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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Repurposing & an interview ~

Last week, 
while running errands in town ~
I stopped into friend Robin's shop in Madison Heights, VA
{Millstone Mercantile}
and bought these old sewing drawers…

beautifully carved

 they needed a new home 
so I bought them from her and took them here to the farm…

set of three antique sewing drawers

once I got them home,
I took them apart and sanded them down just a bit ~

then I pulled out the paint ~
I chose VALSPAR's 
Belle Grove Antique White in a satin finish…

pretty color ~ not a 'white' white, more of a grayish white

and I painted them…
they began to take on new life 
as the paint brought out their detailed carvings even more…

...they began to look refreshed…
almost relieved to wear something pretty again.

they looked happy now to me :)

a new dress

while I waited for the paint to dry ~
I gathered a few eggs 
and checked on our sitting hen…
as of last night, a couple the eggs in her nest were starting to crack
so that tells me today we will enjoy another little brood of chicks!

fresh eggs are thee best

I checked the paint and it was a bit wet,
so I heard a little voice calling to me ~

it was Tiggy ~

"come play with me!"

 so I happily obliged…
(of course)

and then Sugar Britches wanted some loving 
and began to sing me kitten songs…


 and Mickey had to be involved…
no loving going on without him, he says…

love the fur coming out of his ears

after the kittens got what they needed,
I went into my sewing room and made this:

sawdust-filled pincushion w/ salmon colored cotton patch

and I put the pincushion on this:

perfect fit on top of the freshly-painted sewing drawers

and a tiny honeybee inspected my work ~

"do you approve?" I asked
"beeeeautiful" was his reply…
(sorry, couldn't resist)

the inspector

 and then I brought those sewing drawers into the farmhouse…
…and smiled.

welcome home

she fits right in here,
don't you think?

happy once again

If you get the chance, please visit the blog of my publisher ~ 

they were kind enough to humble me with an interview of my latest book…

* Blessed be *


  1. What a great find!! And they DO look happy again. Those kittens are so adorable. Enjoy this lovely day!

  2. Hello Friend Your little draws are smiling with happiness and beauty! Beautiful post!

  3. Good morning, Lori! I love the sewing's amazing how one coat of paint makes everything look so lovely! I really love the fabric on top...that is one of my favorite patterns. THose kittens...OMG!! Everyone of them are so sweet...Have a great day!

  4. This post is so thoughtful. I have enjoyed it!

  5. I love how you refinished the sewing drawers - just beautiful!

    The kittens are adorable too.

  6. Love the renewal of the sewing drawers; have a set of my own, but never even thought about painting them!

    Loved the article; it is nice to learn more about the person behind the designs :-)

  7. So creative! Those kitties are the sweetest!

  8. Love the white dress up job, what sweet little drawers and the clever pincushion on top! Like a cherry on your sundae :) Kitties are so sweet and growing so fast! Stay cool my friend!

  9. Love the way you tell your story, and LOVE the sewing boxes. Sweet babies too.

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  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. How creative! I wouldn't get anything done with those kitties around!

  13. Seems I liked those kitties so much that my comment was posted THREE TIMES! Sorry.

  14. Great idea! And beautiful finish.

  15. It's lovely:) I hope you don't get the hate comments I got when i repurposed a antique sewing cabinet.

  16. If only I could be transported to your farm, Lori! You live in heaven. Thanks for all of the wonderful shares and photos of the kitties. How precious life is!

  17. The drawers are beautiful and the pin keep adds that special touch.
    The kittens are so sweet and I can imagine just full of mischief.
    Susan x

  18. Your drawers turned out sweet. Speaking of sweet, your kitties are adorable! What a nice interview - congratulations!

  19. Waw your restyling is wonderful after is just perfect!!! I love also the fabric you use for the pincushion !!! Your kittens have so shrewd eyes !!!

  20. Magnificent make over. Your babies are beautiful...all of them.


  21. Loved your interview Lori. It was wonderful and so you. Blessings, Sandra

  22. What a gorgeous revamp, love it!

  23. I wish I could apply eyeliner as perfect as those adorable kitties do. LOL

  24. I love what you did with those drawers. I often see them for sale, but never could imagine a clever use... mind if I borrow this idea?? Good inspiration here at Notforgotten farm. Those kitties eyeliner is so very Brigitte Bardot!

  25. Love the kitties, Lori! The sewing drawers are very special, and the pincushion top was a great idea. I received your new book the other day; so many wonderful projects!

  26. love them!
    I've got 4 languishing on the floor in the work room, I need to bring them back now that I've seen yours! love the kitties! meow!

  27. Just beautiful.
    I love kitty songs.

  28. What a great find and love what you did with them. Kitties are way too cute!!

  29. Those eyes of Sugar remind me of Elizabeth Taylor! Soooo beautiful!!

  30. Beautiful post!! By the way, love the names you give your kitties!!

  31. Great job on the drawers....LOVE the fabric you used on the pincushion top! Do you know if it is still available or is it from your stash?


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