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Friday, May 30, 2014

a little progress and some inspiration ~

Happy Friday Folks!

it has been hot, humid and rainy these past few days ~ 
so that keeps me indoors pretty much…
...humidity & I aren't very good friends.

so between processing and packing orders,
I've made a little more progress on my sampler's border:

wasn't sure how I wanted to stitch this ~ should I chart it first then stitch?
or let my needle and hands dictate how the border will turn out….

I like the way my designs work up when I don't over-think them…
I usually chart all of my designs first on my computer,
and I'll spend hours tweaking them to make sure they are perfect ~
sometimes perfect isn't what I want ~
sometimes perfect means imperfect. 
...(to me).

I want that old look.
...that look that the old samplers have 
where the child or girl or woman just stitched on her linen...
or the teacher suggested the motifs 
and let the student's imagination and needle guide her. I let me needle guide me.

hard to see, but my corners are all wonky ~ meaning, they meet up, but aren't the same or "mirrored" like they would be if I had charted this first then stitched it.
 I love working this way,
without any suggestion of a design…
just my mind wandering like the vines & leaves I'm stitching.

this process is very freeing to me and keeps me wanting to stitch more and more to see what the finished work will look like :)

sometimes I use a hoop,
…a very small wooden hoop.
but usually, 
I stitch in-hand
with my linen rolled up on one side as I work….

even though I mostly stitch my samplers in-hand,
I can never pass up a tiny wooden embroidery hoop at an antiques shop…
such as this recent acquisition above ;)

I also can never pass up old crocheted pieces…
doilies, runners, curtains…
even these:

a gaggle of crocheted window-shade pulls from the 1920's

just LOOK at all the work that went into these!
I simply can't stand seeing them sitting sadly in a box in a dusty old shop….


some even have the tiny little hardware pieces on the ends 
where they would be attached to the shade….

I am seeing them in a different light, though ~ 
I have an idea for using these in a different way 
where they can be appreciated once again for their beauty…
stay tuned for that!!!

Hmmmm….I have an idea!

and I have also begun to get my ducks in a row 
...and begin working on finished goods for the up-and-coming

I've chosen my fabrics in different shades to begin my work ~



orange-y reds

and brown beiges
I'll use these fabrics as backings & bindings for my small finished pieces….
I cannot wait to be at the From Our Hands Show!!!

I know you will love it too, so please join us if you can :)

Have a beautiful day my friends ~

* Blessed be * 


  1. Fabric fabric love the fabric!!

  2. Love those fabrics...and the pulls...can't wait to see what you do with those! Enjoy your day!

  3. love love love "perfectly imperfect"
    the colors, the fabrics, the old crochet pulls~
    have a beautiful weekend, Lori~

  4. So lovely, have a wonderful weekend....!

  5. Wonderful fabrics, and blessed you are to have rescued those lovely pulls.!

  6. I have a few of those pulls, too. Can't wait to see your idea for them. I have one hanging on a ceiling fan chain.
    Yummy-yummy fabrics!

  7. Lovely stitch!!! Wonderful fabrics!!

  8. The start of this stitch looks so pretty! Looking forward to seeing what appears next...

  9. Fabrics are wonderful, can't wait to see the finished pieces and see you too. Looking so forward to the show.

  10. I remember shade pulls like that from my childhood. I used to like to watch them swing. Old thread crochet pieces are dear to me, too. I always "rescue" them from thrift shops and antique stores, but I also crochet my own occasionally. Can't wait to see your finished piece.

  11. Oh my gosh ,I had those window shade pulls when I was little too ! I used to love them ! All your fabric choices are so pretty, the colors are just perfect ! The show you will be doing looks awesome, so many very talented people ! It should be Wonderful !!! Just wish I lived closer ! Have a nice weekend being more creative !!!!

  12. Those shade pulls take me back to my grandmother's house. What a pleasant little trip down memory lane for me. Thank you Lori.

  13. My stitching's are always imperfect, especially since my eyes are imperfect at this point. The "From Our Hands" show looks like it will be hugely successful, the artists are top notch, to be sure.

  14. Lovely work, I appreciate the imperfect finish. That makes it even more special.

    ~ Aina ~


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