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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Simple Wool Applique ~

it is a blustery day here at the farm ~
it was warmer this morning,
but now the temps are dropping….

snow is in the forecast for tomorrow & Peter will be bringing Hannah home
 ~ for the Thanksgiving Holiday ~

I'm working on things for the open house on the 6th, 
...so I decided to make a few simple wool appliqué mats.

I like to staple my wool pieces to my backing ~ 
it makes it extremely easy to carry my project from place to place if needed,
no worries of any pieces falling out-of-place,
and no pin-pricks either :)

I also like to wax my thread ~ so I make my own thread waxers by saving bits of old thread waxers and melting the crumbles in a tiny tart-tin on my wood stove…
~ nothing wasted ~

waxing my thread keeps it from breaking & knotting while I work.
I have a tendency to pull my thread tightly when I work,
... so the wax strengthens it ~
since I like to work with one strand of thread, it will break on my if I don't wax it.

I use a linen-colored thread that works well with all colors of my wools and backings :)

small sharp scissors, beeswax, needle & thread…
~ a few of my favorite things ~

I purchased some wonderful old ticking from Robin {Millstone Mercantile}
at her open house friday evening…

I'm using it to make 4 wool appliqué mats ~
this one is a feather tree:

Simple is Best...

close-up of wool stapled to backing {ticking}

I'll add small berries to the tree,
and I've found the best way to cut out those small berries 
is to hand cut a wool strip about 1/2" wide x whatever length…

then snip the wool strip into small squares…
then snip the corners off the squares to make circles {berries}

My berries {circles} are never perfectly round, nor do they pretend to be.
I like them a little "off"

strips turn into snips, snips become circles, circles become berries ;)

Once I have all of my wool pieces cut out,
~ and after the larger motifs are stapled to my backing,
then I'll begin the stitching process…

ready, set…stitch!

I've mentioned so many times before how I prefer a 'lighter' look to my appliqué ~
a simple whip-stitch using one strand of waxed thread 
...is all it takes to make this farmwife's heart smile….

once a portion of the stitching is completed, 
~ I will remove the staple with my trusty little primitive scissors…

staples *pop* right out!

then I'll continue on my merry way, 
stitching the rest of the way 'round….

notice my bent needle?
my needles ALWAYS bend when I use them…
strong hands I guess ;)

do your needles bend?

tiny little stitches

I'll finish this one up, then choose a binding/backing for it…
maybe some wool tongues for one edge?
Hmmm….possibilites are endless…

I will have to put my handwork aside soon though,
I have to go to market for groceries for
~ Turkey Day ~

I always wait for the last-minute to shop
~ so I can get some-what fresher food for my little family…
I'll be shopping at Fresh Market in Lynchburg, VA for our dinner this year.

Hoping you all will be able to enjoy your families
and a nice cozy spot to relax and do a little handwork ~


* Blessed be * 


annie said...

Thank you for sharing, Lori!
I do so enjoy the process that you put into your work, and share. The simple things are so very appealing. My needles always bend ~~~. Hoping that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving on the farm with your family. Blessings!

Martha Doe said...

I love your lesson in wool applique, Lori! I'm definitely going to try your method...thanks for sharing!

I too am going shopping,,,wish we had a Fresh Market nearby; ther's one in Charlotte that I enjoy going to when I have a ride...hate Charlotte traffic!

Happy Turkey Day to your family!

Cheryl Duell said...

Really enjoyed your blog today, gives me some ideas for some "scraps" I have been saving (knowing I would need them one day). Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday with your family!

Bobbie said...

Have fun shopping, Lori! I'm sure your dinner will be great! Thanks for sharing all your creativity and helpful tips with us....you are always such an inspiration..and you create the most beautiful designs out of the most simplistic and "at hand" supplies...always a joy to read your blog! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend...to you and your family!

Jacqueline said...

You always fill my senses with your creativity. Thank you for that and all you do for us followers. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

April said...

Thank you for sharing your way of appliqueing. Just beautiful! Happy Thanksgivings to your family!!

NMK said...

This little applique feather tree is just darling !!!I love your farm house stitching ! What time is Turkey dinner ??? Tee Hee....you live tooo far away ! Enjoy being with your daughter, Happy Turkey Day !!!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Love your feather tree.
ALL my needles are bent -
I thought I was the only one !!
A fabulous snowy Thanksgiving to you !

Sue Smith said...

Thank you, Lori. I have an old piece of ticking that I have saved for years. Maybe I will try my hand at making an applique with wool scraps. I love the way you put things together. Also love the way you stitch your pieces down. Much faster than the way I do it.
May you and your family have a perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Rori said...

Thank you Lori for the "up close and personal" photos of how you do your wool applique. When you wax your thread, do you pull it across the top like you would with the little square blue box of Heaven thread wax? Your wax is so much cuter!
I must be honest...i haven't tried wool applique...shocking....I know! I quilt, quilt with wool and embroider...It is on my bucket list.

gracie said...

I ruin so many needles. I always bend or actually break them. Love your new project.

Barbara said...

Well I'll be! I spend so much time basting my applique pieces down,I would have never thought to use a stapler! Like the circle method as well. Thank you for teaching an old dog new tricks!

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