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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Playing Hooky, Chicken Soup & Ugly Wool ~

it's one of those days…
a 'chicken soup' kind of day today ~

one that is raining, cold..
dank & wet.

one that a pot of chicken soup fixes real good!

while the pot bubbles away on the wood stove,
I set to work on a couple of little hooked mats ~

"playin' hooky"
done in purples…

surrounded by a small collection of my rug hooks ;)

i love purple!

i find hooks everywhere…
or maybe they find me?

bone, antler & wood ~
new & old

bent, straight, short & long…
fat & skinny too!

I try to use them all ~ not to make anyone jealous of course.
 and I was in the shop yesterday with Joan ~
I was rooting through my piles of 'things'
and found these ugly wools…

I can say that because I love them ~
(and I use them)

plaids in all kinds of colors...

~ I'll use them as is…
won't overdye them at all ~

..they will be worked into another rug that I'm working on…

 "chicken soup!"

I will share my progress with you soon ~

Have a wonderful day whatever your weather!

* Blessed be * 


denise said...


annie said...

love your hooky!
hope to see chicken soup when it's done.

kelley said...

ugly wool is so much easier to use than ugly quilt fabric!

love the hooky mat

Nancy Bauer said...

Purple, my favorite too! I'm sure your "soups" will turn out perfectly, can't wait to see the woolen one...and this weather is just the PITS! It was not only blowing 90 mph but SNOWING on me while doing barn chores...YIKES :P

Stay warm! xo

linda56 said...

you have a very nice collection of hooks....I can finally say that here in Michigan..the sun is out and its going to hit a whopping 50 today.....first time they said in 130 days for us to see that temp I am going to enjoy it and play with my bunnies and eggs and carrots today....cant wait to see what you are doing with those wools....chicken soup sounds good to me....stay dry and warm my friend...

cucki said...

Sweet x

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love all your hooks. How lucky that you find them so readily. I rarely find one...sigh.
Happy Sunday from sunny but chilly (bordering on cold) Ohio.
Hugs :)

P.J. said...

Love your ugly wools!! Nice hook collection.

Orange Sink said...

I need me a hooky mat Lori! Love it!! You do have a great collection of hooks! I know the ugly wools will make a darling mat... hooking them is like kissing a toad... ( not that I have mind you...LOL!) but they can turn into the most handsome rug!! Can't wait to see! Enjoy that yummy soup!!
Cathy G

Martha Doe said...

Hi Lori,

What a nice hook collection you have gathered through the years!

Love the "Playing Hooky" mat!... awaiting axiously the Chicken Soup reveal!


acorn hollow said...

I love your ugly wool colors I use often.

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