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Sunday, July 13, 2014

feeling punchy ~

Happy Sunday friends & folk ~

H O T 
one on tap today here in VA ~

I'll be staying in and working on the first punch needle design 
for my Harvest/Hallowe'en releases to come….

this one is titled
"Here Lyeth…"

the inspiration for this design came from my recent visit to Connecticut
where I visited a few of my very favorite ancient graveyards ~

This design, however, is thee very first one I'm punching entirely in 

I carry Waverley tapestry/needlepoint wools here in the shop in a rainbow of colors…
~ the worsted wool yarn comes in 3 ply

here is a snap of my great Wall of Wool here in the shop ~
(this was taken last Fall)…but you can see all of those luscious colors!!!

(only 109 days till Hallowe'en!)
I went ahead and color planned my work using my favorite DMC floss colors
(click HERE to see my color palette)

then I picked the colors of wool yarns that matched closest to the DMC floss colors that I wan to use ~
the wools have numbers, but I am going to name them to make it easier for me to know which is which.

Punching with these wools lends a very old and authentic look to my work ~
the way the loops form are not shiny like floss…
the finished look resembles more of a miniature hooked piece.

Since these wools are 3x (ply) I separate them into 1 x (ply) and punch with that
threaded into my Cameo/Ultra Punch Needle with medium tip (needle)
(the only punch needle I use & highly recommend for this technique)

Using the wool, I set my punch needle onto the lowest, or #1 position (height) ~
the results of this is a nice low pile ~ perfectly prim.

I'll work on this today and share photos of my progress a little later on ~

* Blessed be *


WoolenSails said...

Looks like another wonderful design. Visiting graveyards is one of my favorite things to do on trips. Still need to print out some photos I took in NH.


Debra W said...

The idea of punching with wool is intriguing! I love tombstone angels and I might just want to try this design, that is , if it will be available for purchase.

susan hemann said...

I just love working with wool! I did a cross stitch pattern years ago using wool thread. I have been wanting to do it again but unfortunately I cannot seem to find the pattern. I have purchased all the equipment necessary to do punch needle, some from you, but I just don't understand how to do it!! I would love to use wool for my cross stitch, do you sell it on line? Also I have joined a society who study old headstones, if I find the paper I will let you know the website. They will send you info on the symbols.

dogwoodfarm said...

Lori, I'm loving this design in wool!!

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