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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kittens, The Great Pumpkin and Sketching ~

our little Minew is happy once again ~
now that her kittens are home from the…'spa' .
...she was quite upset that they went 'missing'.

Hi Mimi!! (Minew) you're such a good little Momma

~  they have all bounced back quite well from their spaying & neutering ~
and are once again playing, cuddling & purring :)
{and EATING!!!!!}

We're so happy that they're back home again with us!

Miss Boogie Sugar-Britches (Boog)
our little diva, is a fabulous bug-catcher…
{she favors butterflies like her momma.}

Squire Tigger Stripey Pants (Tig)
is gentle and cautious but once you have him in your lap,
…he will sing his love songs to you.

Squire Mickey BadBoy (Mick)
no he's not bad at all….he's a love-bug that has to have all of your attention.
 Out in the back of the barn ~ where the woods meet a small field near the sheep's pen,
we have a rather large compost pile…
it's here we toss the peels, rinds, pits & scraps of 'stuff' ~ 
...along with a nice mixture of sheep 'berries', chicken poo & donkey-doo.

making for a very rich compost indeed.

I was walking out there a couple of weeks ago 
and noticed that some more 'volunteers' were popping up in all of that poop.

not knowing what the plants were, I left them alone and actually forgot about them…
this morning,
I remembered and took my camera back there :

it's the Great Pumpkin!

strong, healthy & beautiful vines….

a great big plant with lots of blossoms…but was there any 'fruit'??

Y E P!!!
pumpkins ~ lots of them too :)

this one is turning orange already ~ yay!
 and some more ~

these two are good sized and growing...

 I had to show you how BIG the leaves of this vine are ~
my hand is dwarfed by one of the giant leaves!!!

H U G E 
 I cannot wait to see just how many pumpkins are actually under there ~ 
time will tell I guess?

of all the wildflowers that grow here, 
Queen Anne's Lace is my very favorite ~
it was my dear departed Aunt Mim's favorite too ~ oh and she loved Daisies.


and I am working on more (and more) sketches from my books ~
bringing them to life using pen, inks & paints,,,

'Remember Salem'

'Permelia Rotwoode'

'Double Trouble'


'Candlelight Witch'

I'm hoping to finish up a few more of these, 
and offer them as prints and/or notecards in my Etsy shop soon ~
{{{{I may even use these as inspiration for more punch needle and/or rug hooking patterns…}}}}

* Blessed be * 


  1. My volunteer vines were doing well until the deer ate all the blossoms off! Well, we all need a snack now and then. Maybe I will get one or two.
    Those sweet kitties all look so happy and healthy. our new boy Deuce is still a terror!

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    so cute xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Love the x stitch designs.. but i could frame one of your drawings anytime!!!!

  4. Free pumpkins...what a nice surprise.

  5. The kittens look none the worse for their ordeal. How exciting to have all of those pumpkins! I am growing spinning gourds for my autumn décor, and the vines are all over the place!

  6. Love those sweet cats! Queen Anne's Lace is my favorite, too.

  7. Your farm is very special as are your wonderful drawings.. you always inspire (~:

  8. Thank you for the peek into your day . . .
    kittens and pumpkins and your amazing creativity....oh MY!

  9. Lori, I love seeing the pictures of your farm and the animals. I'm glad the kittens are doing well. They all have such beautiful eyes like their momma. And surprise pumpkins! How wonderful is that?
    Paula S.

  10. What a nice surprise to find the pumpkin vine! I found one too, in amongst some forgotton brush; but alas, our son did some burning nearby and think he did it in... :(

  11. So glad the kittens are home safe and sound after their 'spa' day, they are so beautiful as is their sweet Momma. Wonderful to find your volunteer pumpkin patch and your sketches are delightful Lori!

  12. You are going to have to look for a copy of the picture book "Too Many Pumpkins". I read it to my class each year and your post immediately Mage me think of it!

  13. Lori,

    the kittens are turning into gorgeous cats!

    Love the far all I have is tons of leaves, vines and blossoms. I don't see any pumpkins!
    I think I would see something by now.

    Happy Stitching,


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