Thursday, February 29, 2024

~ Pulling Threads ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
...a very happy Thursday to us all, and happy Leap Day!

{{ any extra day we have to stitch, is a happy day, no? }}

I charted a little sampler last night,
one that includes a portion of sweet verse that has been a favorite of mine for a very long time:
".. we come from the Earth, we return to the Earth...
and in between ~ We Garden."

so the title of my new sampler will be called
"We Garden"

I'll be stitching it onto stained Osnaburg,
which I have become addicted to stitching on lately!
{seriously, if you haven't tried stitching on it yet, just do it...
you'll either throw tomatoes at me or you will hug me!}

and I'm using DMC threads in stormy, spring-y hues...

you can see my osnaburg under my threads for comparison as to how they will look...
but we all know that might/might not change once I get to stitching.

...especially the 3782, and how/if it will show up on the fabric.
{fingers crossed it will lend a ghost-look, like the fading letters and motifs on ancient samplers}

the needlepoint pincushion I have had for years,
a scrap from a larger project {not mine} that I couldn't pass up while perusing a dusty antiques shop somewhere....I made a few pincushions and sold them, but this one stayed with me.

the scissors are 'chust for show' as my PA German ancestors would say,
they are fragile and old and perfectly broken.

did you watch Brenda & Laura's flosstube where Brenda is excited about waxing her threads?
{ }
they are my absolute favorite floss-tubers to watch...even Peter loves them!

I've used natural beeswax for years and can really say that it does make a big difference in stitching.
especially helping with knotting and twisting threads.

It's a sunny day, albeit chilly ~
but the skies are blue and the birds {chickens, peacock, guinea hens etc} are welcoming the day.

maybe if it warms up enough I will stitch outside on the porch swing?

wishing you a beautiful day filled with creativity & peace.

Blessings from the Farm
~ Lori


Nancy said...

Oh, such lovely colors, those chosen threads! And I, too, love the sentiment they will impart on your osnaburg ground...did you stain it yourself?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you bring it to life

Anonymous said...

Stunning color palette!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I love your muddy/spring/stormy palette! And I'm glad to know I am not the only one who appreciates "ghosting" of some stitches. I heard another stitcher remark about it as if it was problematic. With me, it's most usually intentional or a pleasant coincidence. I started waxing my floss many years back. I think I noticed (or perceived) a change in the DMC floss and was having issues with knotting, twisting and fraying. I found the waxing alleviated many of my issues. Looking forward to seeing your new chart take form. ~Robin~

NMK said...

Love your pretty , warm colors ! Sounds like this will be another great design ! I forgot all about using wax , I have to do that . I am having fun stitching your Spring On The Farm ....I haven't done any embroidery in years & am enjoying it !

NMK said...

Love your pretty , warm colors you use . This new design will be great with that nice saying !
I had forgotten about using wax on threads. I have been busy stitching your "Spring On The Farm" pattern . I haven't done embroidery in years and am enjoying it .
Happy Leap Year to you too , hope you can sit outside and stitch . It is blustery here , I would fly off to OZ if I tried to sit outside ! LOL

Anonymous said...

This is going to be beautiful, I just know it!

Betty said...

Those soft colors are so pretty. Just finished stitching Olde Witche Mary on Osnaburg so I'm sending you a hug. Watched your You Tube about it and I like it. I am a rank beginner. Can't wait to see your new design.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be another great one! I look forward to seeing/stitching it.
{Would love it if you reproduced the pin-cushion!! Hint, hint!!}
Best wishes, Charl

marly said...

Some of my favorite thread colors in that group. That pincushion ..... oh oh OH!!!