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Monday, March 31, 2014

Into the Soup Pot ~

As I'm working on my 
"Chicken Soup" rug…
I'm looking at all of the awesome rugs on Pinterest 
...that depict our feathered friends,
 the rooster and the hen.

I am working on giving my rug a very old look
by using scrap wools, in as many muted or faded colors as I can ~

I love the wonkiness and character of these old rugs…
and the way they relate to the era in which they were created.

some have lots of detail,
others not so much…
some motifs disappear into their backgrounds, while others are bordered with darker wools…

...the backgrounds of these rugs either have lots of frenetic movement,
or they are simply very staid & quiet.

the lack of learned design in some of these rugs is refreshing and charming,
but then again, the rugs that have been carefully planned sing to me as well ~

some have carefully pulled loops perfect little rows and directional hooking,

while others have been hooked in a very carefree manner,
just freely pulling those loops up to fill in!

I'll keep working on my Chicken Soup rug until I have enough to show you…
until then, make sure you visit Pinterest 
and type in 'antique hooked rug' to be inspired !!

I created this little badge a couple of years ago 
...and I think it sums me up quite nicely:

Have a happy & creative day my friends!!

* Blessed be *


Lori Ann Corelis said...

What a "fowl" post m'dear!
I especially love those stripey birds in the first!
Can't wait to see yours!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Lori, love all the Henny Penny rugs, so beautiful, blessings Francine.

Saundra said...

So nice to revisit the photos that I've also collected while perusing Pinterest. Love them all and for the longest time didn't realize there was a third chicken in the background of one of the rugs. Can't wait to see your project.


linda56 said...

im a little loopy a good all the examples you have shown us....

Martha Doe said...

Hi Lori!

Thanks for sharing the wonderful hooked chicken rugs from Pinterest...Love many beauties to view! Anxious to see your "Chicken Soup"!


Margs Primitive Quilts said...

I LoVe your badge... about sums it up for sure. Enjoying the header on your blog. Makes me think spring must be on its way!
Have a great day.

HomeSpunPrims said...

I love to look at antique rugs, quilts and samplers for inspiration too. Pinterest sure is full of good antique textiles for inspiration. A neat post Lori. I like your badge too! Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Lori

NMK said...

Pinterest has lots of neat things to look at, you can get lost for hours......can't wait to see what you are working on !!!

denise said...

you are too funny :)

Heidi Steiner said...

Birds of a feather.......
Great chickens!

Linda said...

I love the first rug FOWL 2; so primitive looking. Linda

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