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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

~ Autumn in the Mail ~

Beloved Autumn ~
was waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday…
couldn't wait to get down our long dusty road 
~ back into the cool farmhouse to do a little light reading.

I also received two spools of this wonderful wool thread from my friend Kathy at

this is 100% rustic Wool Thread from Moire ~ 
and as a designer I thought I would give it a try…

at first, 
I threaded my Dimensions punch needle with Medium tip with the orange wool thread…
it was too 'thin' for me, 
~ so I ended up doubling the thread in the needle and I love it!
I'm sure those of you who work with a small punch needle tip will find the single strand works well,
I just prefer my medium needles and a little bit more of a 'denser' look ~

here is the 'back' or 'working side' of my practice design…
you can see the 2 threads better:

and here is the 'front' of my work ~
you can see that I've punched two rows of the doubled-thread 
and how it 'floofs' up better using the doubled thread.
{yes, 'floof' is a word. in my vocabulary, anyway}

Using the Dimensions medium tip needle, which is NON-adjustabe, the loops are at the same height as they would be if I used my Medium Ultra Punch Needle set on the #1 setting…

so far, so good.
~ me likey.

I will be mixing it up to finish this, as I'll finish the orange part using the Moire Wool Thread
and use DMC cotton 6 strand {all 6 strands} for the facial details & background.

the Sun is playing hide & seek today.
and I don't want to play.
I'll just let it continue to hide behind those clouds up there….

the farmhouse is dark & cool when the sun hides.
and my favorite chair waits for me to continue my work ~

quiet corner of my world….
except for the occasional squawk from Peaches,
letting me know he wants to come out & play.
for him, 
I'll oblige…

Dear Friends PLEASE READ:
*Update on Orders of our Punch Needle Stations*
we have been overwhelmed with your gracious purchases of our
Punch Needle Stations and we are doing our very best to get yours asap!

~ please also know that all orders ship in the manner in which they were received ~
Thank You All So Much.

Peter & I are so grateful for your continued support & kindness…

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Anonymous said...

That Rustic Wool Thread, Moire, looks fantastic! And the effect you have played with is going to be floofingly fantastic (boy, my spellcheck was having a party with that!). I like your space, Lori. It looks quiet and soft. Hoping for some Autumn in the mail, too, come August. Enjoy your creating!

Debra said...

Need to get that issue of Country Sampler...also, I just love the lamp next to your stitching chair!

Anonymous said...

What is that item with the witch on it on your table and where did you get it?

Cheryl Reeves said...

My magazine came today. So happy. I spent the afternoon looking at everything. I have a blind kitten Im feeding so was glad for this fav magazine.

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,, love the look of that wool thread!! Just lovely soft effect!!
So happy punching,,,, love the motion,, love the threads, love the colors,,,, so excited I have joined the punch needle club,,,,,
Thanks for sharing, lori,,,,, love ur pictures,,
I always get that magazine, too,,,,
Love going over them,,,,

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