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Friday, March 28, 2014

Fresh Eggs and Fresh Paint ~

Longer days 
brings with them a rise in productivity from our hens ~

nothing in the world tastes as good as a bright yellow chicken egg!

since we raise chickens, 
I like to collect chicken/rooster/egg things ~

like this milk glass nesting hen dish:

so pretty

 I love milk glass,
and I remember my Mom having one of these egg dishes ~
so when I spotted this one for only $6.00 I knew it would come home with me :)

here chick chick!

 the brown eggs you see in it are ones from our hens this morning ~
gathered from their snug little nest-box in the barn…

7 little eggs

 they will become breakfast ~
an egg & asparagus omelet perhaps? 

or maybe used in a recipe for sweet corn bread with blueberries…

this is a little wooden egg crate that I found at a shop a long time ago ~
 it holds my paper mache & wax dipped eggs… 

Star Egg Carriers and Trays

nice dovetailed edges

 I need to make more of these wax-dipped eggs ~
these have been with me for a while now ~ time to freshen up!

grubby waxed eggs ~ underneath are dollar store plastic eggs

 and here is a little watercolor I worked on last night:

'Live an Art-FULL Life'
 my mind is always creating, designing, dreaming…
so I have to let my thoughts out onto paper in some way ~

I began with the quote 'live an artful life' then changed it to
'Live an Art-FULL Life' which suits me better…
since my world & life is full of art in some way, shape or form.

pocket-sized paint box & brush
I think I'll scan this and pin it on Pinterest ~
or even place it on my sidebar on this blog
since it so relates to me 
...and my love for all of the little things I've drawn into the sketch…

~ thread, scissors, paintbrush, pencil, handwork (hand)
and of course the pot of herbs that they are springing from ~
are so important to my everyday and my folk art.

Rain is expected today,
good day to do a little Spring Cleaning here in the farmhouse…

Hoping your day is filled with wonderful things!

* Blessed be * 


Martha Doe said...

Hi Lori!

Love the egg containers! Always loved milk glass as most New Englanders do! That old wwooden egg box is beautifully made!

The watercolor is just lovely and speaks to my heart...I'll be thinking of you while Not Spring Cleaning!LOL


Jacqueline said...

You are such a talented woman. Thanks for sharing.

Started my spring cleaning this week also... going to be a slow process at the rate I am going.

Jeri Landers said...

Love chicken collections and brown eggs for breakfast. Those wax eggs are great, I wish you'd do a tutorial on them. I have so many eggs around here, I never know what to do with them all! You remind me of myself in many ways; your hands are always busy with a new and fun project and you never stop should be my sister. I love the sunflower bag below, it's great!

NMK said...

Pretty milk glass chicken, I have one tucked away...I should do some Spring sprucing up & bring it out !!! Your water color is Beautiful as always !!! You are so lucky to have fresh eggs !

Debra said...

I have a collection of nested hen dishes; in fact, I have the same one! Also love milk glass, especially the hob-nail pieces. I find most of my treasures at the local thrift shop.

Jane said...

Simple and exquisite, as always! You have definitely helped me to become "Artfull", too.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I just love this watercolor! You have been blessed with many talents! My mom had one of those milk glass hens too--I wonder what ever happened to it! I will have to be on the lookout for one at my flea market/antique mall forays!
Stick Horse Cowgirl V

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Thanks folks!!

Elisabetta said...

You have a real talent as well as designer also as a painter, congratulations!!!!

Robin said...

What a fabulous watercolor you have created, Lori! The verse is so very meaningful. I would love to see on note cards or even charted for cross stitch.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Sweet post - love your new drawing!

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Hello much talent! Do you think you might do a tutorial for those of us who may like to try our hand at grunting the plastic eggs. They just do not look very primitive in my woo bowl with prim bunny and grungy carrots .lol!The little box you have yours displayed in is perfect. I LoVe your style.You are a very creative woman. I am sure there is never a dull moment on the farm.
Have an awesome week end!
Prim blessings .

Barb said...

What a pretty design!!! You are multi-talented for sure!

annie said...

my Mom had one of those, hers was green carnival glass (!), it was the 70's. I had a tiny white one once, just the top, not sure where it ended up. time for you to punch a hen maybe? and I do mean with a needle punch. :) love your art full! have a great spring weekend! we're getting rain too.

Melba said...

I love your posts. How are the kittens?

denise said...

rain here,too :)

Lori Ann Corelis said...

I too have a sweet memory of one of those chicken dishes. It was on the coffee table at my grandparents house, always filled with those round pink minty candies. ;-)
Love the new drawing . . . isn't an "Art-Full" life a wonderful thing?


Miss LindaLee said...

Beautiful post. You're so talented. I just love your water color. I would love save a copy of it to post on my facebook page......Would you mind?

Thank you for a lovely post.
LindaLee from Cross'N My Stitches

Mary Lynn said...

Beautiful spring post ~ love everything in it. Thanks for sharing your Art Full beauty with us!

Miss LindaLee said...

I want to apologize. I didn't realize that you use your painting to sell in different ways, such as postcards, posters and all. I asked you if I could copy your latest painting to post on my facebook page, and I certainly don't expect, now that I know, you to allow me to do that. Once again though. It is beautiful and I love your blog.

Heidi Steiner said...

Such a lovely little water color. I so enjoy seeing what keeps you busy.

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