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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Decisions, decisions ~

Thanks so much 
to all who have commented or emailed me 
about the sunflower purse!
...it will be a full-size pattern, with leaf template too ~

I think I will go with a long shoulder strap
to wear across the chest so the purse rests on my hip…

I'll make it from the same linen as the backing/lining too ~ just simple and coordinating.

as I was thinking about the strap,
I kept looking at the sunflower and thought it needed 'something' ~
so I whipped-up this honeybee pin.

he is needle felted hand dyed wool roving….

 he's a big guy, 
reminds me of our huge Bell's Hornets that we have here in our woods!

I think he adds to the purse, don't you?

so after I decided that I would indeed make that long shoulder strap from the linen,
I was then pondering what to use to attach the strap to the purse….

I collect many things and so one item came to mind…
but I thought I only had one of them ~
to my pleasant surprise, I indeed had a pair:

Antique Cut Steel Shoe Buckles!!


 aren't they beautiful?
and they already have small holes drilled in them 
...for my sewing needle & thread to pass through…

I'll use one on each side, 
and connect the strap to them….

almost finished!
 I will be sure to share snaps when I'm finished completely :)

Today will be spent processing orders and shipping them, 
then onto banking and a run to the market…

at least the sun is shining and our 8" of white-stuff has melted away!
(that's one good thing about Virginia snow storms: they don't last that long)

the rest of this week and next
I will be busy preparing for the

so the shop will be CLOSED on 
April 4th & 5th…

...we will be open here this Saturday :)

Have a *Sparkling* day my Friends!

* Blessed be * 


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...


Sharon Eshlaman said...

Love the purse, and especially the bee!

Lori Ann Corelis said...

You are always busy as a bee!
Love it!


linda56 said...

what a wonderful little bee....I love him....I see you have been busy as I was away from the computer.....I am trying to get settled back into some kind of order here.....I hope you have the best show ever...so make lots and lots.....because you know how much everyone loves your things...

backporchcarver said...

When I was looking at your purse yesterday, I immediately thought a bee would look so cool on there but couldn't figure out how to make one. What a very cool bee you came up with, a woman of so many talents! I love him, and the buckles....Holly Hannah!! they are the perfect fit! You have a real treasure.

Susan said...

Love, love, love the purse and the bee!

Martha Doe said...

Hi Lori!
I'm so glad it will bee a pattern!LOL I will b ordering it for sure! Will you give directions for the needle felting bee? Have no shoe buckles,but have sparkly buttons...can't wait!

donna said...

The felted bee is perfect, strap idea sounds really good!

Nancy Bauer said...

PERFECT additions Lori! :D

Kathy Barrick said...

You are quite simply a genius!!!!

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