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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

~ HEY! ~

Well Howdy Friends & Folk! ~
I have been away from my blog for a few days…
~ lots of wonderful happenings going on around here!

a little birdie told me that it's time to share with you all the details:

Hi Peach!!!

 Peter & I, with the help of our dear friend Joan ~
have come up with something that we think you will love…

I know I am Over-the-moon excited about it!

If you LOVE LOVE punch needle as much as I do, 
and love using Valdani Pearl Cotton then I think you might appreciate this, our new:

~ Punch Needle Station ~

Peter has brainstormed once again to 'help' those of us addicted to punch needle :)

made from our home-grown & hand milled wood ~
painted & finished right here on the farm.

I chose the color red for mine ~
…  but you will be able to choose from our primitive colors.
 slide the lid off and take a peek inside:

{{oh boy!}}

next, lift up the thread rack using the tiny spool handle:

…then tuck the lid down behind the thread rack for a clipboard!

Each Punch Needle Station will come with 5 reusable clear 'stickies'…
what for you ask?

WELL...you have to remove those little circular papers
 from inside your Valdani thread balls to place them on the thread rack {dowel}
~ but you want to keep track of what color you're using, right?


now you can clip on your paper pattern instructions to the lid {clip is included too!}
so you can get punching

thread that needle and get to work!

and it's pretty, isn't it?
 it's no bigger than our Hookinpunch© Adjustable Gripper Frame…
AND both fit down inside your tote bag perfectly ~

There is even a divided interior to store your needles & scissors
Peter even included a magnet-strip for our threaders! 
~ woot woot ~

{can you tell I'm excited a bit?}}

 when you're all done punching,
remove your paper & clip from the lid, fold down the thread rack,
~ tuck in your needles & stuff and 
slide the lid  back on…

So, what do you think?
We will be listing these SOON in our Etsy shop ~

~ and if THAT wasn't enough excitement for one day…
{told you we've been busy!}

we have decided to open the 
Notforgotten Farm's™

* Primitive Punch Needle Club *

This is something we have wanted to bring you for some time ~

we've had such great response from asking our customers if they would be interested in such a club, and there is no better time that to begin with the very first kit for Hallowe'en!!!

Just like our well-received 
Little Stitches Handwork Club for cross stitchers,
memberships to the Primitive Punch Needle Club are for 1 full year and you can join/renew at any time.
Members will receive one kit, every three months ~ for one full year from when they joined.

Kits will include:
weavers cloth
exact threads to finish project 
{threads will vary between DMC & Valdani, sometimes both!}
reusable paper pattern 
 full instructions with thread list
color photo

***you will need to supply your own punch needle & lip lock hoop 
or gripper frame {available in our Etsy shop}

We will begin this club with the first kit mailing in August ~
AND it will be a folky-primitive Hallowe'en Design!!
 {{I am almost finished punching it and will share finish here soon.}}

If you would like to read more or pre-register please

Hoping you are all enjoying the hot Summer weather!
{I am enjoying it from inside! haha}

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Karen said...

Oh, Lori. I just love the box. What a great idea. Can't wait to order one. The needle punch club sounds wonderful also. You two are very talented.

Lori Abramczyk said...

Love love love it! Will have to have one!

Lori Abramczyk said...

Love love love it! Will have to have one!

gracie said...

You and Peter are just too, too much and so creative! I love the club idea...thinking on it

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! From where does all this creativity come!!!!! Brilliant, brilliant, Lori and Peter! (and that little witch/house design looks enchantingly promising…)

rx2massey said...

The punch needle station is awesome!

Patti said...

I LOVE your punch needle station and I don't even like punch needle! LOL :) I'm thinking it would be great for cross stitch too... Thinking that it will be going on my wish list.
Blessings, Patti

Prims and Needles said...

I think that you and Peter should leave your brains to science. There is sooooooooooooo much creativity in those two brains, I love anticipating what you will come up with next! This is absolutely ingenious! You astound me every day!

Susan said...

I am so impressed with you and Peter. Way to go! Wish I was a puncher cause this box looks perfect. You have thought of everything!

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,,, you and peter dont waste any time,,,, wow,,, love the station! I am new to punch needle ( love it , by the way) and can see the advantage of the station with the threads like that!!!
The punch needle club sounds great, too,,, my birthday is in september,, so will mention it to my husband,, an early birthday gift,,,, that I will enjoy all year!!
Enjoy ur blogs,,,, I can tell ur excited,,, too,,,,

denise said...

How wonderful!!

susiedele said...

Brilliant! I'm not a puncher but I want one. I want a very long box with a very long dowel for all my Valdani balls. lol You guys amaze me!

Ronda said...

Love this Lori, you guys are amazing!

NMK said...

What a neat idea the punch needle box ! I am thrilled with your punch needle club too ! Sign me up !!!

kelley said...

you're both amazing...the punch needle station is gorgeous and so practical...I want one and don't even punch anymore!

Fran Caswell said...

I LOVE the punch needle station. What a fantastic idea. The two of you are so incredibly talented!! Simply amazing. : )

moosecraft said...

Boom! Another genius invention brought to us by one helluva team!!! :-) I'm looking forward to ordering one! One suggestion... how about a wooden spool(s) type piece that DMC or Vandani 3-strand users can wind their threads around... and be able to slide it on the thread rack? Just a thought as I always mix threads when punching. Also, looking forward to the Punch Needle Club release! I've already started the cross stitch club piece.. love it! Have a beautiful weekend!

Pamela Tasker said...

What an awesome idea ! Love the box especially since it is from your hand milled wood ! I may want to exchange those bright screws to some antique type turn keys ? just a thought... certainly very user friendly as I picture my balls rolling all over the floor and wondering where my next color is to be found ! You both make such a good team ! Thank you !!

Jeanne said...

Very cool !! Love it!

Kelly said...

The punch needle station is awesome! You two are so clever & creative!

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