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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

~ There's no Telling... ~

 Good Tuesday Morning to you Friends & Folk ~
another unbearably hot day in store for us here in our part of Virginia...

I've been getting up earlier and earlier these days,
to beat the heat, and just get some quiet time in before farm-wife chores and such ~
...these stolen moments are so good for my soul!

I drink tea every morning.
copious amounts of 4-5 cups.
sometimes double-bagging!

 Honey and tea make me happy, 
and I can always get lots accomplished with the buzzzzz of caffeine lol.

Usually green tea is my preferred choice, but occasionally 
I will treat myself to some loose tea 
made by my sweet Herbologist & Hedgewitch Friend, 
Miss Nancy B. 

When I was younger, ...middle school age perhaps,
I had a girlfriend named Eileen ~
and I would walk to her house each morning to meet her, 
so then we could walk to school together...
her sweet little Mom always had a cup of tea waiting for me, 
as she knew I loved tea and together we would sit at her dimly lit kitchen table 
and sip our beloved drink from her dainty little china teacups 
...while she told me about her childhood and growing up in Germany.

This woman would watch me sip my tea to the almost last drop, 
then take my teacup away from me and swirl my cup around and around...

she would peer into my almost-empty cup then proceed to tell me my 'fortune' for the day! I would do in math class {always not good! lol}
how I might meet that special boy, and so on...

...between the detailed stories she told me of her past,
 and the fun and excitement of hearing her predictions for the day ~
I would usually end up running to Eileens' house every morning!

with each cup of tea I drink, I remember this kind, sweet woman who took the time to
listen to me, and share with me her secrets...
~ I learned that her grandmother and mother also read tea leaves, 
and I learned that art is called 

I have always wanted to find an antique tea-reading cup, or Gypsy fortune cup...
and searched on Amazon and found the one you see pictured here...

... it is a reproduction of one from the 1950's.


I don't always use this cup when I take tea ~ 
nor do I always use loose leaf tea in it.
just occasionally, when I feel the need to connect to kinder, gentler days
that were sweetened with a bit of magic sprinkled in...

kindly forgive the farmwife hands, hangnails and crazy polish or lack there-of lol

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


  1. Interesting and I've missed your sweet stories. Welcome back.

  2. Love yours posts, Lori.....I've gotten into the habit of drinking coffee...but I love tea...just plain tea...I'm not into the flavored tea yet. I'm hoping everyone gets back to blogging! Enjoy your beautiful's hot here in Michigan too!

  3. Hi Lori, What a great story, thanks so much. I'm new to your blog, but not to your patterns, and my stitching tray, I recently ordered, and scissors. Love them both. But I loved your tea story. My parents had tea every night with dinner, and they shared a tea bag. Memories are wonderful.
    Hope you have a wonderful day. I'm in Illinois, and it is a nice, less humid day today.

  4. Why did I not get tea on those cold walks to junior high school. Just Kidding. LOL Which Eileen?

  5. Love this post ! And that Tea Cup is so Cool !!! I hope to start this tradition with my Grand Daughters , I have been collecting pretty blue transferware china for those special times . I'm am so tired of this heat & humidity too. I look forward to few days in a row of nice rain and cooler temperatures !

    1. hello! yes, bring on some rain and cooler temps.... :)

  6. Hey Lori, I'll keep an eye out for an antique one for you... I've seen a couple in the past around here, but skipped as I've enough tea cups in my packed cupboards now.... and I am loving me some of that turkey you're stitching!!!SOOOO cute!

    1. Hi Edgar! awesome, thank you! yep, stitching away on my turkeys ;)

  7. Love that sweet cup! I too, am a life long tea drinker starting at an early age. My afternoon tea is a sacred part of my day. When I was very young, I shared afternoon tea with my grandmother...always in a lovely cup...surrounded by the African violets and geraniums she grew in her kitchen window. I still have many of those teacups to go with my memories. Enjoy!

    1. you could grow some african violets in your teacups!! :)

  8. We drink a lot of iced tea. Steve is a mixer extraordinaire! He makes all different flavors. Love your story!

  9. Enjoyed your story very much! I need my morning coffee but in the evening definitely a cup of tea, usually with cookies of course☕️

  10. Always love visiting Lori. And love the stories and just good ol simple goodness. Refreshing. Love atcha sweets.


  11. Love your story but I would really like to know what happened to Eileen.
    Do you have any connection with her now? How sweet her mother was to
    have you tea ready every morning.

  12. I’m so glad you are going to be giving this blog more attention. So many good blogers have given up their posts.

  13. Fun tea cup...and sweet memories. I knew of tasseography, but didn't know there were special fortune reading teacups. No one in my family (including me) ever drank hot tea. Now iced tea...that's well, a different cup of tea. ;-) ~Robin~

  14. Thank you, this was a breath of fresh air...

  15. Thank you, this was a breath of fresh air...

  16. Makes me want to enjoy a cup of tea in a pretty cup!

  17. Lovely story, and love that tea cup, I once had a collection of old fortune telling teacups but lost them in a move when the box slipped from my hands just picking up the box I felt my heart shatter with the sound of all those broken pieces. Two cups survived. I am sipping tea as I read your post.

  18. Love that story, Lori!
    Thanks for starting off my Day!

  19. So glad you plan on blogging more! I love your stories, appreciation of nature and your creative voice. Thank you!

  20. I enjoyed your tea leaf reading story very much, but may I ask an unrelated question? The candle with a sampler wrapped around it.....Is it battery operated and is the sampler printed on paper or is it cross stitched on linen?

  21. lovely story1 What kind of tea does Nancy make? My great grandfather was an English tea importer. I spent many hours with my grandmother and mother sipping tea. Such fond memories. We had tea at 11 and 4


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