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Sunday, January 31, 2016

~ Blooming ~

"A little madness in the Spring
is wholesome even for the King"
~ Emily Dickinson

and that is how I'm feeling today on this bright & sunny Sunday morning ~ 

we all know it isn't Spring….yet.
but I don't think they do:

our sheep are coming around today like it was a fine day in May….

and our Daffodils' are sprouting!

after hanging the laundry out to dry in this sun,
I will be cutting some of our Forsythia & Redbud branches today…
maybe a few pink & white Dogwood too - to place in a vase on our mantel.

ushering in a little more spring ;)

my needlework is also helping Spring along these days ~
I'm working on my offerings for tomorrow's February 1st update on

tiny leaves & sprouts of silk, cotton & wool

… on humble ticking and other calico cloth ~

colors of nature and imagination bleed from my needle
while I paint with fibers….

fanciful fripperies and simple stitches make for a
Happy Heart

Do what makes YOUR heart happy today my friends ~

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Friday, January 29, 2016

~ Needle Love ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!

sunny & COLD one today ~ 
… wood stoves are stocked, coffee & tea are brewing :)

I am happy that you liked yesterdays' posting!!! 
I'm always interested in other designer's thread/color choices
~ so thought it might be of help to share mine.

I've finished a few little embroidered bits to share with you ~
these are the ones I've been working on lately
{with many more in my basket of tricks}

bowl-ful of stitched goodness

these are small works of heART, as I like to call them…
wearable folk art…folk embroidery

I don't plan on what to stitch, really…just a passing thought then
I just let my needle & threads dictate to me.

… these aren't quite 'finish' finished though,
they will be made into necklaces & brooches still….
need to add findings and other small accoutrements to bring them to their finality.

'girl in striped skirt' 

'bees knees'

'fly away'


'bowl & poppies'

'leaning tulip'

I've used a mixture of materials for these, wool yarn, wool strips, beads
DMC floss & Valdani perle cottons too.
the fabrics are all from scraps saved from previous projects, 
and they are filled with cotton batt, scraps of wool & fabric and a sprinkle of lavender.
{of course, Iggy has to add to my work always, so yes, we do consider cat-hair a usable fiber here}


~ here are the backs, 
and you can see how I've pieced together scraps and added my labels ~

* i love them *

I find the act of embroidery to be very fulfilling & freeing...
I think I will be adding more folk embroidery to my repertoire of patterns ~
perhaps even PDF downloadable ones too! yippeeeee!

please tell me your thoughts on embroidery…
do you love it? hate it?
something you've done or would like to do?
what fibers do you use?

If you're interested, I have created a group on Facebook called
Humble Work Hand Embroidery
and you can click HERE to request to join us!

also, you can see my Embroidery Folk board on Pinterest by clicking
{but I must warn you….Pinterest is ADDICTING!!!!}

Hoping you all can find some time today to create something beautiful!!!

these, and more of my finished humble embroidered-things 
will be available at the Winter in the Valley Show on Feb 6th 
as well as  on Feb 1st and in my Etsy shop :)

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

~ Thread Questions ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!

another grey/wintry morning to be had here at the farm…
clouds with blustery winds are keeping the chickens active this morning ~
their little fluff-butts are shaking off the cold!!!

Since I've been working on embroidery lately, and showing my progress here on this blog,
I've received a couple questions from folks, that I thought might be better answered here for everyone... 
{if you're interested, that is}

do you over dye your own floss/threads?
yes I do ~ I love to in fact! 
I prefer to use a mixture of coffee, tea, walnut stain, cinnamon & ground clove to dye with.
I like the look of the brownish-stain coming through the actual base color of the color-fast thread. can click HERE to see how.
{I have added this as a permanent link to my sidebar over there on your right ---->
 for your future reference.}

photo shows my DMC perle cottons over dyed with  my stain technique


when working with punch needle & DMC floss, do you use 2, 3 or 6 strands of floss?
I  prefer to use all 6 strands of floss when I punch ~ using a medium tip Cameo Ultra Punch needle.
I like how 6 strands of floss mimics the 'full' look of a miniature hooked rug.
when I punch with Valdani Perle Cotton, I prefer to use the #8 size, which is thicker than the #12.
I also combine Valdani & DMC threads when I punch ~ I love how that looks!

~ here is the list of colors in my "Spring from Notforgotten Farm" designer collection 
from Valdani Threads:

H 209 ~ khaki black
H 210 ~ melancholy purple
JP 7 ~ faded marygold
JP 12 ~ seaside
O 154 ~ dark antique gold
O 178 ~ tea dyed stone
O 506 ~ cinnamon swirl
O 510 ~ terra cotta swirl
O 531 ~ black nut
O 534 ~ quiet fall
O 538 ~ cottage smoke
P 2 ~ olive green

"Spring from Notforgotten Farm"
 Valdani Designer Thread Collection

Here are the colors in my 'Autumn from Notforgotten Farm' designer thread collection 
from Valdani Threads:

M90 ~ chocolate brown
O154 ~ dark antique gold
O178 ~ tea dyed stone
O217 ~ yummy pumpkin
H210 ~ melancholy purple
O196 ~ muddy bark
P2 ~ olive green
O510 ~ terra cotta twist
O540 ~ black olive
O506 ~ cinnamon swirl
O548 ~ blackened khaki brown
P11 ~ aged black

"Autumn from Notforgotten Farm"
Valdani Designer Thread Collection

 here is the color list for my
"Winter at Notforgotten Farm" designer thread collection from Valdani Threads:

O178 ~ Tea Dyed Stone
P1 ~ Old Brick
P7 ~ Withered Blue
O513 ~ Coffee Roast
O154 ~ Dark Antique Gold
O506 ~ Cinnamon Swirl
O545 ~ Primitive White
H212 ~ Faded Brown
P2 ~ Olive Green
O196 ~ Muddy Bark
O501 ~ Ebony Almond
O534 ~ Quiet Fall

project shown using my "Winter" by Notforgotten Farm Designer Thread Collection
from Valdani Threads

I have also added a permanent link of my list of preferred DMC colors
 to my sidebar for you today too 
you can print this list and keep it in your purse…
then when you're out & about you'll have it handy ~ like I do!

My Favorite DMC thread colors

ecru - ecru 
310 - black
400 - mahogany dark
422 - hazel nut brown light
451 - shell grey dark
610 - drab brown dark
611 - drab brown
640 - beige grey very dark
645 - beaver grey very dark
647 - grey beaver medium
720 - orange spice dark
728 - golden yellow
729 - old gold medium
732 - olive green
734 - olive green light
783 - topaz medium
801 - coffee brown dark
830 - golden olive dark
831 - golden olive medium
869 - hazel nut brown very dark
918 - red copper dark
919 - red copper
920 - copper medium
921 - copper
924 - grey green very dark 
926 - grey green medium 
946 - burnt orange medium
3011 - khaki green dark
3012 - khaki green medium
3021 - brown grey very dark
3033 - mocha brown very light
3042 - antique violet light
3064 - desert sand
3328 - salmon dark
3740 - antique violet dark
3768 -grey green dark
3781 - mocha brown dark
3782 - mocha brown light
3787 - grey brown dark
3799 - pewter grey very dark
3828 - brown hazel nut
3858 - rosewood medium

these are my 'turn-to' colors again & again
used in my needlework & painting ~

I now carry ALL of my DMC floss palette colors here in the FARM SHOP! 
{{{ and thank you Peter i love you }}}

what threads do you prefer to work with when doing your hand embroidery projects?
all of the above & then some!
if I am working on a project that is a one of a kind piece to be sold, then I use floss, yarn, perle cotton, silk threads, old & vintage fibers….
really any kind of floss/thread is suitable for me to incorporate into my work.
i love to mix it up!
if I am creating a model for a project that will become a pattern, then I will usually stick to a certain fiber such as DMC or hand dyed threads such as Gentle Art or Weeks Dye Works threads 
or my Valdani cottons.
this makes it easier for folks who purchase my designs 
to replicate them in the same fibers as I have for the model.

Last Question:
do you ever sleep?
I get this one a lot!…
~ and my answer is yes ;)

Hoping I've helped you today,
 I love to hear from you ~ SOOOOoooo
if you ever have questions email me!

I am here to help in any way I can & truly love sharing what I do with you all!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

~ Show-bound ~

~ that's right…
SHOW bound, 
… not snow bound!

Join us on Saturday February 6th {Snow Date February 20th}
for the 

I am working on finished, one of a kind things to bring along to fill our booth….
like this little guy below, who will become a piece of wearable folk art ~


as you can clearly see
my worktable is overflowing with scraps 
 ~ as I create small "canvases" to stitch upon….

~ my happy creative chaos ~

I throw nothing away….
~ not even the smallest particle of fabric.
… I use it simply for the stuffing of my work.

old quilts that have become too threadbare to turn into anything else
 usually holds wonderful genuine cotton batting inside them
aside from our organic sawdust & lavender
 ~ it is my most preferred material for stuffing these smaller works…

adding a bit of our lavender to the stuffing of my wearable folk art 
such as my brooches and pins & necklaces
lets you enjoy the relaxing scent while you wear them :)

pins & needles
needles & pins
when a man marries
his trouble begins

Peter knows too well not to complain about the disarray of my studio…
I have sharp objects!

this little work is almost finished…
needs a few more stitches
then I'll add some of my collected bits 
to finish them.

Hoping you all make time today to be creative ~
why not try something new?!!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

~ Folk Dolls ~

Hello Friends!

besides bunnies in  my workbasket, there are more kittens arriving!
{well, those of the needle-born type anyway}

I love combining different types of needlework in my art ~
punch needle, doll making & embroidery seem to be what holds my heart these days :)

I created my very first doll in 1987 ~ the year Peter & I were married.
IT was awful.
I say 'IT' because IT was awful.
and I say AWFUL because IT was! ha!
{there is NO WAY I'm sharing photos of IT either!!}

ove the years I have created many more dolls in different mediums like paper clay, clay over cloth…
some with hooked wool faces, some with bodies being created with cast-off parts of old dolls 
& other sundries like tin cans, boxes & broken lamp-bases.

I have a small collection of patterns for the earlier dolls I have made,
~ and I sold the patterns for many years ~
{some of you even may still have them I think?}

now I just enjoy creating dolls for the sake of creating them ~
yes, I do offer them to my customers & collectors and I do enjoy that too!

I've been looking through those sketchbooks again ~
I think there is a whole family of Folk Dolls that needs to be brought to life with my needle….

You can visit my Ebay page by clicking HERE
to see Dorothy & perhaps adopt her ~

Our snow is melting ~ 
~ the sound of it on the farmhouse roof is relaxing…
Hoping your day is filled with warmer thoughts of Spring!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Fabric Designs coming soon to Spoonflower :) ~

~ Howdy Friends & Folk ~

i've been using my snow days wisely ;)

I have just uploaded 5 new designs to my Spoonflower shop:

they are happy, colorful & spring-y
with a nod to my 'primsical' side
{'primsical' = primitive + whimsical}

"Pitchers & Bowls" 
~ a soft, vintage-like design with yellow ware bowls & ironstone pitchers
perfect for tea towels!

"Sampler Happy"
~ potted flowers, alphabet & the words: stitch, sew, sampler
great to back those pin keeps you're working on!

"Small House"
~ rows of beloved & warm saltboxes, houses & dwelling places
wording reads: 'I live in a small house filled with much love"

"Cat & Mouse"
~ who wants to play a good game of cat & mouse? these fellows!
balls of yarn spell out: 'cat, 'mouse'
I can see this in a heavier canvas fabric and made into a great tote bag :)


"Cabbage Patch"
my sweet little bunnies ~ sitting amongst turnips, cabbages & carrots….
{there is a punch needle design on the horizon that compliments this fabric!}

These designs were a joy to create!
I combined my love of painting & drawing ~
with just enough FUN added in !

you can purchase these designs in:
cotton fabric = good for needlework projects/quilting/backing finished projects
canvas fabric = good for tote bags/purses
and many more options too ~

when you go to purchase yours, make sure to click on your 'fabric choice'
AND they will also be available as Gift Wrap & Wallpaper too!


~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Still Snowing ~

Is it still snowing where you are?
it is still snowing here :)

beautiful fluffy-white flakes...a marshmallow world for sure.

we have about 9 inches,
they are predicting maybe 3 more before ending tonight ~

I've been watching the juncoes & sparrows out by the kitchen garden...
I love to watch how they hop in the snow!

inside the farmhouse
it is warm & comfortable ~
this time of year I like to bring small touches of Spring out to decorate with 
like the small nested chicken on top of the hanging spice drawers 
~ and the white strawberries on the knobs...

below the spice drawers hangs a small embroidery piece 
that was sent to me from my far-away friend in Sweden, Louise D.
~ she made the embroidery from one of my original folk art drawings with the same saying.
& she stitched it with tiny stitches and stained it perfectly!

I love it ~
Thank You so much my sweet Friend...

since I can't even get up our snow covered driveway to the market
{where I usually buy my fresh cut tulips}
I will be satisfied with the faux mums that I have...

here are some in an ironstone pitcher in the breakfast nook ~

and here are more of the same, below
tucked into a beautiful mercury glass vase 
~ that Hannah gifted me with for Christmas this year...

 I decorate with what I love now...
things that speak to my heart and make me happy.
I will mix it up and somehow it always comes together for me :)

and even though the skies outside might be grey,
we always have a little bit of sunshine inside with us everyday ~
our beloved 'Peaches', the Sun Conure.

'Peach' is a character to say the least...
He is strengthening his vocabulary everyday with new words and sentences:
is what he greets us with everyday when we remove the cover from his cage.
"want some?" 
is the question he asks every time we make breakfast {he loves buttered-toast}
"night night"
are his last words of the day to us, along with a slew of kissing noises & clucks
and while many of his 'words' are unintelligible {to us, anyway} 
~ we're sure he knows exactly what he's saying!

he also loves to sway side-to-side in a crazy dance while Peter sings to him...
and he is always up for a good snuggle behind my neck.

 SO ~
what will YOU be doing on this snow day?

I will be making a pot of chicken soup on the wood stove.
perhaps bake another loaf of bread or biscuits?

I'll sweep the farmhouse of cobwebs made from the soot from the stove.
maybe even wash the windows with vinegar & old newspapers since the sun isn't out.

I'll have a few more cups of tea, then head on out to the barn to visit our friends out there ~
making sure everyone is happy, safe & warm.

and I'm sure in-between my walk from house-to-barn
 I'll just have to play a few rounds of 'ball' with our snow dog Roxy ;)

then when I come back in I'll do a little perusing through a few books in my collection:

"For the Love of Old"
"Cottage Style"

Hoping your day is filled with many tiny delights 
~ that warm your creative heart!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day Musings ~

Good Morning ~ Friends & Folk!
  well our storm arrived this morning, around 8:00 am-ish...

I was laying in bed under the weight of our heavy quilts,
 listening to the sound of the tea kettle on the wood stove chirping-away ~
when I looked out the window {sans eyeglasses} and saw the fluttering of the first few flakes falling.

always makes me smile ~ 
being raised in Connecticut, snow days off from school were plentiful.
We would dress in our layers of wool & down, pull on numerous layers of socks, then put bread-bags on our feet {to keep them dry} before putting our boots on and heading outdoors for the day.
yes, the day...
I would stay outside for hours & hours in the snow.

there was much to be done!
there were snow-angels to be made {whole families of them, side by side and 'holding' hands}
...there were igloos to be built, footprints & tracks in the freshly fallen snow that needed to be identified and bird feeders to be filled.

I wouldn't come back inside until I was frozen ~ red-nosed & shivering
but I knew as soon as I got back in the house, something wonderful was waiting for me!

our old house had radiators, 
and I would pull off those layers of winter clothes, right down to my undershirt
 and lay next to the radiator resting my feet on it.

them Mom would make me hot tea ~ hot with cream & sugar.
that felt like liquid sunshine going down my throat, warming up every last bit of me!

These days, now that I'm...more mature {hehe}
and living in Virginia
the snow is still a welcome respite from the everyday for me.
~ it gives me a different perspective on life.
I can choose to think of it as a nuisance ~ or I can usher it in with open arms.

I'm sure you can guess which I'll choose 

Yesterday I showed you some of my drawings being readied for new fabric designs...
a few of you asked what the 'masking' is ~

this is what my drawings look like when masked, before painting:
see the yellowish color?
that is the latex masking that will be removed after the background paint has been applied...
then I'll work on the details...
~ it's all in the details!!

Rabbits & Hares are {again} finding their was into my work...
in sketches, wool...needle & thread.

here are a few 'friends' that live with us here year-round in this old farmhouse ~

this one wears a necklace of buttons & wire I made for him

he lives on our mantle

this mother & babes dwell amongst my early tea set do this German candy container & teeny bunny ~

....and this little brown hare ~
 while digging in the yard one day
{what? you don't dig in your yard?}
I found this sweet but broken bunny....seems to me it needed to be found by me!

wish he was intact....

I love vintage ephemera with rabbits, bunnies & hares on it too ~
I have a collection of postcards for Easter...
this is one of my favorites:


 and I am forever on the lookout 
for the base to this milk glass rabbit below:

for now, 
she lives happily on my hutch 
with other assorted farm-friends like this rooster ~
one day I'll find the base ~ rather, it will find me!

Use the weather today my friends, to your advantage ~ 
drag out those old decorating magazines you have...make some soup or stew.
create something with your hands & heart 
and enjoy the company of those who are fortunate to be snowbound with you!

or new seed catalogs
~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

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