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Sunday, August 3, 2014

~ Sunday Morning ~

Good Sunday Morning Friends & Folk!

we had a loverly weekend spent with friends ~

Friday the shop was open, 
friends Cindy & Sharon came in for a nice visit with me ~
Cindy brought us some of her wonderful raspberry jam (delish), 
Sharon brought some show & tell of her hooked rugs but they came out too blurry to show ~ 
I am so sorry Sharon ~ they are beautiful folks, take my word for it!!

Friday night we went to the local auction 
where we met Lee & Robin (Millstone Mercantile) for an evening of fun ~
{{I came home with a few things I will share with you at a later date.}}
after the auction, Joan & Art, Peter & I went to our local ice cream parlor and made pigs of ourselves.
(and that's all I'm saying' about that!)

Joan came for her usual Saturday visit to the shop ~
we stitched, ate & laughed ~ our usual Saturday routine…
we had old friends and new friends visit with us too ~

...I love when folks gather at my shop :)

Joan gifted me with some crocheted curtains that were her Mom's…
I put them up immediately.
I love them.
I love her.
(yes, you.)

...don't they fit in nicely with my old farmhouse?

the front Keeping Room ~

Hi Iggy!

the Dining Room ~

dark, but you can see the curtains :)

front Keeping Room again ~

dappled morning light….
{{{Thank You Joan!}}}

 I've been working on a couple of finished wool appliqué pieces 
in my spare time ~

here's a folky pumpkin-folk coming to life…

not sure what her name is yet…she'll tell me soon.
 the orange wool used for her head is from a huge orange army blanket ~
I can't remember exactly where I got it from, I think it was another gift from a friend….
but it is thee perfect color for my halloweenies!

french-knot teeth

this is where you'll find me working today ~
on my creak-y porch swing :)

shady little stitching spot
our wild morning glory's are so pretty this year!
there are SO many colors ~
white, blue, pink, purple….

this one is white & violet:

Peter is doing a little yard work this morning too ~ 
...with the help of his best friend Minew (Mimi)

wheelbarrow ~ check.
rake ~ check.

my big softie ~

smitten with a kitten

beautiful indigo & waning black eyed susans
make for a  beautiful color combo in our humble garden ~

signs of Autumn coming ~

I will be ready to release 
all of my new Harvest/Hallowe'en designs soon ~
hopefully within the next week!

Have a beautiful Sunday my friends,
* Blessed be *


  1. You make me laugh with your spare time remark,, you are as busy as one of your Notforgotten honey bees.. Its a good thing to be filled with joy for each day and a love of the life you are living.. <3

  2. It is really an honour that you give us the possibility to share the simple and so fascinating view of life from your old farmhouse so beautiful.

  3. I love the crochet curtains, Lori! I am just starting to combine some bits of crochet lace with my prim décor, since it is yet another needlework passion of mine, and it goes very nicely!

  4. Lori,
    I have followed your blog for a few years now. I love the "genuine" feel of your home. The 70's era ginger jar lamp with the lopsided shade, the dated, yet comfy covered sofas (the cat loves it too!) The Victorian era beaded lamp shade ... nothing actually "goes" together yet it all creates a warm, homey, cozy feel that love lives there. I am so tired of the Pottery Barn look that so many people strive for, perfection is so overrated. Thank you for sharing how folks really live!! I love it!

  5. Just love the Farm! Thanks for sharing....have a fantastic week ahead.....blessings Lori!

  6. hi there lori....just got out of pool and what a treat to come in and see your living room pic's....nice gift from your friend.....and they fit just perfect there.....I want to start some fall projects...but seems like I am way to busy to ever sit down and just do thing after another around here....the pool is giving us fits right now...we are never its feeling a bit neglected and letting us know...keep on showing us your always inspires me...big hugs girlfriend....

  7. What a wonderful gift, the curtains look wonderful. Your home is so inviting, I feel as if we sat and chatted for a bit. Have a wonderful evening. blessings, ~ronda

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  9. I am so glad that you and Peter enjoyed the blackberry jam. It was really good seeing you Friday I really enjoyed my visit with you and Sharon. Also love the curtains they look great.



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