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Sunday, July 24, 2016

~ A Hot Mess ~

Yep ~
that about sums it up.
one HOT mess.

it's Hot out.
it's Hot in.
I'm sick of the AC ~ I need fresh air.
… I need fresh rain…

In the meanwhile,
I'm giving my hands a break from punching.
 I turn to a gentler type of needlework, 
~ my trusty hand embroidery.

When I begin, 
I get all of my threads ready on those little paper spool-things….
good intentions of keeping everything neat & tidy in my basket,
you know.

soon leads to this:
a beautiful but chaotic thread nest that seems to grow & grow without control
~ not unlike my free-spirited gardens.

yes! this is my Thread Garden….untamed & wild and full of inspiration!
ahhh ~ now I understand!
it has to be this way for me to create!!

to dig through them is cathartic for me ~ finding just the right color.
taking my time to untangle
 just. the. right….one.

I designed a sampler called 
"The Sowing Sampler" 
a few years back and it's verbiage sums my thoughts exactly:

'my linen is my soil, my linen is my plow ~ my threads are my seeds, and my words I do sow."

… all of those wild threads will eventually lead to this, 
my small little works of heart…
no design in mind,
~ just needle & thread in hand ~
 tiny little things appear that make me giggle ~ 
like the bushy tails on the Goodwitch's fur-friends below:

"Squirrel Whisperer"© ~ Notforgotten Farm™ 2016

or the shocked-look on the Ladye's face 
in this small work in progress...

"where's my broom?"

it looks as though it has reached the 80* degree mark {again}
and it's not quite 9:30 a.m.
I wish it would rain.
me thinks I'll take a walk in the cool, dark woods for a bit ~
maybe dip my toes down into the cool spring out behind our farmhouse
and sit on the bank for a spell.


~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Jane said...

Yes IT IS HOT in July in VA!! At least the ripening tomatoes like it!
I love the picture at the top of your blog.
Enjoy that dip in the spring!

Debra said...

It is sizzling in NY as well, and with the humidity it means watering the garden at dawn, and then stitching in the A/C. By the way, your thread garden looks uncomfortably familiar to me...I may just need to wind floss this afternoon!

Silent Stitches said...

Good Morning Lori, Sounds like a good suggestion, will play with floss today too. In the high 80's here with a sea breeze, which helps. Attempting to stay cool! (I hate the AC too.) Have a great day! ~C

Rugs and Pugs said...

Steamy in northern Ohio, too. 88*
We are desperately in need of rain!
Thank goodness for A/C but I also prefer the fresh air.

gracie said...

Oh yes...sounds delightful, a toe dip in the cool water. We are still in our heat warning phase here in Arizona so I understand.

Dimmekus@hotmail.com said...

Southwest Missouri is still under heat warning! Only July but I'm ready for fall!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, haha! I'm organized before I begin any project…and then it goes nuts. I kinda like it that way, really….:) I mean, the threads won't walk away...It is rather freeing!
I'm so grateful for AC here in North Central Texas (right now it's not noon yet and 95). I wonder how the generations before us managed. Soon the weather will turn, though…but for now, I'll keep enjoying the dog days of Summer (you know, cookouts, etc.?). I LOVE all your witches! LOVE THEM! Maybe I'll try stitchin' a witch freehand some time…Enjoy your walk in the Woods…it's a favorite thing to do. Cools my spirit and my thoughts.

Krissy B. said...

It's even hot up here in northern Minnesota!! I'm melting! Lori, I want everything you make! All so wonderful!

NMK said...

It is HOT here in New England too ....I would Love a nice rainy day too ! I finally found some Weavers cloth !!!!Back to punching more !!!!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

So hot here in SC. Tipping 100s keeps the AC running constantly. Love your squirrel whisperer! Hope your rain comes soon, although the toe dipping sounds nice! 🎲🌡

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,, love ur stitcherys,,,,,, so sweet,,,,, and witchy,,,,,
Neerain here too,,, and been hot,,,,, too hot,,,,
Put my hooking away for awile,, and doing some punching,,,, much cooler in the summer,,,, love having both hobbies to switch,,,,
Keep cool,,,, enjoy ur posts,,,,

Cheryl Reeves said...

Oh this heat and humidity. .we can hardly breathe outside. Grass is growing and weedings jumping. just a week ago it was mowed and weedeated. .looked nice but hard on us.
Pray the ac will go another summer.
Been sewing bom for holidays and embroidery to finish.

Erika said...

Hello there! With this heat I am thinking ahead to autumn...when is your fall extravaganza at the farm? I sure enjoyed it last year! Sorry if I missed the post about it!

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