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Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day Musings ~

Good Morning ~ Friends & Folk!
  well our storm arrived this morning, around 8:00 am-ish...

I was laying in bed under the weight of our heavy quilts,
 listening to the sound of the tea kettle on the wood stove chirping-away ~
when I looked out the window {sans eyeglasses} and saw the fluttering of the first few flakes falling.

always makes me smile ~ 
being raised in Connecticut, snow days off from school were plentiful.
We would dress in our layers of wool & down, pull on numerous layers of socks, then put bread-bags on our feet {to keep them dry} before putting our boots on and heading outdoors for the day.
yes, the day...
I would stay outside for hours & hours in the snow.

there was much to be done!
there were snow-angels to be made {whole families of them, side by side and 'holding' hands}
...there were igloos to be built, footprints & tracks in the freshly fallen snow that needed to be identified and bird feeders to be filled.

I wouldn't come back inside until I was frozen ~ red-nosed & shivering
but I knew as soon as I got back in the house, something wonderful was waiting for me!

our old house had radiators, 
and I would pull off those layers of winter clothes, right down to my undershirt
 and lay next to the radiator resting my feet on it.

them Mom would make me hot tea ~ hot with cream & sugar.
that felt like liquid sunshine going down my throat, warming up every last bit of me!

These days, now that I'm...more mature {hehe}
and living in Virginia
the snow is still a welcome respite from the everyday for me.
~ it gives me a different perspective on life.
I can choose to think of it as a nuisance ~ or I can usher it in with open arms.

I'm sure you can guess which I'll choose 

Yesterday I showed you some of my drawings being readied for new fabric designs...
a few of you asked what the 'masking' is ~

this is what my drawings look like when masked, before painting:
see the yellowish color?
that is the latex masking that will be removed after the background paint has been applied...
then I'll work on the details...
~ it's all in the details!!

Rabbits & Hares are {again} finding their was into my work...
in sketches, wool...needle & thread.

here are a few 'friends' that live with us here year-round in this old farmhouse ~

this one wears a necklace of buttons & wire I made for him

he lives on our mantle

this mother & babes dwell amongst my early tea set

...as do this German candy container & teeny bunny ~

....and this little brown hare ~
 while digging in the yard one day
{what? you don't dig in your yard?}
I found this sweet but broken bunny....seems to me it needed to be found by me!

wish he was intact....

I love vintage ephemera with rabbits, bunnies & hares on it too ~
I have a collection of postcards for Easter...
this is one of my favorites:


 and I am forever on the lookout 
for the base to this milk glass rabbit below:

for now, 
she lives happily on my hutch 
with other assorted farm-friends like this rooster ~
one day I'll find the base ~ rather, it will find me!

Use the weather today my friends, to your advantage ~ 
drag out those old decorating magazines you have...make some soup or stew.
create something with your hands & heart 
and enjoy the company of those who are fortunate to be snowbound with you!

or new seed catalogs
~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


becky jeffers said...

Bread Bags on your feet - we did the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Could the Rabbit be your Spirit Guide right now? Telling you to turn to quiet and allow your ideas to enter in with confidence? (Or do you just love bunnies, lol?!) They are precious indeed! Have a beautifully quiet and creative Snow Day, Lori!

Bridge said...

I love your memories of snow days! I enjoy good snow day too! I had a snow day this week. Quite different than snow days of childhood, but still splendid! As always it is all about perception and enjoying the moment.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Hello dear. What a lovely attitude about snow ! I too remember the bread bag liners. How simple that was and it worked ! Thanks for the bunny tour. :-). L

NMK said...

I forgot all about those bread bags ! I loved the smell of woolen mittens drying , we wore several layers of mittens. Enjoy watching the snow fall & thankfully you don't have to drive back & forth to work ! Have fun being cozy warm inside & stitching away !!!!

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Happy snow day here in North Carolina as well and I'm loving it. Still snuggled in my pjs, stitching away and my lap is full of kitty so life is great!

I have two of the fabric bunnies that I picked up at different estate sales and I leave them out year round but now one of them will need a wire and button necklace. I really love the bunny piece that you dug up in the yard because it's part of someone's history. Makes you wonder did a mischievous little boy break it then buried it to hide it from his momma or did a kitty knock it off a table and break it or was a sweet curly headed little girl playing house with it and it ended up in the yard lost....oh I could just go on and on with stories...sorry!

susiedele said...

I really love the way you love life, Lori, and love the way you tell it. You can really spin a yarn. :-) The kitty and mouse fabric is the bomb!

Jacqueline said...

Wonderful attitude... makes me smile and feel blessed just knowing you thru your blog.

Rebecca Noland said...

I love snow!!! It does not bring back childhood memories because I grew up in Bermuda, and that is why I love it so much!!!!! Stay warm my friend!

Glenda said...

I didn't think any one but me and my sisters wore bread bags on our feet. We did not have gloves or mittens so our mother put socks on our hands and bread bags over the socks. LOL Such fond memories and we never knew we didn't have the fineries that others had. I love your material especially the cat and mouse from the challenge rug.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh the good old days ~ bread bags on the feet!!!
Beautiful Hare Collection!!!
Many Blessings

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