...
we stitched, painted, laughed, rearranged and laughed some more...
my sweet Friend Cindy (mountain hollow blog link to your left)
visited with us and she brought her finished needlepunch of my 'Vintage Rabbit' pattern...
"Great Job Cindy!"
all in all, a beautiful, creative day!
I hope you can create something, everyday...
it helps you relax, feel productive & beautifies your life...
...then the return on your self-investment truly doubles!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Leaky Buckets, Foxtails and Mary...

Let me first begin by sharing this morning's "fun on the farm" story with you...

Every morning, on weekday mornings that is, I take care of all of our farm animals.
Sheep, ducks, hens & roosters, Guinea fowl, dogs and cats...
I begin by first bringing Hannah to the bus stop, about 6:45 needless to say, I'm still wearing my jammies. and it's cold.
Once Hannah is on the bus, I drive back to the house, park my vehicle and set about getting everyone fed & watered.
now you know it's been cold, as I've been mentioning lately...and thusly, our hydrant near the barn froze up.
This simply means that I must carry buckets of ice-cold water from the shop, to the animals on the other side of the farmyard....not really a long trek, but when it's 14 degrees, and your carrying 2 five gallon buckets full of ice-cold water, AND you're wearing your starts to feel like a longer trek than it is...
SOOOOooo...I go fill up the buckets, and on my way to the barn, while carrying them, I notice that my right foot is getting colder and colder. nice.
the bucket on my right has sprung a leak.

So I am now waddling faster, still carrying both buckets,
trying to get to the barn before ALL of the water is gone from the right bucket...
i made it. still a little water left in the bucket....
(although I could have easily poured out my right clog if I needed more.)
So I proceed to water the sheep...who, by now, I know are laughing at me in their sheepish way.
I empty the buckets, but still need more for the I head back to the shop's spigot.
by now, my right foot is completely numb.
I fill up the 'good' bucket
(after throwing the leaky one a good mile away in spite)
and head back to the chicken house... the way...I usually am accompanied every morning by Lazy & Buddy....
but this particular morning they were nowhere to be found
& I enjoyed the fact that I didn't have to trip over them...
back to the story...
while carrying the good bucket-full back to the barn,
I noticed something 'furry' out of the corner of my eye...
not wanting to have to pick up a dead squirrel,
or worse,
so early in the morning, with a numb foot, and in my jammies,
i gingerly walked closer to the 'fur'....
it was a Fox tail...Hmmm again...
& where are the dogs?
Oh, they come...bounding up behind me...
(still holding my bucket of water and trying not to tinkle myself now because I was SO cold and you know how we Ladies get in the cold...ya just gotta tinkle!)
and I didn't want them to get that stinky Fox tail... I bend over to pick it up.
Buddy, now seeing me bending over with my back to him, holding a stinky fox tail and a bucket of water, must have thought it was time to jump up on my back for a little 'fun-time'.
the bucket emptied out all over my left foot,
the foxtail ended up in buddy's mouth,
and I landed on the ice-cold ground.
in my jammies.
I swear when I stood up, the sheep were absolutely guffawing at me...
I threw that bucket a mile and a half away, and it landed in the woods somewhere...
maybe a Fox with a really sore hiney would find it....

Here is the other little doll I made last night...her name is


i gave her a little quilt to cosy up with...
the paper heart that is pinned to her reads
"my heart is full..."

I gave her brown glass-bead eyes...
she sort of has that far-away look, don't you think?
Maybe she's looking for those blasted buckets...
Hoping your day was a little better than mine,
although I did get a chuckle out of my morning!

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