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Saturday, January 11, 2014


Once again,
The National Weather Cat Association (NWCA)
has announced the closing of the shop here at the farm today due to excessive
power failure...

not our power here, per say ~
but a power failure on Iggy's part:

crazy cat

seriously, it is raining, thundering and with flashes of weird lightening...
our driveway looks like a creek bed and our front yard is a sponge!

PLEASE be safe and don't venture out today...

...stay home instead and bake something delish!!
peruse your favorite new seed catalog in preparation of spring...
watch an old b&w movie with a loved one (of the fur variety of course...)
or create something wonderful with your hands :)))

* Blessed be *


moosecraft said...

Everyone needs an Ig! He's one smart dude!

Angie said...

We came out of the deep freeze in Kentucky two days ago and had thunder and lightening at one thirty this morning. It is rainy, mild and breezy....will go to the 50's today. Crazy, crazy weather. Stay safe!

Jane said...

Our front yard looks like the mud flats!!Skye and Fluffy Tuffy don't want to poke their noses outside. Seems like a perfect day to start a new SPRING banner and do some bird watching. We've had over 10 cardinals at a time at the feeders!!

Anonymous said...

Rainy gray day here in Ohio as well, but 50 degrees. Our golden, Brooke however thinks its wonderful to be out there ugh, muddy paws to deal with all day. Your ideas sound wonderful, I will be organizing my needlework threads today, new organizer to fill. Stay dry!

denise said...

yuck! nasty day! good day to sit and stitch. stay dry!!!!!!!!

Lee said...

In North Carolina we are looking at warm temps and severe thunderstorms later. Crazy weather. But, I have plenty to keep me busy. Thanks Lori for the pictures.

Nancy Bauer said...

Sea of mud here at the farm :P And the strong storms and rain aren't here yet…going to work on some hookin' and bake some gingerbread, seems like the thing to do! Stay dry xo

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Earlier in the week I "think" I was complaining about ALL the snow & cold & wind we were getting. It sure beats the look out the window today. What a "dirty" mess. Most of the snow is gone. I wish the snow would come ,stay till March, & then be gone. Oh well... I am still doing what i Love ... that is creating! Sewing; needle punch; and cross stitching. Thats one smart kitty you have Lori.

marly said...

I'm so glad one of your options for indoor activity wasn't exercising.

matty said...

Over in the mountains, we have had thunder and lightning, too! Something's afoot!

Creating. Baking. Cleaning.

What a wonderful day to be alive!

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