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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snow & Sunflowers ~

we are tired of seeing snow photos…
so here are a few more LOL!

 our wonderful, brilliant weather folk 
with their wonderful brilliant weather-predicting gadgets and gizmos
certainly missed the mark on this one ~
they told us to expect accumulation on the grass….
well, they were right with that one!
we have accumulation on the grass ~ 8" of it!

and this morning the temps were in the 20's ~ 
...right now it has warmed up to freezing.

out my sewing room window


 there were feathered frenzied at the feeders yesterday…
couldn't keep them filled.

mourning dove & sparrow

so while it snowed & snowed ~
I hooked
...and hooked.

happy sunflower purse

 I needed to hook something bright & colorful ~
something that would saturate my thoughts with warmth & sunshine.
...a sunflower came to mind!

can't wait for summertime

my strips are all hand cut and measure anywhere from 1/4" to 1" in width ~
I even staggered the heights of my loops as I hooked towards the 'rim' of the petals…

 I wanted to edge this purse with big wool leaves
that look like those on our sunflowers…
almost heart shaped & happy ~

wool leaves stitched to the sides of the purse

…but I didn't want to overwhelm the purse with the leaves, 
so I added knotted wool fringe in between each leaf 
and along the bottom of the purse to fill it in ~

knotted wool fringe

 kind of like proddy, but not.
the fringe is just a short piece of wool, approx. 4 inches long x 3/4" wide…
I use my hook to pull the end of the wool strip through the linen, 
...then hand-pull the strip the rest of the way through ~
then I just tie on small slip knot and
~ viola! 

I used some wonderful early white linen for the lining and backing of the purse, 
...and also slipped a piece of cardboard in between the lining for a little stability ~

beautiful early white linen

 here is a better shot of the leaves:

just simply attached using linen thread

here's how I whip-stitched the lining in place…
I love this casual, handmade look!

simple whip stitches

... right now I'm trying to figure out what kind of handles to use ~
or should I put a long strap on using that same great old linen?

...what are your thoughts??

Have a wonderful day my Friends ~
create something that makes you 
 ~ H A P P Y ~

* Blessed be * 


matty said...

For me... I'd want a long shoulder handle. I just don't like holding things in my hands when I am shopping.... But, then a cute little strap of dark fabric or wool would be lovely, too.... or something wooden??? Too many choices!

Jeanne said...

LOVE IT!!!! Will you offer it on ebay???

Charlene ♥ SC said...

How about a linen/wool loosely braided shoulder strap?

Nancy Bauer said...

Oh what a happy sunflower Lori! Yes, the weathermen on Ch 13 were certainly humbled by this one! We got 7" here in Rustburg and they even named Rustburg on GMA this morning! HA! So thank you for sharing the beautiful sunny purse with us...I I think a long shoulder strap or even one long enough for a cross body so it could sit by the hip :)

Kathy Barrick said...


wranglerkate said...

Love love love the sunflower. Just gorgeous! And happy!

annie said...

love this!!!
a long strap,
somehow twisted, with a few far spaced knots, and leaves like a real flower. the leaves could be stitched out lined to the right shape if you didn't want the bulk of a full sized leaf sticking out, a sort of subtle illusion of them, in muted mingled colors of green and straw, tiny bits of dark brown or wine red just here and there.

Jane said...

This is so cute! Yes, we need a few sunflowers, about now! I've just written up an order for wildflower and milkweed seeds. I'm thinking maybe only 5 more weeks 'til we can start planting. Hopefully we'll get our Spring-time motivation back this weekend.

gracie said...

Love it

Sandra said...

What a great sunflower purse, not matter what you decide. I cannot believe you got 8" of snow, we had about 2", but it is windy and so bitter cold. Enough is enough. I don't even want to leave the house.
Homespun Elegance Ltd.

feltedhare said...

So sweet love it

cucki said...

So cute x

NMK said...

So sorry you got snow today, we were so lucky it missed us & hit Cape Cod instead.....so much for your pretty pictures of Spring the other day !
Love, Love ,Love your Sun Flower Purse !!!! Love the leaves, all the wonderful details !!! I'm sure your idea for a handle will be adorable too !!!

backporchcarver said...

I can picture the long shoulder strap but I also like the idea of a wooden handle too, either way it is just georgeous!So glad the snow is in your area and not mine....oops sorry you had snow in your area.

Martha Doe said...

Oh Lori, it is simply gorgeous! You need to make a pattern for it! I know I would love to give it a try!

Jubama said...

so beautiful !!!

denise said...

love it.....:)

twoives said...

This purse is so cute. Love the whole thing, but the center is wonderful. I lean towards a shoulder strap. This little purse could go lots of places and a shoulder strap just makes it easier to be on the go. Plus it will show off the purse. Wool maybe? Either dark or one of the greens.

Linda said...

This is simply wonderful! I love sunflowers and so do our four legged visitors. This would be a way for me to keep one. I would go with a shoulder strap - something sturdy and durable. Maybe a rope braid would work and not detract from your gorgeous design. Patterns would be fabulous!!

donna said...

Oh Lori, this is spectacular, it should just keep snowing because your newest designs are fabulous!

Sagheer said...

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