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Friday, November 21, 2014

Oh by Gosh by Golly ~

…it's time for ~
me to get my rear-in-gear!!!

I am almost finished with the 'finishing' of my new 
Winter/Yuletide designs for 2014….

here is a peek at what I have so far:

this will be a larger wool appliqué project ~
"Peppermints and Holly"

remember when I recently mentioned 
how I was attempting the blanket-stitch with pearl cotton?
...not so much.

I am just drawn back to the simplicity & 'light-ness' of appliquéing my work
 with one thin strand of linen thread and a {very} primitive whip-stitch….

my stitches are wonky and sometimes disappear into the wools & fabrics that I am using ~
I like this look….makes me happy!

using linen thread, I can see the beautiful wools and fabrics more than the stitching ~
not for everyone, but it pleases me well.

not that I dislike the blanket stitch used nor do I dislike pearl cotton…
in fact I LOVE it ~
{well, to LOOK at it when someone else does it}
I prefer to stitch it my way, that's all ~
remember, your handwork has to make YOU happy!!

little leaves, tiny berries and simple stitches…
need to put the backing & sashing on this now.

next is a glimpse of
"Cedar Waxwing"
a new cross stitch design…

happy, colorful little fellow :)

and who doesn't love orange/clove pomanders?
{our little bird-friend, above, does too }
I have an OLD pomander that is over 50 yrs old!!!
(when I dig out my decorations I'll take a pick & show you)

I think I'll make this into a Balsam-filled pillow
...and toss in a few handfuls of whole-cloves too…
~ mmmmmmmm ~

and here is a speck of
"Pomegranate Garden"
the 2nd new cross stitch design…

our little angel's hair is blowing in the breeze high-atop the roof ~

all of those windows!!!
I would not want to wash them ;)

17 windows in this stately home ~
which is surrounded by pomegranate vines…
*THINKING* about framing this one ~ but we'll see….

I have to yet finish punching the new ornaments 
there will be 4 not 5 of them as planned…
and then one more punched design that I want to also stuff with Balsam.

I will be visiting friend Robin's
 Christmas Open House tonight:
6:00 - 8:00
115 Faulconer Dr.
Amherst, VA 24521
 it will also be open tomorrow (Saturday) ~ 
check Robin's FB page for times

Have a beautifully productive & peaceful day my Friends ~

* Blessed be *


  1. omg !! your work makes me happy, I love the simple whip stitch instead of the blanket stitch....can not wait to see the finished amazes me how much you get accomplished !!!!!!!!

  2. Love your color choices for your new projects and that cedar waxwing...makes me smile!
    Cheers, Susan

  3. Whatever it is you do, keep doing it because it's it! Sometimes the blanket stitch is too perfect for my primitive eye.

  4. Gorgeous sneak peaks....loving the colors....Blessings!

  5. Love them all. Any idea when they will be ready to purchase?

  6. lori...i am with you on the whip stitch....that is how i do all my wool the holly one you are doing now...i have a few projects to take with me to floirda this year....hope to get this wool rug hooked before i leave....i only have a couple of weeks.....have fun tonight...wish i could be there....want some company...i could swing by for a few days and we could hang out on my way down to linda

  7. Oh Lori, your new designs look so awesome! Can't wait to see them in full. Wishing Peter a belated b-day. I love your stitches. I love the look of the blanket stitch but I do love the primitive whip stitch too. So relaxing to do the whip one. Have a most wonderful of days. Hugs, Lori

  8. Like what I see! I think your stitches are perfect for your style.

  9. Visually beautiful blog. Love the applique using linen thread. Do you sell it? If not will you share what you use? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Your work is beautiful and inspiring!! I have just started down the path of rug hooking and am hooked!! I did one kit and now trying a design of my own. I wrote a blog entry about the kit. I need to write one about my own design so far. I'm not sure about the color of a tree in my design, but I love how easy it is to pull out and redo with rug hooking. I can't wait to see your projects finished. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. i love your calling your projects handiwork my mother and grandmother always called it that.iuse pearl cotton or floss however your work is beautiful the way you do it if we all did the same life would be booooring.when i first started penny rugs every thing was done in black thread.i started when it was not well knowin and i didn't even know the name

  12. Really awesome releases!!! I love the pomanders and I can wash the 17 Windows for you!!! ;)


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