Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

Our Needlework Shop & Studio
is located here at our farm:
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, Virginia 24521
ph. 434-263-6508
email ~

Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

Our ETSY Shop is Always Open!
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Saturday, July 30, 2016

~ Saturday Morning ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!

Our Little Farm Shop is CLOSED today, 
and we've decided to keep it closed throughout August ~
We will reopen with our annual 

since these storms have been visiting us almost daily,
our dirt road {driveway} is a mess ~ 
our power goes out & our phone lines have been down since last wednesday.
and NOW Facebook is giving me fits so I can't even sign on to that 
to retrieve any messages from there!

the best way to contact me right now is via my email:
and if I don't get back to you right away, please know I am not ignoring you ~
it could simply mean that I am backed up with responding, or that the power is off once again.

In the meantime, having less 'technology' to keep me busy,
I am getting more needlework projects finished for upcoming shows & such…

 The plentiful rains have been a boon to our sunflowers ~
{{which are seemingly finding their way into my needlework as of late}} 

~ I have been having migraines lately too.
not sure why, but hormonal & environmental factors are the most likely culprits.
keeping things quiet & dark are the best way for me to combat them when they visit.

Hoping you all have a beautiful weekend ~
storms or no storms!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Thursday, July 28, 2016

~ Powerless ~

~ finally our power is back on…
hellacious storms rolling through here just about every afternoon
 is playing havoc with our little rural power co. 
On & off, flickering & then off. popping back on & the power surges!
So needless to say, I have had no access to my emails or FB since yesterday.
oh, and our phone lines are down too. yep.

Update on shipping for the Punch Needle Stations:
we are shipping as fast as we can!
~ kindly remember that we are a small business... 
a true Mom & Pop, American Based Entrepreneurship! 

we strive to bring you quality & fast shipping 
and love to offer you our very own original and unique wooden products 
that you just won't find anywhere else. 
Each one of our wooden products is made one at a time, by hand, with lots of care ~

We ship 2x weekly and all of our orders ship in the order they were received…
and I can provide tracking numbers for you as I get them shipped.
If your order {via Etsy} is marked 'not shipped', 
~ that simply means that I didn't check the box yet.

between dyeing linens, designing, processing orders, packaging & shipping…
I do find a little time to create, of course...
{because I will lose my mind if I don't make time for that!!!}
so I'm working items for the August 1st   Early Work Mercantile  update:

Hoping the power stay on long enough now so I can catch up on emails & messages,
we have another evening of storms ahead….

Thanks so much for your patience my friends!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

~ Autumn in the Mail ~

Beloved Autumn ~
was waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday…
couldn't wait to get down our long dusty road 
~ back into the cool farmhouse to do a little light reading.

I also received two spools of this wonderful wool thread from my friend Kathy at

this is 100% rustic Wool Thread from Moire ~ 
and as a designer I thought I would give it a try…

at first, 
I threaded my Dimensions punch needle with Medium tip with the orange wool thread…
it was too 'thin' for me, 
~ so I ended up doubling the thread in the needle and I love it!
I'm sure those of you who work with a small punch needle tip will find the single strand works well,
I just prefer my medium needles and a little bit more of a 'denser' look ~

here is the 'back' or 'working side' of my practice design…
you can see the 2 threads better:

and here is the 'front' of my work ~
you can see that I've punched two rows of the doubled-thread 
and how it 'floofs' up better using the doubled thread.
{yes, 'floof' is a word. in my vocabulary, anyway}

Using the Dimensions medium tip needle, which is NON-adjustabe, the loops are at the same height as they would be if I used my Medium Ultra Punch Needle set on the #1 setting…

so far, so good.
~ me likey.

I will be mixing it up to finish this, as I'll finish the orange part using the Moire Wool Thread
and use DMC cotton 6 strand {all 6 strands} for the facial details & background.

the Sun is playing hide & seek today.
and I don't want to play.
I'll just let it continue to hide behind those clouds up there….

the farmhouse is dark & cool when the sun hides.
and my favorite chair waits for me to continue my work ~

quiet corner of my world….
except for the occasional squawk from Peaches,
letting me know he wants to come out & play.
for him, 
I'll oblige…

Dear Friends PLEASE READ:
*Update on Orders of our Punch Needle Stations*
we have been overwhelmed with your gracious purchases of our
Punch Needle Stations and we are doing our very best to get yours asap!

~ please also know that all orders ship in the manner in which they were received ~
Thank You All So Much.

Peter & I are so grateful for your continued support & kindness…

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

Monday, July 25, 2016

~ Monday Morning Musings ~

Good Morning ~ Friends & Folk!

I just cannot believe it is the 'end' of July already, can you?

oh how we wish Summer to come, then
we wish for the cooler temps to return once again.
ah well, so is life…seasons come & go.

… spent some time in the garden last evening when the sun wasn't so harsh.
I like to wait until it slants behind the trees a bit
so it's not too unbearable ~

I caught these beautiful 
Yellow Swallowtail Butterflies visiting our smaller herb garden, 
gathering the sun-warmed nectar from the tiny flowers on our butterfly bush:

Here's one happy friend that doesn't seem to mind the scorching heat & sun,
~ our huge sunflower!
… we measured it at almost 12 feet tall 
and it continues to grow inch-by-inch everyday, 
while producing multiple blooms on it's trunk-like stalk.

did I mention this was a 'volunteer' plant?
yep, we didn't plant it.
must have come from the bird feeders ~
what a sweet gift from nature!

~ the very tip-top bloom is lifting it's face to the sunshine ~

 Our tiny lemon-yellow day lilies are almost spent now,
just too hot for them…I guess.
I look forward to seeing them every year, 
~ then it usually gets to hot
for me to enjoy them for long!

here is the finished project model for the
Primitive Punch Needle Club from Notforgotten Farm™
{a.k.a. the "PPNC"}

~ Merrie October 31st ~
2016 © NFF

'…a delightful young Goode Witch out taking a moonlit stroll behind her beloved saltbox house...'

I chose to hang mine from a small vine wreath ~ and you can too! 
finish yours into a sawdust/spice-filled pillow or a simple framed piece…
how about mounting it to a slice of wool and adding some wool appliqué? 
or finish yours into a pocket...
~ the finishing possibilities are endless and I WANT TO SEE THEM!

All "PPNC" Members kits WILL include:
*Weavers Cloth 
*DMC/Valdani Threads to finish project
*Reusable Paper Pattern
*Color Photo
* Detailed Finishing Instructions

ALL "PPNC" Members will need to provide their own:
Lip Locking Hoop or Gripper Frame {at least a 10"x 10" size"}
Ultra Punch Needle {Cameo} with MEDIUM TIP

If you haven't joined our exclusive club for primitive punch needlers, 
you may click HERE to join ~ 

Kits will begin shipping in August so you can have your project completed in time for the
~ Autumn Decorating Season ~
{the most wonderful time of the year}

Have a beautiful & creative day my friends ~ keep cool and be happy!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

~ A Hot Mess ~

Yep ~
that about sums it up.
one HOT mess.

it's Hot out.
it's Hot in.
I'm sick of the AC ~ I need fresh air.
… I need fresh rain…

In the meanwhile,
I'm giving my hands a break from punching.
 I turn to a gentler type of needlework, 
~ my trusty hand embroidery.

When I begin, 
I get all of my threads ready on those little paper spool-things….
good intentions of keeping everything neat & tidy in my basket,
you know.

soon leads to this:
a beautiful but chaotic thread nest that seems to grow & grow without control
~ not unlike my free-spirited gardens.

yes! this is my Thread Garden….untamed & wild and full of inspiration!
ahhh ~ now I understand!
it has to be this way for me to create!!

to dig through them is cathartic for me ~ finding just the right color.
taking my time to untangle
 just. the. right….one.

I designed a sampler called 
"The Sowing Sampler" 
a few years back and it's verbiage sums my thoughts exactly:

'my linen is my soil, my linen is my plow ~ my threads are my seeds, and my words I do sow."

… all of those wild threads will eventually lead to this, 
my small little works of heart…
no design in mind,
~ just needle & thread in hand ~
 tiny little things appear that make me giggle ~ 
like the bushy tails on the Goodwitch's fur-friends below:

"Squirrel Whisperer"© ~ Notforgotten Farm™ 2016

or the shocked-look on the Ladye's face 
in this small work in progress...

"where's my broom?"

it looks as though it has reached the 80* degree mark {again}
and it's not quite 9:30 a.m.
I wish it would rain.
me thinks I'll take a walk in the cool, dark woods for a bit ~
maybe dip my toes down into the cool spring out behind our farmhouse
and sit on the bank for a spell.


~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Saturday, July 23, 2016

~ TOO HOT! ~

Our little Farm Shop will be 
CLOSED today ~ sorry for any inconvenience.

Hoping you all stay nice & cool where you are, & please remember our outdoor friends in this heat by always providing plenty of fresh, cool water to drink :)

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Thursday, July 21, 2016

~ Gratefully Busy ~

* Good Morning Friends & Folk *

Peter & I want to Thank all of you who have purchased our new 
and also thank those who have become members of our 

We are blessed to have such wonderful customer-friends like you.

I'm finishing up the model
 for the first kit of the Primitive Punch Needle Club {PPNC}
and should have it finished today ~ I'll update you asap!


I wanted to show the colors we use for our finished painted primitives 
like our Punch Needle Station, Rug Hooker's Tote, Sewing Box etc…
~ now you're able to see your choices better.


Our Gardens are blooming wildly with all of the heat & humidity ~
we haven't had the chance to pull any weeds, but so what?

I enjoy the weeds too ~ 
… especially when they bring butterflies & bees.

Hydrangea & Speedwell

Hoping you are all enjoying your needlework & staying cool ~
I'll be doing the same!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

~ HEY! ~

Well Howdy Friends & Folk! ~
I have been away from my blog for a few days…
~ lots of wonderful happenings going on around here!

a little birdie told me that it's time to share with you all the details:

Hi Peach!!!

 Peter & I, with the help of our dear friend Joan ~
have come up with something that we think you will love…

I know I am Over-the-moon excited about it!

If you LOVE LOVE punch needle as much as I do, 
and love using Valdani Pearl Cotton then I think you might appreciate this, our new:

~ Punch Needle Station ~

Peter has brainstormed once again to 'help' those of us addicted to punch needle :)

made from our home-grown & hand milled wood ~
painted & finished right here on the farm.

I chose the color red for mine ~
…  but you will be able to choose from our primitive colors.
 slide the lid off and take a peek inside:

{{oh boy!}}

next, lift up the thread rack using the tiny spool handle:

…then tuck the lid down behind the thread rack for a clipboard!

Each Punch Needle Station will come with 5 reusable clear 'stickies'…
what for you ask? have to remove those little circular papers
 from inside your Valdani thread balls to place them on the thread rack {dowel}
~ but you want to keep track of what color you're using, right?


now you can clip on your paper pattern instructions to the lid {clip is included too!}
so you can get punching

thread that needle and get to work!

and it's pretty, isn't it?
 it's no bigger than our Hookinpunch© Adjustable Gripper Frame…
AND both fit down inside your tote bag perfectly ~

There is even a divided interior to store your needles & scissors
Peter even included a magnet-strip for our threaders! 
~ woot woot ~

{can you tell I'm excited a bit?}}

 when you're all done punching,
remove your paper & clip from the lid, fold down the thread rack,
~ tuck in your needles & stuff and 
slide the lid  back on…

So, what do you think?
We will be listing these SOON in our Etsy shop ~

~ and if THAT wasn't enough excitement for one day…
{told you we've been busy!}

we have decided to open the 
Notforgotten Farm's™

* Primitive Punch Needle Club *

This is something we have wanted to bring you for some time ~

we've had such great response from asking our customers if they would be interested in such a club, and there is no better time that to begin with the very first kit for Hallowe'en!!!

Just like our well-received 
Little Stitches Handwork Club for cross stitchers,
memberships to the Primitive Punch Needle Club are for 1 full year and you can join/renew at any time.
Members will receive one kit, every three months ~ for one full year from when they joined.

Kits will include:
weavers cloth
exact threads to finish project 
{threads will vary between DMC & Valdani, sometimes both!}
reusable paper pattern 
 full instructions with thread list
color photo

***you will need to supply your own punch needle & lip lock hoop 
or gripper frame {available in our Etsy shop}

We will begin this club with the first kit mailing in August ~
AND it will be a folky-primitive Hallowe'en Design!!
 {{I am almost finished punching it and will share finish here soon.}}

If you would like to read more or pre-register please

Hoping you are all enjoying the hot Summer weather!
{I am enjoying it from inside! haha}

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

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