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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunny Sunday!!!

sunshine & warmer temps ~
we need the sun now to dry up the saturated spongey ground...

I was going outside to take some photos 
of the beautiful morning and I heard an awful screeching sound above my head ~

high up on the eave of the chippy old farmhouse was this fellow!

...hanging by his back toes and yelling at us!

I wanted a better snap of him (her?) so I decided to walk a little closer...
the closer I got, 
the more squirrel-y he became
twitching his tail and whiskers ~

I swear I thought he was going to fling himself at me 
& we would recreate a scene from one of the National Lampoon movies!

thankfully, it stood it's ground 
...and I stood mine.
isn't he cute?
ny the looks of that one chewed-up ear, 
I'll bet he is the head of the Rogue Squirrel Club here at the farm...

...even Minew was keeping cover from him,
camouflaging herself in the brush ~

Buddy didn't seem to mind him,
although the commotion did rouse him from his slumber in the sun ~

here is a little progress of our bathroom,
...you can see the toe molding being put back in place 
and the beautiful cherry countertop that Peter milled from our property ~
it's coming together nicely!

...and I wanted to let you know that the NEW Designs for Valentines Day will be
released this coming week!

there will be a total of ~

3 counted cross stitch patterns
3 freehand cross stitch patterns
1 rug hooking pattern
1 quilting pattern
1 punch needle pattern

...along with New wooden items that Peter has made for your sewing room!


the kits for the first 2014 Little Stitches Handwork Club project are now shipping ~
Club Members should be receiving theirs this week!

Have a beautiful day my Friends ~

* Blessed be * 


Debra said...

The bathroom is looking good, Lori! We have some sun as well, and warmer temperatures, very March-like weather...it's a welcome relief. I love to watch the antics of our squirrel friends , too.

linda56 said...

lori...you got me with the squirrel photo's.....I just love these little guys.....the story that guy could tell about his ear.....I love your new pattern....the tease of it anyways....can't wait to see it....I would love to learn how to do cross stitch... is it hard to do...your bath is fitting nicely back to shape....can't wait to see it all together....thanks for letting us see the different steps as you go along....you are so lucky to have such a guy that can do this for you....my hubby does not have that talent....have a good day....

Karen said...

Hi Lori,
Every once in awhile we get a squirrel that decided EVERYWHERE is his domain and chirps at us until we get inside and then sometimes keeps on going.
You got some fantastic shots of him.

Your farmhouse look bathroom is going to be beautiful!

I think you have been a busy lady with all those new patterns to come out!


Pam said...

I'm loving your bathroom, Lori, and I'm also loving your cheeky little squirrel! They do have attitudes, don't they?
Bought my first piece of white ironstone yesterday...a soup toureen minus the lid. Couldn't resist...it was only $7... but the whole time I kept saying to myself, I bet Lori would love this!

Jane said...

"I need to laugh, and when the sun is out, I've got something I can laugh about!" Thank goodness for the sunshine, today! Sweet Buddy looks like nothing would disturb him.
We have the Flying Squirrelly Brothers here. We're constantly amazed at the leaps they make. Skye has pretty much given up on chasing them.
Your re-model is looking great. Peter is THE MAN!!

NMK said...

We had flying squirrels in a bird house a few years ago....they gave me the shivers ! Your bathroom looks Beautiful !!! Can't wait to see your new heart patterns !!!!

NMK said...

I forgot to tell you how much I Love your heart in your heading, so sweet & prim !!!

quiltsbycheri said...

will be looking forward to seeing all the new goodies!

mariateresa said...

Nice day to you Lori

Lori Ann Corelis said...

What an inquisitive little face on this squirrel! We too have a few that tear around the yard, up and down the trees and sit smack dab in the middle of the bird feeders getting chubby. They do seem to leave enough for the birds tho and everyone's gotta eat right? They even hang upside down from the one that's not open enough! Watching them always makes me smile.
The bath is looking wonderful! Bet you are just waiting for a nice long soak!

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