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Monday, May 26, 2014

A beautiful weekend!!! ~ some random snaps….

our weather has been absolutely beautiful for us this weekend ~
high & dry
sunny & warm….
just perfect!

we have been dining alfresco, on the porch with friends & family
(even family of the feathered-kind)

here is our Mr. Peaches,
enjoying his raisin bagel and tangerine with us on the porch ~

Hi Peach!

he also enjoys a sip-or-two of coffee from Peter's mug…

Peach loves to hang out with us….
he yells at us to let him out of his cage, so we happily comply :)

here is Iggy ~ 
watching Peaches outside on the porch….

Iggy is strictly an indoor-man ~ 

of course I have been enjoying some stitching…

i love linen and thread

and I wanted to show you the mantel decorated for Summer ~
nothing fancy, or patriotic (my flags are outside)
but just simple and sunny.

yes, our big black flat screen TV is hung above the mantel, and we love it up there, but Peter said he'll build 'something' to cover it up, perhaps a cupboard door?

see the two architectural pieces on either side of the screen?
I picked them up at Blue Sky Cottage here in Madison Heights, VA…
I love them, they are from an old farmhouse so of course I had to have them…

our Summertime mantel

 architectural piece on the left of the screen ~

my old children's brooms and a small red scalloped shelf

and the one on the right ~

a couple of samplers and tombstone angel castings 

the hanging angel w/ wings was made by my friend Cindy Baker (Mountain Hollow)
the other two were made by Netty LaCroix
I stitched the sampler…

I have a 'thing' for small ironstone pitchers, 
...so I put some flowers in two and placed them on the ends of the mantel
I'm always on the lookout for them :)

~ things that make me smile ~

Hoping you find many things that make you smile today!!

* Blessed be *


kelley said...

Every time I see that large basket of yours my heart flips with envy...what a wonderful weekend here too...hugs

Jane said...

Yes, it IS a beautiful day!! I've just put out all my Summer tschotkes (SP??). I love all you sweet pictures and décor.
Sending hugs to Y'all!

WoolenSails said...

Peaches is so beautiful and fun that he likes to hang out with you. Love your home and the way you decorate, you have so many wonderful pieces.


Krista said...

Looks like you are having a beautiful and peaceful weekend. Peach is a beauty! Love the decorations you have displayed, especially the sampler with flower basket.

I also want to thank you for mentioning the Country Mill in one of your posts last Fall during your visit to CT. Had I not seen your blog post I probably would never have known of this great shop only a few miles from where I live! I finally visited there this weekend with a friend and what a fantastic place. I was happy to see your book of designs there too.

We also visited Shakespeare's Garden, have you been there as well? Wonderful place. I have just posted some pics on my blog. Love the porch of the Country Mill with the flag flying. Can't wait to go back again.

Enjoy your evening-

Saundra said...

Goodness, how do you manage to be a farm wife, be so artistically creative AND change your home décor so often? I'm lucky to have the time and energy to vacuum up all my wool dust and attempt to keep my wool stash organized.



Debra W said...

I had a lovely holiday weekend as well...I even did some stitching! As always, it's great to see what you've been up to.

LaNelle said...

So beautiful Lori, Peach is too he looks like he could be a character?....Blessings...

Rachel's Farmhouse said...

I love the sampler, is it one of your patterns?

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