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Friday, August 29, 2014

a Little Front Porch Stitchin'….

today I can tell there is a change of weather coming ~
it feels like mid to late September with the cool breezes this morning…

...perfect time for me to stitch a little on the porch swing.

sit a spell with me, won't you?

 I'm not stitching anything in particular,
just letting my hands stitch a few pumpkins & such ~
nothing planned except random-ness ;)

stitches aren't perfect, but that's the way I like them.

I have a few little antique black frames that I want to use,
... so this finished stitch will be framed by one of them.

they will be available at the Gathering here in September…

i think this is a 40ct linen, not sure ~ it is a homespun and I love how primitive & early it looks

~ From my porch swing, 
I can see our volunteer gourds growing along our fence and gate…

gourds on the gate

these are yellow 'spinner' gourds

wart-y & bumpy & beautiful!

they are growing side by side with our tomatoes, fig, sweet annie & basil
getting along very nicely, thank-you ;)

cool, aren't they?

on the side of the house,
{behind me when I'm sitting on the swing}
are my beautiful mysterious passion fruit vines ~

creepy & alien-looking
and I love them…

love their 'stripes'

 while stitching, 
I hear a commotion over by the chicken/kitten coops ~
I look up to see Roxy bringing an offering to Lazy…

Hi Roxy!

Hi Lazy!

 "Wanna PLAY"?

good dogs
{even though Roxy is still a hot mess puppy, she is getting better. REALLY she is}

I can see the kitten coop from my perch 
and watch as Roxy heads over to offer her stick to the kittens…

...little does she know it, but the kittens and their momma are outside of their coop 
and are hunting for lizards in the woodpile behind the coop….

can you spot all 4 kitties?

that's Boogie Sugar-Britches hiding in there…

…oh those eyes...

 by now, Roxy has it figured out…
the cats are out and the game is ON!

"wanna play? wanna play? wanna play?"

 Minew (momma-cat) says 

the kittens and Roxy get along fine,
...not-so-much with the momma!
she 'tolerates' Roxy….

"…but I just wanna play…." :(

 and I can always count on my hubby Peter care for all of our friends here ~
they love him as much as he loves them
(but not as much as I love him!)

Hi Pete!
Thank You for taking care of all of us!!

Hoping your day is a beautiful one,
...spent with those that love you most!!

* Blessed be *

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