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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

That's Entertainment ~

some of you say that I'm 'energetic', or 'lively'…
{I'll give you that.}

but I received a few photos from friend Pat Cross this morning, 
that she thought I should post here
to show the 'real' me 
interacting with what she calls my 'audience' 
at the show on Saturday…

I can't help the way I get when I'm out & about with folks ~
especially folks that share the same love for handmade items & needlework-things…
I just get so excited to see you!

so here goes,
hopefully these will entertain you a bit:

yack yack yack…pack pack pack.

"oh little Town of Bethlehem"…oh wait. I wasn't singing!

"blah blah blah & then some…."
{why Miss Joan ~ you look bewildered!}

"that's my story & I'm sticking' to it…"

wow ~ I look like a fish….
...wonder what I was talking about at that moment?
~ oh! I think it was blending valdani & dmc threads.

thanks Pat & Tom ( I think) for the snaps…
was so good to see you both at the show!

here is the little heart & hand mat I was hooking on at the show,
all finished up.
I didn't really have a lot of time at the show to hook on it,
... but I brought it with me to show how I use my Hookinpunch© frame.

hand-cut & #8 cut strips on linen…
just something to keep my hands busy :)

looks like a stained-glass window?

and after seeing Rebekah L. Smith's
MOST-AWESOME woolies & applique, 
I decided to humor myself into thinking I could do the blanket stitch…
I can do it, but just not as good as she ~
practice practice!!!

I prefer to use a whip-stitch and thin linen thread…
what do you think?

Ok, it is a C O L D one out there today ~
only in the 30's with a wind-chill of who knows what.
the chickens are laying ice cubes!

I have a big pot of spaghetti sauce bubbling on the wood stove, 
~ and am UNdecorating for Hallowe'en…

now it's time to pull out Christmas!!!!

~ hoping you all have a snuggly day ~

* Blessed be *


woolyredrug said...


Sarah pauline said...

Well I mean, how would it look if you sat behind your table like a grump? It looks like you had a great time, and I love your cute sweater.

NMK said...

Just looks like you were having fun meeting your shoppers ....Love your new hooked matt & think your blanket stitching looks great !

Tammy Franck said...

Enjoyed your photos and the funny comments under them. And your blanket stitch looks pretty good to me! Looks just like mine.


Linda Ann Evans said...

love your chalk board design.....and, you look so cute !

Mugwump Woolies said...

I applaud you for sticking with the blanket stitch...I cannot, for the life of me, do it...at all. Your stitches look nice and even. I love the pic of you "singing"...I laughed out loud. Looks like such a great show.
Stay warm,

Mugwump Woolies said...

I meant Robyn...obviously, I can't type...or spell either!

Beth L. said...

We are doing "primitives" so the blanket stitch doesn't need to be all that perfect.......does it?????

Kathy F said...

Too funny!! I'm a big believer in being able to laugh at ourselves!! Great post....you're just "animated"...as in the fish! Lol. I sure wish I could have been there to sing with you!! Thanks for the chuckle!!

Kathy L. said...

I love your sense of humor! Look forward to meeting you at a show someday. Love your handwork.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

We SO loved having you as a part of the show!
I always wish there would be more time for chatting...but we did what we could! Thank you for your amazing artistry as well!

Glad you were inspired to blanket stitch! :-)


Anon E. Mouse said...

You're such a good sport and so funny! Beautiful photos--and the chalkboard backdrop is amazing. Mouse

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