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Friday, January 5, 2018

~ Keeping Toasty & Farm Shop Closed ~

 Hello Friends & Folk!
❆❅❄ BBbbrrrrrrrrr!! ❄❅❆

Well ~ due to the frigid temps everywhere,
our little Needlework Shop here at the farm will AGAIN BE
C L O S E D 
tomorrow, Saturday January 6th.
~ please keep safe and warm and don't go out if you don't have to!

do you not LOVE these vintage woolen mittens????
 and, speaking of keeping warm...
my hands have been busy as usual ~ now punching the 2018 models for our 
I have just re-opened the club for 2018 and have a few openings left!

2018 will be a bit different, as I will be designing a series of ornaments for PPNC club members...
with dear Henny Penny {below}as the first project!

she is a fluff-butt ~ 
especially from the back view of my work ~

 and I have already begun sketching up the next three for the year ~
it's been so cold that I have been huddled  in the farmhouse under blankets and double layers...

my embroidery is on hold for a little bit, but I will be working on the next one as soon as I can ~
in the meanwhile, Robin & Jenny {and Tiny Cat} are pinned to my wall and are good company
while I sit and stitch in my favorite chair:

 oh,'s His favorite chair too...
like a perch just for him to watch the puppies and goings-on of the farm ~

'oh, hey...'
 well I guess I'll have to wait until his nap is over ~
might be a while.

OH! I almost forgot...
I uploaded a *freebie* for the members of 

 How are you keeping warm today?
and what's in your workbasket?

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. Beautiful post! It was nice to have a snow day yesterday and do a bit of sewing. And thanks for the freebie -- I want to hurry and finish what I am doing now so I can do that pretty heart before February 14!

  2. Love those embroidered pieces!!! When I saw Henny Penny was reminded that I still have that Lancaster Barnyard paper pattern which still hasn't been drawn.

  3. Iggy knows how to do it. Yes, he does. He finds the snuggliest place and curls up, tucking his nose to the tip of his tail. Sweet kitty. Your window really tells it like it is there! We're having a warm spell where I am...low 60s and sunny today! But that's how we roll here...up and down.

    Have a punchy, creative day, Lori...I'll still be stitching angels...and thinking of all of you!

  4. Lori, what is the piece on your wall to the right with the child and 2 pets. LOVE it! Is it fabric? Great graphics. Glad you are staying warm. Today is supposed be our worst and now it's suppose to start warming up and we may have temps above zero. Please mother nature, quit being such a B.

  5. Love ur punches!
    And thank you for the heart freebie,,, going to put on weavers cloth today,,,, its absolutely frigid here! Our kitchen sink taps froze,, hair dryer worked!! Now to leave taps running,,,,
    I am working on ur hooked lancaster barnyard,,, enjoying it so much!!
    Keep toasty, and creative,,,,


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