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Monday, July 27, 2020

~ Turkeys & Plumbers ~

 Good Morning Friends & Folk ~

been a minute since I've posted here, but will be posting much more often!
...really need to get back to my 'roots' and this blog was started way back in 2008 ~
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ✂
Last evening, we went for our walk ~
we have to wait until the sun is down, it's been that hot here...
the moon followed us...

our fairy solar lights come on, and that's our clue to take a walk!
this stillness of the woods and fields at dusk is beautiful,
~ the crickets and whippoorwill call to each other
while Peter is always on the hunt for tracks:

looks like an opossum friend walked just ahead of us!

and turkey tracks too!
Peter gets extra excited when he spots these LOL !

 by the size of these prints, a gobbler must be in our midst...

my farmer and his turkey....

 we named them John & Priscilla,
but we do believe we have two females...
we should soon see, as they are reaching the right age/weight to begin laying eggs...

Our baby hens have begun to lay ~
top to bottom:
Silkie, Ameraucana, 2 Rhode Island Reds, and Barred Rock.


This morning while the sun was just waking up...
in the cool stillness of this farmhouse, and before it turned too hot to do anything ~
I made a few more stitches on a new little cross stitch design...

of course it has turkey motifs in it... LOL

we have two lamps in our living room that are Apothecary jar lamps... 
you can see that I love to fill them with feathers, nests and other natural-things
that we find on our walks ~ the feather-top you see {in the lamp-base} is a wild turkey feather.
the smaller jar holds my thread orts {Old Ratty Thread Snippets} from my needlework...
we also found the jar here on this property ~

so the title of this post is Turkeys & Plumbers.
here's why:

Iggy loves the bathroom. 
He loves the tub, the sink...the faucets and the pipes.
...he insists on drinking exclusively from an old pot in our sink.
and he also insists on sleeping on the back of the toilet, in the empty tub, 
or in said sink when the pot is not in there...
hey, I get it.
the porcelain is nice and cool, 
~ and it is usually a very quiet room with not a lot of traffic.

me thinks he was a plumber in a past life.
Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


  1. Looking forward to the day we can visit your lovely shop again.

  2. Thank you. I have enjoyed your blog.

  3. Oh how I have missed your blog posts of your beautiful farm life! You guys are such a inspiration to all of us, thank you for sharing.

  4. I could vision your walk! God rewards us at the end of the day with little signs, but our hearts need to be open to catch them!

  5. Just so pretty & peaceful .....Love the fairy lights ! All those foot prints are fun !!! What Gorgeous eggs you are collecting , they are all so pretty ! Your cute Hubby with his feathered friends is so sweet ! Fun to visit you today !!! Stay cool !!!!

  6. I need to stay off of FB and stick to blogging. I really enjoy reading and looking at pictures on the blogs and miss it. I really miss our old Ebay groups...Blestb and PRHG. It was so much fun to come home from work every afternoon and tune in to read what all the gals were up too. I love your home, Lori! It is so warm and inviting and your stitching chair looks so comfy. Peter is such a natural with all the wonderful wildlife in your area. Such beauty in nature!

  7. I always love the stitching and the creativity of your mind and fingers BUT.....the pictures of the eggs and description/names....I love it. An old lady, born in Brooklyn, NY and always living in a city - now Dayton, OH -it's wonderful to share your special days.THANKS

  8. It seems as though many are being overheated these days...we had 2 days where it was very hot and sticky, but after a couple of days of storms afterwards, we cooled down to perfectly beautiful summer weather....mid to upper 70's during the day with a breeze, then in the 50's at night. Your evening walks must be a treasure to anticipate all day long. ~Robin~

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