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Monday, July 14, 2014

more punching, more heat, more Iggy ~

Here's a little more progress made on that punch I'm working on 
using wool needlepoint tapestry yarn ~

since the wool has no 
'sheen' to it, I thought it was looking a little dull ~
so I added some DMC pearl cotton to the process to see how it would look together:

I like it :)

this is the back of my work on my hookinpunch© frame

 Here is a close up snap of the front,
you can see the face and wings are done entirely in wool yarns...
giving the finished loops a very nubby-texture with lots of interest and no 'sheen' at all ~

the wool make 'fibers' in the loops, giving it a very textural look

here is a snap of the back, or working surface ~
you can see where I went in and punched the darker grey outline 
around the head/wings using pearl cotton...

it has some 'sheen' to it, thus lending even more depth and texture.

back or working surface of my design in progress ~

here is the front again,
not-so-close-up this time, so you can see the addition of the pearl cotton ~
I really like how this is coming together, and am looking forward to seeing this completed today!

almost finished with the punching...

while taking these photos, Iggy was sitting on the chair across from me in the keeping room...
I tend to talk to myself, uh, yeah, out he always thinks I'm speaking directly to him.

well, I usually talk to him too.
he looked like he was agreeing with my choice to add the pearl cotton to the wool ;)

Iggy Approved.

 and for those of us that have been sweltering
 in the hot, humid weather these past few days:

...remember this?

ahhhhhhh.......or should I say:

Have a beautiful Monday my friends ~
create something wonderful!

* Blessed be * 


  1. That snow scene looks pretty good to seems that we are indoors a great deal both in winter and in summer. But that's OK when you like to stitch! Your design is perfect; looking forward to the finish.

  2. I have yet to try my needle punch. I have a kit, but no confidence! Wish I lived nearby so I could take a class with you.

  3. Beautiful design !! Loving your use of mixed threads.

  4. Loving your play on wool and floss !
    NOT likeing that icey cold picture of winter ;) I guess last winter is just not "far enough away".

  5. Oh Lori....Love your adventurous spirit in combining your threads. It looks wonderful... Love your picture of the winter, and please give Iggy a snuggle, he's such good company!
    Always fun to check in with you!
    Val :-)

  6. I LOVE the textures of the punch, what fun! And after last years winter I vowed I would not complain about heat and humidity...and I haven't yet (altho hubby is grumbling about it!) Happy punching and give the Igster a pet from me :)

  7. OH..I absolutely LOVE this!!

    I must admit..I've been dreaming of snow on the humid days ......


  8. ps..I talk to myself..out loud..all the time.. :)

  9. I hope to try punchwork soon. I sew, embroider, cross stitch, barely crochet, quilt, avidly scrapbook and paint. I inherited my mother-in-law's loom & hope to learn to weave, too. I spend my spare time at my full-time job. When I retire I hope to knuckle down and perfect the crocheting, weaving and maybe take up a musical instrument. That is if I live long enough after completing all my UFOs.


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