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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Volunteerism ~

The crazy storms, hot-as-hades temps and super high humidity
have been beneficial to our garden 'volunteers' lately…

they are growing big and strong, making for a lush Summer ~

here are a few shots of our farmhouse fence line garden:

We think this is a gourd plant, I had decorated the gate with a wreath and dried gourds last Autumn,
and then left them to rot in the dirt…I am hoping I get a few gourds from this plant!
although, it came up right beside our little tomato plant, but both are doing well :)

the Sweet Annie is taking over!
we have SO many sweet annie plants popping up everywhere ~
from the farmhouse, to the shop ~ to down behind Peter's woodshop…
it makes a loverly scent when you brush it as you walk by…

some of our volunteer Sweet Annie popping up next to the daisies and geraniums...

More Sweet Annie (below) on the other side of the gourd plant mentioned above…
somewhere in there is Peter's Fig Tree too!!!!!
the Fig Tree didn't do well with the extreme cold temps over last Winter, 
but it has bounced back nicely :)

my blue gazing ball was a gift from Cousin Charlie ~

I am never without company of some sort ~ whether in or out of the farmhouse…
as soon as I head outside, Roxy has to be right there with me ~

Hi Rox!
(she & Lazy had been in the tall wet grass right before I snapped this, hence the wet fur ;)

and here is the little rock garden up in front of the farmhouse…
my butterfly bushes were hit bad last Winter too, so they aren't as full this year ~ 
my rosemary & lavender plants were also affected to the point 
of having to remove my huge 6 yr old rosemary bush :( very sad.

this little garden is on it's way to being healthy again…

lavender, lemon thyme, pineapple sage, rosemary, mint, catnip, oregano & basil
all happily living here ~

I will be dyeing linen, processing orders and going to town today ~
hopefully all before the afternoon thunderstorms roll 'round once again.

Have a beautiful Tuesday my Friends!

* Blessed be * 

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