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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

~ Creative Cold-Snap ~

 Iggy likes to sleep.
~ mostly 18 hrs every day.
 Until the clock strikes midnight,
... then he gets the wind up his fuzz-butt and flies around the farmhouse
 like a superhero with a bottle-brush for a tail.

and when he does that, he keeps me awake, or wakes me up like, hourly....
if HE is up, then I should be up too.
 {in a cat's mind}

So to turn the tables,
I pester him during the day when he is trying to sleep.
making sure to wake him every so often like he does to me - 
but at least I don't pounce on him 
or try to get in his mouth 
or pick his nose 
or pull any covers off of him
or open cabinet doors
or turn on sink faucets 
{yes he does, and sometimes flushes the toilet too!}

Here he is trying to take a nap in a sunbeam on the bed:
isn't the little pain in the neck adorable?
Ok Ig ~ I'll let you doze for a couple of hours...
{{ but you'd better keep one eye open for Mom. }}

So I am totally into this embroidery-thing.
it was always a fun thing for me to do, and I have always loved it.
every now & then I would embroider something.
even sold a few finished embroidered necklaces and pins ~ 
wearable folk art, as I like to call them.

this is a necklace that I made a few years back, and decided to keep it for myself ~
folky, whimsical & fun 

I added buttons, pins and ribbon...
even an old rusty thimble.

I was thinking about holding a class for something similar in February ~
would anyone be interested in coming to the Farm and make one with me?

Here are Robin Redbreast {Cock Robin} and his Jenny Wren:
I'm all done with the embroidery, 
... now onto the 'finish-finish'.

the shading was something that I didn't know I was going to do until I was doing it...
things like that happen with me ~I just let my hands & my needle do their thing.

Robin is so dapper ~
he is shy, and fumbles a bit when in Jenny's presence.
he's never sure what to do with his walking stick when she is near him,
~ so he twirls it about and holds it behind his back sometimes
just to show off.

Jenny is quite demure ~ very quiet and patient.
she is gifting her dear Robin with a garland she made from honeysuckle vines ~
and they will hang this above their nest after they are betrothed.

I'll be working on the Parson Rook next ~ the preacher who marries them.
{{ You can read their entire story over there on my sidebar --->>  }} 
and I can tell you now that I am SUPER excited about working on him!!!!!

but in the meanwhile I wanted to stitch a tiny cat...
so I am.

the blue lines will wash away with a spritz of water, 
and my threads are DMC so they are colorfast ~ 

I'll finish this into a brooch,
 me thinks. 
Oh! and I was searching through my 'stuff'
and found a whole 'nother box of floss that I had previously wound onto thread cards 
and seemingly rainbow-color-coordinated them into a plastic box!

the stuff of dreams...

For those of you interested and have asked,
the embroidery group that I created on FB is called
the group is for hand embroidery, no machine embroidery, no cross stitch please ~
If you would like to join, click on the group name above :) 

Keep those hands warm my friends!
Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. I would love to take a class but I think I am "needle-challenged" when it comes to embroidery. Maybe I'll practice a bit and be ready for February. Who knows? Love your creations. Always so fantastic.

  2. Oh, Mr. Iggs...what a character, especially at the Witching Hour. Adorable, though. And so are your embroidered characters!! Absolutely precious. And, Lori, you're the only one I know who can magically "find" a forgotten box full of gorgeous embroidery threads, lol! Wish I could join you to embroider...but I'll be there in spirit, working on my "Releasing Angels."

  3. Would love to take a class, but too far away. Has anyone ever done any online classes, is that even possible? Love your work and love Iggy.

  4. Robin & Jenny are adorable ! Your silly cat !!! And your DMC floss looks so neat & tidy & pretty !!!! Oh & your heart necklace is so sweet !!!!

  5. I love this new series you've started. Cock Robin & Jenny Wren are just precious.

    Sandra in Texas

  6. Love iggy! What a face!! They come alive at nite,,,, I know!! Have 2 kittens now,,, yikes!!!
    Your embroidery is sooo lovely,,, you do amazing work,,, lori,, the cold does bring out great things!!
    Keep warm, and keep stitching,,,,,

  7. LORI
    Love all your whimsical
    Louise D

  8. Been looking for your pattern Oh Christmas Tree and can’t seem to find it. Do you still sell it?


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