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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Some" Final Finishing ~

Good Tuesday Morning Friends & Folk ~
a wonderfully chilly (57*) start to our day here at the farm…

...I swear I can feel a little bit of Autumn on the breeze :)

I am enjoying a brisk, steaming cup of my favorite tea on the porch ~ 
{Peter always makes my tea for me int the mornings…such a nice thing to do}

Speaking of Peter,
he has been busy in his workshop ~ 
...creating new things from the trees which are harvested & milled right here at home.

Anything I come up with, I know Pete can make for me….
we make a good team ~

here are a couple of frames that I painted yesterday:
these will house two of my soon-to-be-released cross stitch designs ~

comb-painted using bittersweet over chocolate colored paint ~

moss over soot colored paint

since I work primarily with textiles, it is always fun for me to do paint wood ~
I love the process of choosing the colors and the distressing of my finishes….

big & little

we've also come up with a unique finish (below)
 for one of my (soon-to-be-released) punch needle designs,
WHICH {witch?} we cannot take full credit for ~

my dear bff Joan has been pestering asking me to do this for a while now,
and I just can't take it anymore kindly obliged ~
here is a tease:

oh just wait till you see…… ;)
I'll be working on more 'finishes' today ~
will share them here in a day or two for you.
Every evening, right around 7:00 ~
we are visited by this little girl….
a yearling doe.
She comes to the backyard feeder which is just outside my kitchen window.
...she has thee sweetest face and always listens to me talk to her while I'm washing the supper dishes.

….and here are our two lovable, affable donkey-folk ~
Daisy & Pinocchio
they are very much friends with the resident deer population, 
occasionally sharing their paddock with the one or two deer 
that decide that the grass inside the fence is sweeter than that outside the fence ~

i love their soft muzzles and chin-whiskers!!

This morning,
Peter has taken the Three Amigos (a.k.a. the kittens)
to be spayed & neutered.
I couldn't go because I cry when I leave them
 (yeah, I know…don't go there.)

They will be home tomorrow morning again ~ sore & mad-as-hell at us I'm sure ~
but spaying & neutering is really the best thing to do, even though I could have 100 more kittens.
Kittens are like potato chips ya know ~ you just can't have one.

Have a beautiful day my friends ~

* Blessed be * 


  1. Lori, the boys breeze through it without problem. The biggest thing with my three was the remaining anesthesia after surgery....they were bouncing off the wall, but they went in early AM and home late PM. The girls take a little longer to heal unless you do the laser spay. They will be fine:)

  2. Lori, sometimes it hurts to be responsible but it is best for your kitties. I love your frames, absolutely gorgeous & rich!

  3. I love, love your grain painted frames Lori!
    Can't wait to see what you put inside them and the other project you're working on.
    Your sweet little ones will recover is no time at all!
    Enjoy this beautiful day!

  4. Lori, always love to start my day with your the frames! The fur babies will be home soon my friend. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Love the painted frames Lori, can't wait to see more. I so enjoy getting to see around the farm. The kitties will be just fine, I have my new little one that needs to get in soon too...just hate to put them through it, but as you said, it really is the best thing for them. Have a great day!
    simple thyme prims

  6. My kittens wouldn't speak to me for a couple of days after their ordeal...I was so happy to hear the first forgiving purr!

  7. Love the frames...nice job Peter. You are so right kittens are like potato chips, My maximum was eight cats at once. I use to swear the ASPCA near me always put two in a I could not leave one alone, it worked every time...thus eight. I now only have two no more please. I had just one for six years until I got a phone all. My daughter's friend found a little kitten in a laundry room left behind. We were told by my Vet "don't get too attached" sometimes they just don't make it. Otto is now three and a big cat. I guess he made it!

  8. Love those donkeys! Oh, and the frames too.

  9. Love to read your postings - such beautiful needlework and oh those frames! Deer and donkeys - and kitties too. Have a wonderful day and thank you for your wonderful blog!


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