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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Farmhouse Redux ~

Each January ~
…. I get the urge to purge.

why is it every year I seem to 'collect' more & more even though I say I won't?

This year marks the 13th year that we are here living in this old farmhouse.
Peter & I gutted each room and hung sheetrock... 
he redid the woodwork and even remodeled the attic space 
into a third floor room for Hannah when she was still living home.

we took down walls to make a large spacious sewing room for me,
and what do I do?
clutter it up.

well I'm done.
I need to de-clutter and refresh my working & living spaces.
So, room by room I will do just that ~ without a lot of money spent 
and refinishing/upcycling everything that I want to hold on to.

I like to take photos of our rooms, and see them on the large computer screen.
I can get a better feel for things that I want to let go of and/or keep.

Here is my sewing room this morning:

a hot mess ~ 
with too many dark surfaces and dark window treatments.
they 'gotta go' !

my massive bookshelves {behind the curtains held on with clothespins}
will get a total makeover and hold nothing but books and baskets of supplies
which I will keep neat & tidy.

after removing everything from the walls, they will be painted a brighter shade of white 
and I'm thinking of also painting my desk & large cedar cupboard too!

Here is our bath ~
this room was finished a few years back
{{You can see the 'before' HERE & HERE }}

I particularly LOVE how clean, bright & un cluttered it is now ~

well, except for a few loverly things that I can't live without ~
like the lightening rod on the chippy metal cabinet, the weathervane arrow 
and the cast iron oil lamp bracket that now holds a flicker candle…

and those curtains ~ they are black & cream Waverly 
and the toile is of beautiful, bucolic farm scenes ~ 
complete with chickens and a donkey or two!

see the double lamp above the sink?
that was found at one of our local auctions last year…
{oh ~ hey Iggy!}
*that blue bowl in the sink is Iggy's personal water bowl….sorry*

a couple of postings ago I showed you my bonnet topped hutch in the dining room ~
it holds my ironstone & a few other trinkets…
I am disliking the color more & more.
Somewhere in it's past, 
someone did a poor job of painting it this oxblood red color.

That will change, 
and I will use my own concocted-color of handmade chalk paint ~
{yep, I make my own chalk paint! more on that to come soon ~}
white? grey? green?

the out dated wallpaper border was awesome 13 yrs ago ~
but it has grown weary & faded & tired…
so it will be removed
{although I still love Carol Endres' artwork}

Our little breakfast-nook was slap-dash painted with a mural {by me}
and it too is feeling very tired to me….

So a nice, 
warm buttercream color will grace the walls in here soon enough ~
and that blue corner hutch will also be repainted.

the old glass-front hanging cabinets in the kitchen are beautiful…
Peter & I have had them for ever and we even moved them with us from house-to-house.
They too will get a facelift of fresh paint, as well as that red/blue cupboard.

my I have lots of work to do!

everything that you see in the photo below will change ~
from the curtains, to the removal of the self above the range…
to the base cabinet color and even the knobs & pulls!

I'm even entertaining the idea of painting a faux rug in here ~
 checkerboard of course ;)

and the Keeping room will undergo a transformation
 from dark to light in paint & accoutrements…

no more stenciling along the top of the walls ~
no more black or red paint anywhere.
even the antique radiators will be painted!!

sorry about the blur!
 yes, a lot of work to be done…
with more elbow-grease than money
more imagination than sense I guess ~

it can be done :)

I'm excited to start 2016 with a bright new outlook ~ 
so why shouldn't my home reflect that?

Hoping your day is filled with fresh & wonderful new ideas!!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Donna Rae Barrow said...

Don't you love responding to the January nudge for a refresh?! I've spent the last couple of days ironing and putting out crisp white linens to replace the rich colors of Christmas. Can't wait to see the brightly finished farmhouse!

Anonymous said...

All great ideas, Lori…you have the gift of envisioning ('course that's what an artist does!). One question: Does Peter know about all of this? Lol!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Oh...I love a good old fashioned makeover! Hope you will include us every step of the way! We are painting this year as well, and have decided to go back to white on the walls. When we moved in twenty six years ago I could not wait to paint all those white walls. Now, I can't wait to bring them back! Your bath is so pretty! Pace yourselves!

vic said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds like at least a year and a half's work, maybe even two! It is nice to change out colors and move stuff around. It keeps a person from getting into to much of a rut.

I always get stuck on what color to change to and the inevitable, "But if we move this where will the thing that is already there go". I have a hard time letting go of furniture that has outlived it's usefulness----the sentiment attached is still there and is hard to toss away.

Running with a sharp pencil said...

I love your house! I am also going to work on my home this year--lightening up and refreshing the walls with new paint. I would definitely go with a light chalky gray on that wonderful bonnet top cupboard - wonderful - maybe on those lower cabinets too! I am going to paint a maple cupboard a chalky gray, and I am going to paint my horrible orangey wood kitchen cabinets with Benjamin Moore White Dove, but maybe a light gray on the lowers. Decisions, decisions! I know whatever you choose, it will look great!

Anna said...

Love your ambition and sense of what you want! Life is good!

Krissy B. said...

Lori, when my life gets overwhelming and cluttered I do this exact thing and it really does help. My house is my go to place when I'm stressed. Sometimes I'll tuck in for days and Mark comes home to moved furniture and all the smalls are cleared out & redone. It feels wonderful doing it and then enjoying it later. I could spend days in your sewing room alone! I'm excited to see the transformation. The journey is the best part and if I lived closer I'd say Put me to work! I'm excited to see the transformation! Krissy B.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

You call that a mess? Honey, I wouldn't dare share mine! Can't wait to see your hard work come to life. Please share as you go!!

Daniela Bencúrová said...

You have a comfortable living, I really like you!
I envy you parts! It's beautiful and spacious!
I send greetings!

Trudy Moye said...

I so agree about too much stuff. I try so hard not to get too much clutter, but before I know it I am thinking where did all this stuff come from. I think that being artistic has a lot to do with it. There are always so many ideas bouncing around that my nice neat space is filled with clutter before I know it. But like you I clean out and organize. Then the whole thing starts over again. The remodeling is a different story at my house. My husband is not a fan. That is why getting a new bathroom has taken about 17 years. The wallpaper is 30 years old and might be around another 30 if he has his way. We have been the same house since we were married 33 years ago. Be glad your sweet husband is on board with changes. Some grumpy old bears just don't like their cave changed!

NMK said...

Wow , you will be a busy Lady ! I try to declutter, but have too many things I treasure , then my Mother has moved & has sooo many wonderful things I have brought home ....what do you do ???? I just like neat stuff !

Rebecca Noland said...

I love all your ideas for your farmhouse makeover!!!! It will be loverly!
xoxoxoxoxo Becky

DSFinn said...

Oh, you have some ambitious ideas to put into place. I know the feeling of clutter all too well. I have been on a mission to take care of that problem while sprucing up my little Cape since last year. Still a few little and big things to do, but my husband isn't keen on change, especially when it involves money! We have always been do-it-yourself-ers starting from clearing our lot and building our home from the ground floor up almost 28 years ago. I say after that much time, change is necessary! As of last October, all of our rooms have now been repainted, and our kitchen has almost all new appliances. Loved decluttering rooms and redecorating with what I have to make the house look fresh and clean. Wishing you luck as you go about your work. Sounds like a lot of work, but oh so fun!! I know it will be delightful and beautiful with your special touches.

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Hi Lori, I can't wait to see the transformation. Lots of work but very exciting and very rewarding once it's complete.

Jacqueline said...

I am worn out just reading this. But love the direction you are going in.

Fran Caswell said...

You are going to be very busy, but what a wonderful busy. I would love to do the same to my own home. "Someday". : ) Can't wait to see your progress as you go along.

Karen Budnick said...

I'm tired just thinking of everything you plan to do. Here's a trick. When I painted my corner hutch (former home) I matched the back of the hutch to the wall color. It allows your field of vision to keep moving through and make the whole area seem larger. Just a thought...

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