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Thursday, August 28, 2014


I've decided that today
 will be the start of my annual Fall-Cleaning…

I like to clean in the Autumn as opposed to Spring
for some reason ~

So I am taking it room-by-room,
... beginning with our little Dining Room

here is what my green cupboard looked like dressed for Spring/Summer:

rabbits, seashells, lots of white ironstone...

i love the chippy green paint on this cupboard

….. and here is what it's displaying today:

tucked-away most of the ironstone, pulled out the pewter...

added my wooden bowls, some turkey feathers and a candle…
will add fresh bittersweet once the berries are out completely.
I cannot believe how very fast this Summer has gone ~
Labor day is a couple of days away!
I do enjoy the Autumn though, and wish it were here year-round…
Fall is my favorite season hands down.

and speaking of fall ~
here is Iggy,
FALL-ing asleep (again) on the bed.


How many of you have begun your Fall decorating?
I see by the blogs and FB photos that I am not alone ;)

Working on finished goods for the 
Gathering here at the farm on Sept. 20th and the 
Online show here on this blog on Sept. 28th…

I'm making some unique pumpkin dolls at the moment ~
I think you'll like them!

Enjoy the rest of your day my Friends ~
* Blessed be *


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

He is a nut Kathy!!

Prairie Primitives Folk Art said...

I'm slowly working on plowing thru some piles of stuff around here, doing the actual cleaning as I go. I've been super-busy for the last 5 weeks with a *huge* wholesale order; shipped that yesterday and it feels like a 100-pound weight has been lifted off of me!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

We had very little really hot weather this summer in my neck of SC. Fall is my fav, too. Love the colors and smells. Your cabinet looks sweet.

Jane said...

I've been thinking about putting away the sunflowers and red, white, and blue tschotkes (sp??) With a heat index today of 95*, I can't say good-by to Summer, yet!

Jacqueline said...

Put my Fall out last weekend. Will put out Halloween the end of Sept. I have more of that than I do Fall. Love this time of year.

Barb said...

Love that cupboard! I am trying to wait till Sept.!

rx2massey said...

Gotta say I agree with you that fall cleaning makes more sense than spring cleaning...in fall, a good cleaning before having to "close the house up" as opposed to spring when you open up the house and let the dirt blow in!

linda56 said...

hi lori.....of course you know I am falling it up at my place.....I am like you...love the tones of the season....I am still working on mine.....I love how your pewter looks for this season.....now I am thinking I need to switch up a few more things here at my home....thanks for sharing...

Raymond Homestead said...

Your cupboard looks great, love the ironstone! Iggy looks comfy!

Monica said...

Just finished Ravens and Crows! Thank you. BTW, way too much fun playing with the sprinkly things on your blog!

Martha Doe said...

Hi Lori!

Love the blog...you have inspired me to do some Fall cleaning...now if I can just run with the inspiration.Lol

Susie Hoover said...

Love your Iggy!!!!

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