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Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Afternoon Musings ~

Hello Friends & Folk!

and a pleasant Saturday aft it is ~
a bit on the chill-side, overcast & a slight breeze in the air…
perfect day to sit & stitch!
(but then again when is it not?)

I've been working on new finished goods for our 
Christmas Open House 
which is now officially only
one week away…

here are a couple of appliqué mats that I finished 
(2 more to go)
that I mentioned in my previous posting 
using the ticking I purchased last weekend :

wool & ticking & calico

I'm trying not to go too "Christmas-y" this year,
I want you to be able to enjoy my handwork all year through :) I'm opting for more of a primitive palette instead of the usual red & greens ~

blues, browns, whites...

ok, maybe one "Winter-y" thing….

a simple tree from my scrap-basket
 I am also working on my project for 

my 'day' on this fun Hop is
Wednesday, December 10th
I'll be sharing a free pattern for my little 
Candy-Cane Santa Ornament
{{sneak peek shown below}}

and a recipe for Apple Cake ~

You can see the participants for the blog hop, on my sidebar…
beginning December 1st, visit those blogs in accordance to the days listed, 
and treat yourself to something 

Candy Cane Santa
2014 ©Notforgotten Farm

 I have been punching with those beautiful Valdani threads again,
the project above was punched using them…
I prefer to use the size #8 balls of variegated pearl cotton in my primitive color palette…

I'm loving them SO much, in fact ~
 that I will be now carrying my color pallete in my shop here at the farm! ~
(not available in my Etsy shop….yet)

I will be working with Valdani to design my own color collections,
and cannot wait to display them in our shop ~ 
...amongst our primitives & such.

just loverly ~

and I'm even more excited to share the news 
...that I will be offering these precious little 
Thread Pots 
here in the farm shop as well!!

you just drop your ball of Valdani thread into the pot, thread it through the curved opening,
and thread your punch needle ~ the thread ball stays safe in the pot…
~ no more chasing the cat to get your thread ball back!

and just-plain
 Oh. How. Pretty.

their jewel-like colors, handmade quality and uniqueness are wonderful ~

Valdani Threads & Thread Pots will be available at our open house ~
along with all kinds of new wools, more Oxford rug punch needles, 
beautiful rug hooks from Larry Ault
rug patterns on linen from Cammie Bruce & Lanna Omlor, 
finished goods from Misi Axel & Theresa Miller ~ 
we are also happy to say that we are offering brand-spanking-new & shiny
Bliss Model A Wool Cutters
 in our farm shop !!!
{perfect for Peters new Bliss Cutter Boards :)}

well, that's enough excitement for today me thinks ~
Off to thread my needle!

Wishing you a creative & peaceful remainder of the weekend!

* Blessed be * 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Simple Wool Applique ~

it is a blustery day here at the farm ~
it was warmer this morning,
but now the temps are dropping….

snow is in the forecast for tomorrow & Peter will be bringing Hannah home
 ~ for the Thanksgiving Holiday ~

I'm working on things for the open house on the 6th, I decided to make a few simple wool appliqué mats.

I like to staple my wool pieces to my backing ~ 
it makes it extremely easy to carry my project from place to place if needed,
no worries of any pieces falling out-of-place,
and no pin-pricks either :)

I also like to wax my thread ~ so I make my own thread waxers by saving bits of old thread waxers and melting the crumbles in a tiny tart-tin on my wood stove…
~ nothing wasted ~

waxing my thread keeps it from breaking & knotting while I work.
I have a tendency to pull my thread tightly when I work,
... so the wax strengthens it ~
since I like to work with one strand of thread, it will break on my if I don't wax it.

I use a linen-colored thread that works well with all colors of my wools and backings :)

small sharp scissors, beeswax, needle & thread…
~ a few of my favorite things ~

I purchased some wonderful old ticking from Robin {Millstone Mercantile}
at her open house friday evening…

I'm using it to make 4 wool appliqué mats ~
this one is a feather tree:

Simple is Best...

close-up of wool stapled to backing {ticking}

I'll add small berries to the tree,
and I've found the best way to cut out those small berries 
is to hand cut a wool strip about 1/2" wide x whatever length…

then snip the wool strip into small squares…
then snip the corners off the squares to make circles {berries}

My berries {circles} are never perfectly round, nor do they pretend to be.
I like them a little "off"

strips turn into snips, snips become circles, circles become berries ;)

Once I have all of my wool pieces cut out,
~ and after the larger motifs are stapled to my backing,
then I'll begin the stitching process…

ready, set…stitch!

I've mentioned so many times before how I prefer a 'lighter' look to my appliqué ~
a simple whip-stitch using one strand of waxed thread all it takes to make this farmwife's heart smile….

once a portion of the stitching is completed, 
~ I will remove the staple with my trusty little primitive scissors…

staples *pop* right out!

then I'll continue on my merry way, 
stitching the rest of the way 'round….

notice my bent needle?
my needles ALWAYS bend when I use them…
strong hands I guess ;)

do your needles bend?

tiny little stitches

I'll finish this one up, then choose a binding/backing for it…
maybe some wool tongues for one edge?
Hmmm….possibilites are endless…

I will have to put my handwork aside soon though,
I have to go to market for groceries for
~ Turkey Day ~

I always wait for the last-minute to shop
~ so I can get some-what fresher food for my little family…
I'll be shopping at Fresh Market in Lynchburg, VA for our dinner this year.

Hoping you all will be able to enjoy your families
and a nice cozy spot to relax and do a little handwork ~


* Blessed be * 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

and they're UP!!!!


thanks for your patience ~

Etsy Shop Update Tonight ~

Good Sunday Morning 
Friends & Folk ~

I will be releasing my new patterns & supplies for 
Yuletide/Winter 2014
this evening at 6:00 pm sharp ~

~ a fun & simple wool appliqué design named "Peppermints & Holly"
~ a quick-to-stitch cross stitch pattern called "Cedar Waxwing"
~ another fun cross stitch pattern with a unique finish named "Pomegranate Garden"
a 4-in-one pattern for punch needle ornaments, aptly named "Needleworkers' Pocket Ornaments"

along with 3 new floss keepers/thread winders and our new Bliss Cutter Board!!
You will be able to purchase them from our Etsy shop at 6:00 tonight.
>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<

a glimpse of
"Peppermints & Holly"

It sure has been a busy year for Notforgotten Farm... 
Peter & I have worked hard to bring you what we love to do best ~
from needlework designs to finished folk art, 
~ wooden projects to shows and classes, has been a full & joyous year for us!!

the icing on the cake will be to end the year, so-to-speak,
by inviting you all to visit us at our
Christmas Open House held on Saturday, 
December 6th from 10 ~ 3

keep warm &….

* Blessed be *

Friday, November 21, 2014

Oh by Gosh by Golly ~

…it's time for ~
me to get my rear-in-gear!!!

I am almost finished with the 'finishing' of my new 
Winter/Yuletide designs for 2014….

here is a peek at what I have so far:

this will be a larger wool appliqué project ~
"Peppermints and Holly"

remember when I recently mentioned 
how I was attempting the blanket-stitch with pearl cotton?
...not so much.

I am just drawn back to the simplicity & 'light-ness' of appliquéing my work
 with one thin strand of linen thread and a {very} primitive whip-stitch….

my stitches are wonky and sometimes disappear into the wools & fabrics that I am using ~
I like this look….makes me happy!

using linen thread, I can see the beautiful wools and fabrics more than the stitching ~
not for everyone, but it pleases me well.

not that I dislike the blanket stitch used nor do I dislike pearl cotton…
in fact I LOVE it ~
{well, to LOOK at it when someone else does it}
I prefer to stitch it my way, that's all ~
remember, your handwork has to make YOU happy!!

little leaves, tiny berries and simple stitches…
need to put the backing & sashing on this now.

next is a glimpse of
"Cedar Waxwing"
a new cross stitch design…

happy, colorful little fellow :)

and who doesn't love orange/clove pomanders?
{our little bird-friend, above, does too }
I have an OLD pomander that is over 50 yrs old!!!
(when I dig out my decorations I'll take a pick & show you)

I think I'll make this into a Balsam-filled pillow
...and toss in a few handfuls of whole-cloves too…
~ mmmmmmmm ~

and here is a speck of
"Pomegranate Garden"
the 2nd new cross stitch design…

our little angel's hair is blowing in the breeze high-atop the roof ~

all of those windows!!!
I would not want to wash them ;)

17 windows in this stately home ~
which is surrounded by pomegranate vines…
*THINKING* about framing this one ~ but we'll see….

I have to yet finish punching the new ornaments 
there will be 4 not 5 of them as planned…
and then one more punched design that I want to also stuff with Balsam.

I will be visiting friend Robin's
 Christmas Open House tonight:
6:00 - 8:00
115 Faulconer Dr.
Amherst, VA 24521
 it will also be open tomorrow (Saturday) ~ 
check Robin's FB page for times

Have a beautifully productive & peaceful day my Friends ~

* Blessed be *

Thursday, November 20, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! my beloved ~

50 yrs young today :)


Pinocchio & Daisy {donkeys}, 
Lazy & Roxy & Buddy in Heaven {dogs}, 
Minew, Tig, Mickey, Sugar-Britches & Iggy {kittens}, 
Toby & Roosty (and all of the roosters), 
Billy {peacock}
all the Ladies in the Hen House, 
Peaches {parrot}, Barbara {parakeet},
 Esther & Bobby {sheep}

….and me {your wife}!


wishing you health & continued happiness always ~

We ALL Love YOU!!!!!

* Blessed be *

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Beginning...

little-by-little…room by room ~
Christmas is creeping in to our old farmhouse once again…

I prefer simple, subtle touches 
when it comes to my Winter/Holiday decorating.


here are a few snaps
of the start ~

Frosty sits in his potty chair... (just in case he melts a little)

I won Frosty at the Simple Goods show a few years back ~
...not sure who made him, but he is a staple in my Winter decorating.

my Arnetts Santa standing on my old jelly cupboard…
I have a slew of other Santa dolls just waiting to make their appearance again this year…
I tuck them everywhere :)

redware batter pitcher was brought home with my from the From OUr Hands Show this past weekend ~
it will be filled with fresh greens & nandina berries.

here is a snap of our dining room ~

{one of } my small trees in the dining room ~
this one is nestled into an old grey graniteware coffee pot...

I hung a small collection of whisk-brooms on it,
along with blue calico boxes by Linda Evans from Remember When Farm…
the tree-topper is a grey graniteware funnel ;)

here is our cozy bedroom…
I change out the curtains and bedding for the season ~

early red checkered quilt keeps us warm at night…
dolls on the bed are from Tina Lewonski of The Burlap Owl,
and Tammy Speicher of By Thy Hands Tinkerings...

and of course, 
no old farmhouse bedroom should be without a bed-warmer…
ours is named
~ Iggy ~

…and to all a Good Night.

18 degrees upon waking this morning.
chickens haven't left their nest-boxes yet and the kittens are sugaring into one big pile of fur.

Donkeys & Sheep have donned their Winter Woolies ~
Our wood stoves are piping-hot 
...and wool socks are being put to good use!!!

Wanted to say that the 
FARM SHOP {here on the farm}
will be 
C L O S E D 
the next couple of weekends
…in preparation of our
Christmas Open House
>>> December 6th <<<
Hoping to see you then!

Have a peaceful day my friends &
...Stay Warm!

* Blessed be *

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

That's Entertainment ~

some of you say that I'm 'energetic', or 'lively'…
{I'll give you that.}

but I received a few photos from friend Pat Cross this morning, 
that she thought I should post here
to show the 'real' me 
interacting with what she calls my 'audience' 
at the show on Saturday…

I can't help the way I get when I'm out & about with folks ~
especially folks that share the same love for handmade items & needlework-things…
I just get so excited to see you!

so here goes,
hopefully these will entertain you a bit:

yack yack yack…pack pack pack.

"oh little Town of Bethlehem"…oh wait. I wasn't singing!

"blah blah blah & then some…."
{why Miss Joan ~ you look bewildered!}

"that's my story & I'm sticking' to it…"

wow ~ I look like a fish….
...wonder what I was talking about at that moment?
~ oh! I think it was blending valdani & dmc threads.

thanks Pat & Tom ( I think) for the snaps…
was so good to see you both at the show!

here is the little heart & hand mat I was hooking on at the show,
all finished up.
I didn't really have a lot of time at the show to hook on it,
... but I brought it with me to show how I use my Hookinpunch© frame.

hand-cut & #8 cut strips on linen…
just something to keep my hands busy :)

looks like a stained-glass window?

and after seeing Rebekah L. Smith's
MOST-AWESOME woolies & applique, 
I decided to humor myself into thinking I could do the blanket stitch…
I can do it, but just not as good as she ~
practice practice!!!

I prefer to use a whip-stitch and thin linen thread…
what do you think?

Ok, it is a C O L D one out there today ~
only in the 30's with a wind-chill of who knows what.
the chickens are laying ice cubes!

I have a big pot of spaghetti sauce bubbling on the wood stove, 
~ and am UNdecorating for Hallowe'en…

now it's time to pull out Christmas!!!!

~ hoping you all have a snuggly day ~

* Blessed be *

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