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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Still Snowing ~

Is it still snowing where you are?
it is still snowing here :)

beautiful fluffy-white flakes...a marshmallow world for sure.

we have about 9 inches,
they are predicting maybe 3 more before ending tonight ~

I've been watching the juncoes & sparrows out by the kitchen garden...
I love to watch how they hop in the snow!

inside the farmhouse
it is warm & comfortable ~
this time of year I like to bring small touches of Spring out to decorate with 
like the small nested chicken on top of the hanging spice drawers 
~ and the white strawberries on the knobs...

below the spice drawers hangs a small embroidery piece 
that was sent to me from my far-away friend in Sweden, Louise D.
~ she made the embroidery from one of my original folk art drawings with the same saying.
& she stitched it with tiny stitches and stained it perfectly!

I love it ~
Thank You so much my sweet Friend...

since I can't even get up our snow covered driveway to the market
{where I usually buy my fresh cut tulips}
I will be satisfied with the faux mums that I have...

here are some in an ironstone pitcher in the breakfast nook ~

and here are more of the same, below
tucked into a beautiful mercury glass vase 
~ that Hannah gifted me with for Christmas this year...

 I decorate with what I love now...
things that speak to my heart and make me happy.
I will mix it up and somehow it always comes together for me :)

and even though the skies outside might be grey,
we always have a little bit of sunshine inside with us everyday ~
our beloved 'Peaches', the Sun Conure.

'Peach' is a character to say the least...
He is strengthening his vocabulary everyday with new words and sentences:
is what he greets us with everyday when we remove the cover from his cage.
"want some?" 
is the question he asks every time we make breakfast {he loves buttered-toast}
"night night"
are his last words of the day to us, along with a slew of kissing noises & clucks
and while many of his 'words' are unintelligible {to us, anyway} 
~ we're sure he knows exactly what he's saying!

he also loves to sway side-to-side in a crazy dance while Peter sings to him...
and he is always up for a good snuggle behind my neck.

 SO ~
what will YOU be doing on this snow day?

I will be making a pot of chicken soup on the wood stove.
perhaps bake another loaf of bread or biscuits?

I'll sweep the farmhouse of cobwebs made from the soot from the stove.
maybe even wash the windows with vinegar & old newspapers since the sun isn't out.

I'll have a few more cups of tea, then head on out to the barn to visit our friends out there ~
making sure everyone is happy, safe & warm.

and I'm sure in-between my walk from house-to-barn
 I'll just have to play a few rounds of 'ball' with our snow dog Roxy ;)

then when I come back in I'll do a little perusing through a few books in my collection:

"For the Love of Old"
"Cottage Style"

Hoping your day is filled with many tiny delights 
~ that warm your creative heart!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Silent Stitches said...

Good morning Lori,

"Peaches" is such a gorgeous color! What a sweet & smart bird!

The wind is picking up here & snow has just begun to fall. I'll be perusing the seed catalogs which have been arriving daily....trying to find a glimpse of spring on every page!
Pot of tea, fluffy socks, quilt,& comfy chair...what more does one need? My favorite kind of weather! Definitely a soup day here too.
Stay safe & warm. Best wishes.~C

Karen Budnick said...

Chicken soup from the pressure cooker and warm bread from the bread machine. Fast comfort food so I can get to my knitting. Crazy snow here in your hometown in Connecticut so we're staying put. Have a cozy day, Lori!

Anonymous said...

Cold and sunny here in North Central Texas. Your snow looks beautiful, and I'm hoping we will get some this winter (we usually get at least one good snow). Dear Husband and I have already planned to stock up on cardboard boxes to use as sleds for our little grandsons when it does (that's how we do in Texas). Thank you for such a cheery blog, Lori, and the color of Peaches is gorgeous!

Linda Cole said...

Across the mountain in Churchville there are 16-19 inches but it is blowing like crazy, so who knows how much snow there really is. It is cold so there's been muffins, potato soup, and chili. I am going to settle down to some serious stitching this afternoon. I spend a lot of time "window watching". There is just something to watching the flakes fall and cover objects outside that is addictive!

gracie said...

I follow you from sunny Arizona. We are having winter temps of the mid to high 60's and plenty of sunshine. The snow pictures are lovely to see but the sunshine and warmth is for me!

Donna Rae Barrow said...

Thank you for sharing your marshmallow world! All of our snow turned to heavy rain and wind last night, so I fretted about our darling bees all evening. More snow falling onto the swampy ground now. But we are tucked inside, cozy and warm with Miss Scarlett!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Lori I love your winter wonderland. Such Beauty and beautiful words to read while I wake up late this morning. Stay warm in your lovely home. Hugs Cheri from Southern California.

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

Thanks for the inspiring post. Lots of snow here in the mountains of Western NC. I'm going to get my butt up off the couch and finish painting my laundry room. Stay warm! Lurena from Tattered Moon

Jane said...

We've spent some lovely time by the woodstove, too. Jack is snuggled up with Steve and I'm hookin'. I'm facing a real challenge with hooking daffodils for my current piece. Not an easy flower to do! I'm consulting all my hooking books. When I get it right, I'll feel like I've conquered the snow!!

susiedele said...

I miss having a bird. Peaches is so sweet. I had a cockatiel that said some naughty words that my naughty son taught him. lol He also whistled the Andy Griffith tune. Unfortunately they don't live as long as large parrots. I love your snow pics! No snow at my house.

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

What beautiful photos and I just love your bird, he's gorgeous!

Hunny Crafts Primitives said...

You have a beautiful home Lori and the snow outside is magical. Your weather is due to travel across the Atlantic to us here in the UK but it will warm up on the way so we will have strong winds and rain, oh joy (not!).

Peaches is positively delightful what a happy fellow he is. How lovely to greeting like that in the morning and wished a good night from one of the Goddesses beautiful creatures. xxx

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful post of your snowy world!!!
I so wish I had a pretty bird that talked to me ~ he's adorable!!!
Many Blessings

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